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Fourth Quarter

The Great Paradox H. P. Blavatsky;
The Voice of the Silence 6 (Verses 59-79) John Algeo
Theo-parrots or Theo-sophists? Edi Bilimoria
Empathy in the Kaliyuga Ruth Richards
Vow to Benefit Mankind Nicholas Weeks
Force, the Fundamental and Unifying Principle S. Ramu
Our Work Halldór Haraldsson
Our Work Lily Boyd
Our Work Danelys Valcarcel Cuellar
Our Work Marijn Gijsbers
Gustav Mahler  
Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins chapter 2 John Algeo
Concerning the Spiritual; Mondrian and Theosophy part two Robert P. Welsh
Anecdotes Theodore Roosevelt  
Anecdotes Lyndon Johnson  
Anecdotes Richard Nixon  
Anecdotes Ronald Reagan  
Anecdotes Abraham Lincoln  
Mini-interviews Fourth Quarter 2012  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind.
Good News from a participant  
Good News from International Theosophy Conferences  
Good News from Slovenia 1 & Slovenia 2  
Good News from Spain  
Theosophy in New Zealand  
Theosophy in Italy  
A simplicity manifesto in the Age... Leo Babauta
Conflict Prevention Juan Carlos Murillo Gonzales
Notable Books 14  
Vivir en lo Interno Shirley Nicholson
Muckraker: La Vida y Epoca escandaloses de W. T. Stead  
La Vida después de la Vida Marie Harkness
Karma Yoga  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind

Third Quarter

The Voice of the Silence 5 (Verses 41-58) John Algeo
Living in The Eternal Shirley J. Nicholson
The Universality of the Movement Boris de Zirkoff
Our Work Wim Leys
Our Work Gilson Moraes Lara
Our Work Anton Rozman
Our Work John Algeo
Our Work Gary Kidgell
Marijuana, the Obligatory Pilgrimage Sally and James Colbert
Emanation and Fohat as the basis Joop Smits
The Anxieties of a Seeker  
Life after Life Marie Harkness
Muckraker: The Scandalous  
Mondrian and Theosophy – Part one Robert P. Welsh
Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins John Algeo
Cultural Diversity Carlos Fraenkel
Anecdote Ludwig van Beethoven  
Anecdote Cole Porter  
Anecdote Gustav Mahler  
Anecdote Paul McCartney  
Anecdote Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
Mini–interviews Third Quarter 2012  
Good News from International Theosophy Conferences  
Good News from the Net  
Good News from Slovenia  
Good news from Paris  
Good News from India  
William Quan Judge y La Sociedad Teosófica Dara Eklund
Unidad en la Compasión Jan Nicolaas Kind
Salud y Curación Reiki Doreen Domb
¿Huevos para desayunar?  
Temple of the People  
Karma Yoga  
Notable Books 13  
Developments in Theosophy-Science extract  
The end never justifies the means  

Second Quarter

A few Queries H. P. Blavatsky
Theosophical Ecology Boris de Zirkoff
The Voice of the Silence 4 (Verses 51-59)  
Fate and Free will: A Theosophical  
The Theosophical Labyrinth John Algeo
The Supreme Self of the Bhagavad Gita Dara Eklund
Suicides and Compassion Sally and James Colbert
Our Work Janet Kerschner and Pablo Sender
Our Work John Drais
Our Work Diana Chapotin
Our Work Herman C. Vermeulen
Kathy Gann; Emanation and Fohat Joop Smits
Where is Theosophy? Dan Noga
The Victory Boogie Woogie  
Evidence in Science and Religion Marty Bax
Contraception and Theosophy Benjamin Lee Whorf, Theosophist
Mini-interviews Second Quarter  
Editorial - Unity in Compassion  
A Thousand Flowers Blossoming Jan Nicolaas Kind
Good news from Olcott in Wheaton  
The Theosophical Encyclopedia  
The I.T.C. in Naarden-The Netherlands  
International Theosophy Conferences  
The TOS, Spain,  
The European School of Theosophy  
Universal Brotherhood  
Spiritual Awareness  
Health and Reiki Healing, Doreen Domb
Nature Mirrors the Divine: In Her Laws and... Edi Bilimoria
Everyday Creativity: Why is it So Dangerous Ruth Richards
How Unconditioned Consciousness  
Potential Energy, and Time Created Our... Leon Maurer
Eggs for Breakfast?.  
Notable Books  
Swedenborg como Teósofo, G. Baseden Butt;
William Quan Judge y la Sociedad Teosófia Dara Eklund
The Manor  
La Teosofia y el Nacimento del Arte Moderno Kathleen Hall
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind

First Quarter

The Seven Portals H. P. Blavatsky
Our Work Introduction
Our Work Ramprakash
Our Work Garrett Riegg
Our Work Richard Hiltner
Our Work Members of the TS in East & Central Africa
Our Work Chris Bolger
Our Work Rafael Arévalo
Our Work Sally and James Colbert
Truth: The limitless Horizon part two John Algeo
Theosophy, AA, and God Sally and James Colbert
Schizophrenia and the Search for... Sally and James Colbert
The Heart Doctrine – How to escape... Erwin Bomas
William Quan Judge and The... Dara Eklund
The Voice of the Silence 3 John Algeo
Evolution & Amelioration  
Theosophy and the Emergence of... Kathleen Hall
Frank Lloyd Wright and Theosophy John Algeo
Swedenborg as Theosophist G. Baseden Butt
Anecdote about Indian Politics  
Anecdote Silvio Berlusconi  
Anecdote Michael Moore  
Anecdote Harry Truman  
Anecdote Karl Rove  
Good News from the I.T.C. in Naarden  
Good News from Point Loma  
Good News from Spain  
Good News from the TOS  
Good News from the TSA  
Good News from the Net  
Good News from International...  
Mini–interviews First Quarter...  
Helping our Neighbor and...  
Adyar, Where Do We Go from Here? Jan Nicolaas Kind
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
Buenas Noticias de España  
Adyar, ¿qué hacemos a partir... Jan Nicolaas Kind
Nuestro Mundo Jerry Hejka Ekins
Nuestro Mundo Dolores Gago
El control del pensamiento  
El coronel Olcott homenajeado...  
Notable Books 11  
Everyday Creativity: Why is it... Ruth Richards
Excerpt from the Avatamsaka... Compiled by Nicholas Weeks
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