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Recently a promising new site was launched. Theosophy Forward and its team wish all those who contribute to it a lot of success. One of the initiators, Ingmar de Boer from Holland, wrote the following:

A weblog on The Book of Dzyan

The Quest for an Original Text of the Book of Dzyan

Theosophers will all be acquainted with the the series of stanzas from the Book of Dzyan which were published in 1888 as part of H.P. Blavatsky's work The Secret Doctrine. Despite the many clues Blavatsky has left us, a source text of these stanzas was never found. Only a few researchers have embarked on a quest for the original text. One of these is David Reigle, who in 1999, together with his wife Nancy, both experts in Sanskrit and Tibetan language, published the now well-known work Blavatsky's Secret Books. Some of his essential articles are to be found on the website of the Eastern Tradition Research Institute.

A blog discussion with David Reigle on the origin of the mysterious stanzas began as part of the community, and is now being continued on a newly opened website at

This weblog is established to accommodate joint research. Anyone who is interested in doing online research together, which is done on a purely scientific basis, is kindly invited to register as a participant or, without registering, to contribute by leaving a comment.

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