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Fourth Quarter

 The Untold Story  Tim Boyd
 We remember Einar Adalsteinsson, A Tribute,  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Loving Kindness in Practice  Einar Adalsteinsson
 Mystic Unification of Mind and Action  Einar Adalsteinsson
 The Mystical Approach  Einar Adalsteinsson
 The Courage of Commitment  Joy Mills
 The Way Forward For Humanity  Warwick Keys
 The Voice of the Silence 18 (verses 281-302)  John Algeo
 Human Regeneration – part nine  Radha Burnier
 What about William Quan Judge?  Boris de Zirkoff
 Honoring the Teachers  
 Questions and answers  
 Theosophy and Architecture: K. P. C.  Marty Th. Bax
 Theosophy and the Arts, Texts and Contexts of Modern Enchantment  David Grossman
 Anecdotes about Stephen Hawking – One  
 Anecdotes about Stephen Hawking – Two  
 Anecdotes about Stephen Hawking – Three  
 Anecdotes about Stephen Hawking – Four  
 Anecdotes about Stephen Hawking – Five  
 Editorial - the Elephants are Here!  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Mini-interview  Michiel Haas
 Mini-interview  Colyn Boyce
 Mini-interview  Raphael Langerhorst
 Mini-interview  Linda Watts
 Mini-interview  Nano Leguay
 Mini-interview  Nathanya Wouden
 Mini-interview  Jan Maarten Braak
 Good News from Adyar  
 Good News from the School of the Wisdom  
 Good News f4eom the TS Point-Loma  
 Good News from the ITC in Naarden 1  
 Good News from the ITC in Naarden 2  
 Good News from Brazil  
 Good News from International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)  
 Good News from England  
 Good News from New Zealand  
 Good News from Reincarnation Research  
 Good News from the TOS-Golden Link College  
 Good News from Krotona  
 Good News from Olcott in Wheaton  
 Good News about an extraordinary Webinar  
 H.P.B. Mensajero de luz  Ianthe Hoskins
 La muerte sitúa a la vida en el punto de mira  Betty Bland
 Buenas noticias  
 ¿Qué constituye una cura?  Richard Hiltner
 H.P.B. Messaggera della Luce  Ianthe Hoskins
 La morte sposta il focus sulla vita  Betty Bland
 Buone notizie dalla Biblioteca Teosofica di Amsterdam  
 Di cos’è fatta una cura?  Richard Hiltner
 H.P.B. Mensageira da Luz  Ianthe Hoskins
 A morte coloca a vida em evidência  Betty Bland
 Boas notícias da Biblioteca Teosófica de Amsterdão  
 O que constitui uma cura?  Richard Hiltner
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Free Will  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Ontology  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Perennial Philosophy  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Metaphysics  
 Notable Books 26  
 Focus – Part 13  Leo Babauta
 Negative spiritual beliefs associated  
 A cosmic sackful of black coal  

Third Quarter

 The Problem with Spirituality  Tim Boyd
 We remember Ianthe Hoskins, A tribute Jan Nicolaas Kind and Colyn Boyce 
 H.P.B. Messenger of Light Ianthe Hoskins 
 The Transmission of Theosophy Ianthe Hoskins 
 Because It Is There Ianthe Hoskins 
 Death Brings Life into Focus Betty Bland 
 The Apostle Paul and Theosophy – Part two Leslie Price 
 The Voice of the Silence 17 (verses 272-280) John Algeo 
 Human Regeneration – Part eight Radha Burnier 
 Why the “Vahan”? H. P. Blavatsky 
 The Sun a Beating Heart Boris de Zirkoff 
 Learning from within  
 In The Light Of Theosophy – Alcohol  
 Impressions ITC 2015 Alice Bouwland 
 Impressions ITC 2015 Jim Colbert 
 Impressions ITC 2015 Carolyn Dorrance
 Impressions ITC 2015 Olga Omlin
 Impressions ITC 2015 Jacques Mahnich
 Impressions ITC 2015 Janet Lee
 Impressions ITC 2015 Sabine van Osta
 Cities and Civilization Milton Dikes
 The Ojai Music Festival Alex Ross 
 Anecdotes about Vincent van Gogh 1  
 Anecdotes about Vincent van Gogh 2  
 Anecdotes about Vincent van Gogh 3  
 Anecdotes about Vincent van Gogh 4  
 Anecdotes about Vincent van Gogh 5  
 Editorial: Who Are We?  Jan Nicolaas Kind 
 Mini-interview  Barbara Bradley Hebert 
 Mini-interview  Bob Fahey
 Mini-interview  Jenny Baker
 Mini-interview  Mirva Jaatinen
 Mini-interview  Ralph Hannon
 Mini-interview  Chong Sanne
 Good News from Adyar cows and bulls  
 Good News from Colombia  
 Good News from the Theosophical Library in Amsterdam  
 Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 1  
 Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 2  
 Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 3  
 Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc.  
 Good News from Finland - Estonia  
 Good News from Belgium  
 Las Raíces Teosóficas de la Educación Espirital Kathleen Hall 
 Nos vemos en la Atlántida  
 La psicoterapia “integrada religiosamente” es eficaz para la depresión  
 Una Sabiduría Viva  
 Le radici teosofiche dell’educazione spirituale Kathleen Hall 
 Ci vediamo ad Atlantide  
 La psicoterapia “integrata con la religione” è efficace contro la depressione  
 Una saggezza vivente  
 As raízes teosóficas da Educação Espiritual Kathleen Hall 
 Vemo-nos na Atlântida  
 Psicoterapia “religiosamente integrada” é eficaz para a depressão  
 Uma Sabedoria Viva  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Greek Philosophy  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Pythagoras  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Plato  
 Theosophical Encyclopedia: Aristotle  
 Notable Books 25  
 What constitutes a cure? Richard Hiltner 
 Why do we remember the past but not the future?  
 Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazone and Australasia  
 Focus – Part 12 Leo Babauta 

Second Quarter

 OUR UNITY  Barend Voorham
 OUR UNITY  Betty Bland
 OUR UNITY  James LeFevour
 OUR UNITY  Domen Kočevar
 OUR UNITY  Jacques Mahnich
 OUR UNITY  Marijn Gijsbers
 OUR UNITY  David Grossman
 OUR UNITY  James Colbert
 Motive is Everything  Tim Boyd
 A Living Wisdom  
 The Apostle Paul and Theosophy  Part one, Leslie Price
 How to prove Theosophy?  Barend Voorham and Herman
 Human Regeneration – part seven  Radha Burnier
 In The Light of Theosophy  
 We remember Richard Brooks  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Glimpses of the Afterlife?  Richard Brooks
 The Essential Unity of All Religions  Richard Brooks
 Karma and Justice  Richard Brooks
 A Theosophical View of Christianity  Richard Brooks
 Unity Of Our Movement  Boris de Zirkoff
 The Voice of the Silence 16 (verses 230-271)  John Algeo
 The Theosophical Roots of Spiritual Education  Kathleen Hall
 Meet me in Atlantis  
 Anecdotes about Picasso 1  
 Anecdotes about Picasso 2  
 Anecdotes about Picasso 3  
 Anecdotes about Picasso 4  
 Anecdotes about Picasso 5  
 Editorial: Is my Theosophy better than yours?  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 My Life in Theosophy and Otherwise  John Algeo
 Mini-interview  Leslie Price
 Mini-interview  Lyn Trotman
 Mini-interview  John W. Sameluk
 Mini-interview  Sharon Ormerod
 Mini-interview  Chittaranjan Satapathy
 Mini-interview  H. Sripriya
 Mini-interview  Joanne Richter
 Good News from the European School of Theosophy  
 Good News from the International President TS-Adyar  
 Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc.  
 Good News from the TOS in Pakistan  
 Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands  
 Good News from Belgium  
 Serie-Nuestra Unidad  Renée Sell
 Serie-Nuestra Unidad  John Vorstermans
 Helena Blavatsky sobre los niños y la necesidad de una educación Teosófica  
 El respeto por la naturaleza es clave en el hinduismo  
 Per la serie-La nostra unità  Renée Sell
 Per la serie-La nostra unità  John Vorstermans
 Helena Blavatsky sui bambini e sulla necessità di un’educazione teosofica  
 Rispetto per la natura, fondamento dell’Induismo  
 Série-A Nossa Unidade  Renée Sell
 Série-A Nossa Unidade  John Vorstermans
 Helena Blavatsky sobre as crianças e a necessidade de uma educação teosófica  
 O respeito pela Natureza é fundamental no Hinduísmo  
 Biblical Criticism  
 Evolution and Involution  
 Notable Books 24  
 Is the Brain Just a 'Wet Computer'? - Part three  Edi Bilimoria
 Vegetarianism and the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Judaism  
 Focus - Part 11  Leo Babauta
 “Religiously integrated” psychotherapy is effective for depression  

First Quarter

 OUR UNITY  Erwin Bomas
 OUR UNITY  John Vorstermans
 OUR UNITY  Renée Sell
 Do You Remember?  Tim Boyd
 Voice of the Silence 15 (verses 215-229)  John Algeo
 Human Regeneration – part six  Radha Burnier
 Madame Blavatsky and the Seven Archival Mysteries  Leslie Price
 The Occult Side of Nature  Robert Crosbie
 Ethics of Survival  Boris de Zirkoff
 Helena Blavatsky on children and the need for...  H. P. Blavatsky
 In The Light of Theosophy  
 Theosophy and the Emergence of Modern Abstract Art  Kathleen Hall
 Nicholas Roerich: The Treasures Within  Kathleen Hall
 Anecdotes about Einstein 1  
 Anecdotes about Einstein 2  
 Anecdotes about Einstein 3  
 Anecdotes about Einstein 4  
 Anecdotes about Einstein 5  
 Editorial: The future of Theosophy...  
 Mini-interview  Nancy Secrest
 Mini-interview  Olga Shtykova Omlin
 Mini-interview  Jonathan Colbert
 Mini-interview  Pavel Malakhov
 Mini-interview  Rafael Marques de Albuquerque
 Mini-interview  Dewald Bester
 Mini-interview  J. Dayanand
 Good News from Scotland  
 Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc.  
 Good News from the Netherlands one  
 Good News from the Netherlands two  
 Good News from Argentina  
 Good News from the TOS in Ghana  
 Good News from the TOS in Kenya  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  Patrizia Calvi
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  Janet  Lee
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  Thomas Martinovich
 El dolor compartido nos une a todos  
 Per la serie-La nostra unità  Patrizia Calvi
 Per la serie-La nostra unità  Janet Lee
 Per la serie-La nostra unità  Thomas Martinovich
 Il dolore condiviso è un elemento aggregante  
 Série-A Nossa Unidade  Patrizia Calvi
 Série-A Nossa Unidade  Janet Lee
 Série-A Nossa Unidade  Thomas Martinovich
 A dor partilhada aproxima as pessoas  
 Theosophy and Spiritualism  
 Theravada Buddhism  
 Notable Books 23  Edi Bilimoria
 Is the Brain Just a ‘Wet Computer’? – Part two  
 Dementia patients benefit...  
 Focus - Part 10  
 Respect for nature key to Hinduism  
 The Krishnamurti School  P. Krishna
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