Archives 2013

Fourth Quarter

 Human Regeneration - part one Radha Burnier 
 The Voice of the Silence 10 (Verses 123-141) John Algeo 
 The Eye and the Heart Doctrine  
 Reincarnation: the Evidence John Algeo 
 Our Unity John Roberts 
 Our Unity – The Aura of All-Being Nicholas Weeks 
 Our Unity John Algeo 
 Our Unity Dorothy Bell 
 The Ingenious Nature of the Second Object James LeFevour 
 In the Light of Theosophy  
 Compassion is Everywhere  
Chronology of Theosophical Unity Sally en Jim Colbert 
 Chelas and Lay Chelas  H. P. Blavatsky
 Secret Doctrine Elements Enhancing... Richard Hiltner 
 Theosophy in Constance: The Tragic and...  
 Art and Western Esotericism: From Rejected... Marty Bax 
 Theosophy in The New Yorker  
 Anecdote about a child 1  
 Anecdote about a child 2  
 Anecdote about a child 3  
 Anecdote about a child 4  
 Anecdote about a child 5  
 Anecdote about a child 6  
 Aveline's Bagunça Editorial 
 What's in a Name?  Editorial
 Adyar Mon Amour Jan Nicolaas Kind 
 Mini-interviews Fourth Quarter 2013  
 Good News from ITC  
 Good News from the TOS  
 Good News from Adyar  
 Good News from FOTA  
 Good News from the IPF  
 Good News from Slovenia 1  
 Good News from Slovenia 2  
 Good News from Portugal 1  
 Good News from Portugal 2  
 Western Philosophy  
 James Ingall Wedgwood  
 Fritz Kunz  
 Ernest Wood  
 Theosophical approaches to Christianity  
 Alfred Trevor Barker  
 George Harrison - Beatle... Joshua M. Green 
 Focus, part five Leo Babauta 
 Earth Expected To Be Habitable For...  
 Notable Books 18  
 Liderazgo Teosófico  
 Sobre la Unidad Teosófica Vicente Hao Chin Jr 
 Nos acercamos al Objetivo Dara Eklund 
 La Unidad entre los Teósofos Betty Bland 
 Hacia adelante Jacques Mahnich 
 Editorial  Jan Nicolaas Kind
 Liderança teosófica  
 Sobre a Unidade Teosófica Vicente Hao Chin Jr 
 Mais perto do Objetivo Dara Eklund 
 Unidade entre teosofistas Betty Bland 
 Avançando Jacques Mahnich    
 Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind 
 La leadership teosofica  
 Sull’Unita teosofica Vicente Hao Chin Jr 
 Stiamo raggiungendo l’obiettivo Dara Eklund 
 L’unita tra i teosofi Betty Bland 
 Andare avanti Jacques Mahnich 
 Editoriale Jan Nicolaas Kind 

Third Quarter

Between Brotherhood and Occultism James LeFevour
East-West discovering Dharma  
H. P. B. and the Altruistic Heart Ananya Rajan
In the Light of Theosophy  
Our Unity Betty Bland
Our Unity Dara Eklund
Our Unity J. Mahnich
Our Unity V.H. Chin Jr.
The Yoga of Compassion Ramu Sudarsan
Practical Occultism H. P. Blavatsky
Silence Alvin Ochanda
Theosophy: The Need Of The Hour Boris de Zirkoff
The Voice of the Silence 9 (Verses 101-122) John Algeo
Why Not Study What H. P. B. Taught? Daniel Caldwell
Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins Chapter 5 John Algeo
Habits of the House  
Character is Destiny Marty Bax
Besant, Séances, and Grammar.  
Anecdote about a cat  
Anecdote about a dog  
Anecdote about dolphins  
Anecdote about a Watusi calf  
Anecdote about a gorilla  
Anecdote about an elephant  
Theosophical Leadership  
Mini-interviews Third Quarter, 2013  
Good News from the IPF  
Good News from the EFTS  
Good News from Portugal  
Good News from Switzerland and Italy  
Good News from ITC  
Good News from Bhubaneswar – India  
Good News from New Zealand  
Bahmanji Pestonji Wadia  
Theosophy in Uruguay  
Johannes Jacobus van der Leeuw  
Ianthe Helen Hoskins  
Charles James Ryan  
Anna Kingsford  
Maria Montessori  
Notes on the Number Seven...  
Focus - part four Leo Babauta
Christians Tweet More...  
Friendship David Bruce
Notable Books 17  
Nuestra Unidad, Introducción James Colbert
Reflexiones sobre la... Gene Jennings
Somos todos de la... Herman C. Vermeulen
Todo está en una Jan Nicolaas Kind
Editorial 1 Jan Nicolaas Kind
Editorial 2 Jan Nicolaas Kind
A Nossa Unidade, Introduçao... James Colbert
Reflexoes sobre como fomentar...  
Nós somos todos da mesma raiz Herman C. Vermeulen
Tudo está numa sagrada unidade Jan Nicolaas Kind

Second Quarter

Our Unity Introduction Jan Nicolaas Kind
Our Unity James Colbert
Our Unity Gene Jennings
Our Unity Herman C. Vermeulen
Our Unity Jan Nicolaas Kind
The Voice of the Silence 8 (Verses 90-100) John Algeo
Revelation or Realization: The Conflict in Theosophy J. J. van de Leeuw
H. P. B.: Modern Gnostic Stephan A. Hoeller
Food for thought - The wheel of life  
A Dynamic Movement Boris de Zirkoff
Psychic and Noetic Action H. P. Blavatsky
Comments on Theosophy  
Jean Sibelius  
Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins Chapter 4 John Algeo
Henry A. Wallace  
After the Funeral  
Anecdote F. P. Ramsey  
Anecdote Immanuel Kant  
Anecdote Gottfried Leibniz  
Anecdote René Descartes  
Anecdote Thomas Aquinas  
Anecdote Diogenes of Sinope  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
Mini interviews Second Quarter 2013  
Good News from East & Central Africa  
Good News from the I.S.I.S. Foundation  
Good News from New Zealand  
Good News from Moscow  
Good News from Kiev, Ukraine  
Good News from Israel  
Good News from ITC  
Good News from Ireland  
Theosophy in Canada  
Theosophy in Sweden  
Theosophy in Scotland  
Theosophy in The Netherlands  
C. Jinarajadasa  
Reflections on the meaning of life P. Krishna
Can Meditation Make You a More Compassionate Person?  
Focus Part three Leo Babauta
Abortion and the Reincarnation of the Soul James Colbert
Notable Books 16  
Una Historia hawaiana  
Nuestro Trabajo  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
Crimen y castigo  
Buenas noticias de ITC  
Buenas noticias de Amsterdam  

First Quarter

The Voice of the Silence 7 (Verses 80-89) John Algeo
Theosophy and the Theosophical Societies James Santucci
Our Work A student
Our Work Sally Colbert
Our Work Dan Smolla
Our Work Marie Harkness
Our Work Joma Sipe
Our Work Arend Heijbroek
On Crime and Punishment  
Theosophical Glossary on Kama H. P. Blavatsky
HPB and Spiritual Intuition Joseph E. Ross
The Dream That Never Dies Boris de Zirkoff
Religion and Violence Against Women  
Alexander Scriabin (1872 – 1915)  
Modern Art and Theosophy  
Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins John Algeo
Blavatsky and Egypt  
A Theosophical chemist and the touchy art collector Marty Bax
Anecdote Thomas Mann  
Anecdote Johann Wolfgang Goethe  
Anecdote Ernest Hemingway  
Anecdote James Joyce  
Anecdote Alexandre Dumas  
Towards the Memory of Sally Meeker Colbert James Colbert
Mini–interviews First Quarter 2013  
EDITORIAL Jan Nicolaas Kind
Good News from Point Loma Theosophy Network  
Good News from the TOS  
Good News from ITC  
Good News from Italy  
Good News from Brazil 1  
Good News from Brazil 2  
Good News from Australia  
Good News from Amsterdam  
European Federation of the TS  
Theosophy in Australia  
Theosophy in Argentina  
Our Closeness is This Tim Boyd
A Hawaiian Story  
Principles of the Ancient Wisdom and the Spiritual Path  
Focus Part two Leo Babauta
Changing Perspectives and Converging Values R. C. Tampi
Notable Books 15  
La Fuerza, el Principio Fundamental y Unificador S. Ramu
Voto de beneficiar a la humanidad  
Una visita a Adyar Clarisa Elósegui Navarro
Gustav Mahler  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
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