A Thousand Flowers Blossoming

Jan Nicolaas Kind – Brazil

Theosophy Forward (www.theosophyforward.com ) is an independent, unaligned Web site dedicated to the presentation of Theosophy on a basis that is acceptable to all branches of the worldwide Theosophical movement and to the general public.

Theosophy Forward is not an official organ belonging to any organization; hence it solely expresses unofficially the opinions of its contributors.

This Web site, which is supported and produced by private individuals, does not compete with any of the other excellent Theosophical publications, either in print or online and certainly does not seek to replace them. It respects all such outlets and freely acknowledges that every Theosophical organization has a right (indeed, a duty) to sponsor publications that embody that organization’s unique view of Theosophy, which is a valuable contribution to the worldwide movement.


Theosophy Forward follows the modern version of a Chinese motto: “Let a thousand flowers blossom.”

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