Theosophy in Scotland

In 1884, Henry S. OLCOTT, then President of the Theosophical Society visited Scotland. This led to the formation in Edinburgh, on July 17, 1884, of the first lodge in Scotland. This was named “The Scottish Lodge.” Factionalism in the early 1890’s resulted in the Scottish Lodge severing its connection with Headquarters which resulted in its charter being withdrawn. A new lodge was chartered in 1893 named “Edinburgh Lodge”. This was followed by the formation of a lodge in Glasgow which received its charter in 1900.

During these early years, the Scottish lodges were part of the English Section. The Scottish Section was formed in 1910 and the following year the premises at 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh were purchased for the purpose of being used as our National Headquarters. This building, in beautiful Georgian Edinburgh remains as our headquarters to this day. In the same year the Scottish Section held its first National Convention in these newly acquired premises with the then President of the TS, Annie BESANT, as our guest speaker.

By 1951 the Scottish Section comprised 20 lodges. However in the years following World War II Scotland witnessed a general decline in theosophical activity. In 1983 the charter was withdrawn and the General Secretary was dismissed by the General Council. In 1994 a Presidential Representative was appointed.

There are currently three active lodges in Scotland in 2012- Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Theosophical Society in Scotland is presently striving to play its part in the global shift in consciousness which is presently occurring as we undergo the transition between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age. This has been greatly assisted by many of our members undertaking the Diploma in Theosophy which was introduced in 2011 by the English Section.

It is the opinion of the Scottish Section that by providing answers to the origins and the spiritual purpose of humanity and by promoting the concept of universal brotherhood, based upon the great theosophical truth that all of aspects of creation are part of the one divine life, we are playing our part in achieving that which the society’s founders, and the great beings who inspired their work, intended.



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