The THIRD QUARTER 2018 issue of Theosophy Forward is ON LINE

Dear friends,

The THIRD QUARTER 2018 issue of Theosophy Forward is now ON LINE. Your editor received many encouraging reactions. This bulletin is meant to especially highlight some of the articles that were published. The instruction Click here will lead you direct to the article,

Theosophy: On January 5 this year, International President TIM BOYD in his ADDRESS TO NEW MEMBERS among other things shared with them that he didn’t come from a Theosophical family and that, in a certain way, he felt fortunate even that he had to find Theosophy by himself. Click here

Theosophy: and the Society in the Public Eye: Theosophy Forward is on the lookout for creative Theosophists who are willing to present their artwork to a wider audience. In this issue special attention for KATE BLALACK from Oklahoma-USA, who presents her artwork under the title  INNER SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS. This particular section also highlights superb photography by David Grossman from New York and Richard Dvořák from Germany.  Click here

The Society: the editorial this time is entitled GREED IS A DISEASE. In it the notion is conveyed that through greed mankind has taken many wrong turns and that it is about time to set the record straight with good examples, as it is so very clearly laid out in the first Object of The Theosophical Society. Click here

Quotations: SEXUAL HARASSMENT is a hot topic at the moment. The actions undertaken by the #MeToo movement has motivated many women to finally step forward. In the this quarter issue five quotations by women who experienced harassment first hand, among them ANITA HILL. Click here

Miscellany and Trivia: Five anecdotes about psychology and psychologists. Click here

Other Languages: Thanks to a group of dedicated translators, all volunteers,Theosophy Forward publishes next to articles in English, also in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. You’ll find the OTHER LANGUAGES dropdown-menu on the top bar on TF’s Homepage. Click here

Theosophical Encyclopedia: This is a long running series in collaboration with the compiler of the Theosophical Encyclopedia, Mr. Vicente Hao Chin. Check out the entry on CHARLES BRADLAUGH. Click here

Notable Books: Dr RALPH HANNON compiles this section. In Notable Books 37 a review of PABLO SENDER’s book Evolution of the Higher ConsciousnessClick here

Medley: TIM WYATT from England is a regular contributor. His articles are well-received and his current piece is entitled: GOD, WAR, WORK, SEX, DEATH and MONEY: AN ESOTERIC PERSPECTIVE. Click here

Archives: After an upgrade Theosophy Forward’s archives are better accessible now. You are invited to visit TF’s treasure room and have look around, the doors are wide open! Your editor's choice is an article written by JOY MILLS, first published in 2010 entitled THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Click here 

Enjoy this issue of Theosophy Forward.

Jan Nicolaas Kind, editor-in-chief


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