Towards the Memory of Sally Meeker Colbert

James Colbert - USA

memory of sally meeker colbert

Sally was President of International Theosophy Conferences from 2008 – when ITC began as a formal organization – through 2011. She was the principle moving force for ITC when it was informal. That is, she brought together Theosophists in 2004 in San Diego, in 2006 in Julian, and worked for the 2007 conference in Petaluma, California. She was also the editor of the International Theosophy Magazine.

Sally came into Theosophy when she was five years old through the United Lodge of Theosophists.  Her early years in Theosophy were deeply treasured. As a young woman she studied Vedanta, Catholicism, Christian Protestant Bible Study, and always was involved with Buddhism.  She then rediscovered her Theosophical roots.

Sally’s life was a triumph of going through some of the most painful periods that anyone could encounter.  She experienced a devastating illness and for a time lost her children, but she recovered and was fully able to nourish them. She was proud that her daughters are now highly successful adults. Sally was raised by a mother who suffered from severe depressions and who probably died by taking her own life. She helped her mother to the end. Sally truly knew the exigencies of life’s pain, giving her a compassion and understanding for who all who suffer.

She reached out to all Theosophists inviting them towards unity. Her vision of ITC was to bring all Theosophists together. This was her dream. She communicated this with the arts through prose, music, and poetry. Her smile and laughter were infectious. She was loved by so many – especially by her husband.


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