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Fourth Quarter

 Theosophical Knowledge and the Path of...  Robert A. Pullen
 Madame Blavatsky and the Seven Archival...  Leslie Price
 Esoteric School of Theosophy  H. P. Blavatsky
 Karma as Habit of Nature  Boris de Zirkoff
 In The Light Of Theosophy  
 Human Regeneration - Part five  Radha Burnier
 Cleansing the mind  
 Western History in the Light of the Seven Rays  John Algeo
 The Voice of the Silence 14 (Verses 196-214)  John Algeo
 L. Frank Baum and Theosophy - Part four  John Algeo
 OUR UNITY  Thomas Martinovich
 OUR UNITY  Patricia Calvi
 OUR UNITY  Janet Lee
 OUR UNITY  Joop Smits
 Wonder Woman and Theosophy  
 The Story of Count Prozor  Marty Bax
 Blavatsky: Mystic and Occult  
 Anecdotes about Mozart 1  
 Anecdotes about Mozart 2  
 Anecdotes about Mozart 3  
 Anecdotes about Mozart 4  
 Anecdotes about Mozart 5  
 Editorial - Am I in the Wrong Movie ?  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Thoughts To Remember  Radha Burnier
 Mini-interview  Renee Sell
 Mini-interview  Robert Pullen
 Mini-interview  Ingrid Eberhard-Evans
 Mini-interview  Alice Bouwland
 Mini-interview  Jon Knebel
 Mini-interview  Halldór Haraldsson
 Mini-interview  Gloria Arévalo de Gauggel
 Good News from the TS-Adyar  
 Good News from the TOS  
 Good News from the European School of Theosophy  
 Good News from Slovenia  
 Good News from Belgium  
 Good News from the Dutch section TS-Adyar  
 Good News from Argentina  
 Good News from the Theoscience Project  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  Roger Price
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  James Lefevour
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie  Domen Kočevar
 La creciente marea del cambio  Boris de Zirkoff
 La persona espiritual: al Alcohol libera la...  
 Per la serie-La nostra unità Roger Price 
 Per la serie-La nostra unità James Lefevour
 Per la serie-La nostra unità Domen Kočevar 
 L'onda impetuosa del cambiamento  Boris de Zirkoff 
 La persona spirituale: l'alcool scatena...  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie Roger Price
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie James Lefevour
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie Domen Kočevar 
 A onda crescente da mudança Boris de Zirkoff 
 A pessoa espiritual: o álcool liberta...  
 Inca and Other Religions of South America  
 Mayan Religion  
 Avaita Vedanta  
 Notable Books (22)  
 Hinduism and Food  
 Ayurveda, Hinduism and the Holy Cow  
 Judaism and the Red Cow  
 Focus - Part nine  
 Shared pain brings people together  

Third Quarter

 The Rising Tide Of Change  Boris de Zirkoff
 Human Regeneration - Part four  Radha Burnier
 Buddhi — Reflection of Atman  from a Student
 In The Light Of Theosophy  
 The Secret Doctrine - A Book to Be Read Wholly  John Algeo
 The Voice of the Silence 13 (Verses 182-195)  John Algeo
 L. Frank Baum and Theosophy - Part three  John Algeo
 Our Unity  Judy Saltzman
 Our Unity  James LeFevour
 Our Unity  Roger Price
 Our Unity  Domen Kočevar
 Hilma and the Enigmatic Mathilde N.  Marty Bax
 Anecdotes about writers 1  
 Anecdotes about writers 2  
 Anecdotes about writers 3  
 Anecdotes about writers 4  
 Anecdotes about writers 5  
 The Naarden Declaration  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 The Rambling Moderators Rave On  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Mini-interviews  Aspasia Papadomichelaki
 Mini-interviews  Carlos Gauggel
 Mini-interviews  Wouter A. van Beers
 Mini-interviews  Nell van Beers
 Mini-interviews  Hans van Aurich
 Mini-interviews  Cees Slob
 Mini-interviews  Jeff Soule
 Good News from London  
 Good News from The International Secretary  
 Good News from ITC  
 Good News from the EFTS  
 Good News from the TOS in Italy  
 Good News from the European School of Theosophy  
 Good News from the Netherlands  
 Native American Religions - Part two  
 Confucius and Confucianism  
 Ancient Egyptian Religion - Part two  
 The spiritual person: Alcohol releases the "beast within"  
 Fantastic Names  John Algeo
 Focus - Part eight  Leo Babauta
 Notable Books (21)  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie : Ali Ritsema  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie : Barend Voorham  
 Semejanzas y Diferencias en las Tradiciones...  
 Integrando Meditación y Ciencia  
 Per la serie-La nostra unità: Ali Ritsema  
 Per la serie-La nostra unità: Barend Voorham  
 Analogie e differenze nelle tradizioni teosofiche - Jim Colbert  
 Integrazione tra Meditazione e Scienza  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Ali Ritsema  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Barend Voorham  
 Semelhanças e Diferenças nas Tradições Teosóficas  
 Integrando Meditação e Ciência  

Second Quarter

Human Regeneration - Part three  Radha Burnier
Theosophy as Religion  from a Student 
The Voice of the Silence 12 (Verses 161-181)  John Algeo
Some Words on Daily Life  an unnamed Master of Wisdom
L. Frank Baum and Theosophy - Part two  John Algeo
Our Unity  Ali Ritsema
Our Unity  David Grossman
Our Unity  Hans van Aurich
Our Unity  Barend Voorham
Edwin Lutyens, Charles Bressey and My Mother  Marty Bax
Anecdotes about Rabbis (1)  
Anecdotes about Rabbis (2)  
Anecdotes about Rabbis (3)  
Anecdotes about Rabbis (4)  
Anecdotes about Rabbis (5)  
Editorial - There Is a New International President: Now What Do We Do?  Jan Nicolaas Kind
Similarities and Differences of Theosophical Traditions  Jim Colbert
Mini-interviews Second Quarter 2014  
Good news from the European School of Theosophy  
Good News from Amsterdam  
Good News from Adyar  
Good News from ITC (International Theosophy Conferences, Inc.)  
Good News from Munich  
Good News the EFTS  
Native American Religions - Part one  
Australian Aboriginal Spiritual Beliefs  
Ancient Egyptian Religion - Part one  
Integrating Meditation With Science; Focus - Part seven Leo Babauta 
Notable Books (20): ....  
A La Luz De La Teosofía – Los Ojos  
Radha Burnier - Enciclopedia teosófica;  
?Meditación para Ansiedad, Depresión?;  
Nuestra Unidad-Serie: Marijn Gijsbers  
Nuestra Unidad-Serie: Jonathan Colbert  
A Luz da Teosofia -Os Olhos  
Radha Burnier - Enciclopédia Teosófica  
Meditaçao para a Ansiedade e para a Depressao?  
A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Marijn Gijsbers  
A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Jonathan Colbert  
Alla luce della Teosofia – Occhi  
Radha Burnier - Enciclopedia Teosofica  
Ansia e depressione: serve meditare?  
Per la serie-La nostra unita: Marijn Gijsbers  
Per la serie-La nostra unita Jonathan Colbert  

First Quarter

 Mahatma Letter 120  
 Gita Class  from a student
 L. Frank Baum and Theosophy-part one  John Algeo
 Human Regeneration-part two  Radha Burnier
 In The Light Of Theosophy-Eyes  
 Compassion and the Golden Age of Heroes  Keith Pritsker
 The Voice of the Silence 11 (verses 142-160)  John Algeo
 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (an introduction)  John Algeo
 Our Unity  Marijn Gijsbers
 Our Unity  Garett Riegg
 Our Unity  Jonathan Colbert
 Our Unity  Helena Kerekhazi
 The Suffragette and the Dodge Heiress  Marty Bax
 Hilma af Klint  Kathleen Hall
 Anecdote about Monks 1  
 Anecdote about Monks 2  
 Anecdote about Monks 3  
 Anecdote about Monks 4  
 Anecdote about Monks 5  
 The Old Man: Tim Boyd Speaks about...  James LeFevour
 The Future of the Theosophical tradition  Trân-Thi-Kim-Dieu
 Mini-interviews First Quarter 2014  
 Editorial: From the Bottom Up  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Good News from the Inter-American Theosophical Federation  
 Good News from The ITC, Naarden - The Netherlands  
 Good News from London  
 Good News from Kenya  
 Good News from International Theosophy Magazine  
 Good News from ITC  
 Good News from Adyar  
 Rudolf Steiner  
 Radha Burnier  
 Paul Brunton  
 K. Taimni  
 Place of Last Retreat  Joshua M. Greene
 Meditation for Anxiety, Depression?; Focus-part six  Leo Babauta
 Tsong Khapa (1357-1419)  Jan Jelle Keppler
 Notable Books 19  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie: John Roberts  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie :John Algeo  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie :Nicholas Weeks  
 Nuestra Unidad-Serie :Dorothy Bell  
 La Doctrina del Ojo y la Doctrina de Corazón  de un estudiante
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: John Roberts  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Nicholas Weeks  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: John Algeo  
 A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Dorothy Bell  
 A Doutrina de Olho e a Doutrina do Coraçao  de um estudante
 Per la serie-La nostra unita:John Roberts  
 Per la serie-La nostra unita:John Algeo  
 Per la serie-La nostra unita:Nicholas Weeks  
 Per la serie-La nostra unita:Dorothy Bell  
 La Dottrina dell'occhio e la Dottrina del cuore  de uno studente
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