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Theosophy Forward, a versatile and open minded e-Magazine, is BUILDING BRIDGES, reaching out and opening windows of hope and promise The message to all readers and subscribers to the Newsletter, mentioning that  from September this year Theosophy Forward will no longer appear quarterly was very well received. Publications are now spread out over a longer period of time and entries are posted on a regular basis. Announcements are made on the magazine's Facebook page, Twitter and through Newsletters. The magazine's aim is to connect Theosophists from the various streams and to place Theosophy where it should be: right in the center of our material world. Theosophy cannot solve this chaotic world's problems, but through the study of it one is able to come to deeper understanding and self-transformation. If all world-citizens would engage in that process, becoming aware of all that surrounds them, understanding the forces and order which govern nature and the universe, progress can be made. Theosophy challenges us to investigate our higher potential in such a way that it will ultimately enable us to live our lives freely, without being chained to rusty ideas or limiting constitutions, in a pure and non-selfish manner, leaving all prejudices behind us. 

Krishnamurti once said: 

We are saying the world, as it is now, is in chaos. There are wars, repetitive activity, the business of the churches — all that has bred much mischief in the world, and the continuation of all that is disorder. To bring about order, we must understand the structure of disorder. And one of the major structures of this disorder is authority. You pursue authority because of fear. You say, 'I don't know; you know, please tell me'. There is no one that can tell you. When you realize that, and when you realize that you have to find out everything entirely by yourself, inwardly, psychologically, then there is no leader, no guru, no philosopher, no saint that will help you ... (The Collected Works of J Krishnamurti: vol. XV!!!, Third Talk in Bombay)

Here follow some of the entries in the various categories that were published very recently. Click on the titles to go there.

TheosophyTwo Kinds of Wisdom, H.P. Blavatsky

The SocietyMini Interview with José van der Loop

Theosophy and the Society in the Public EyeMoon Shots, photos by Richard DvořákA Note from Joma Sipe in Portugal

Miscellany and TriviaInspirational anecdote, The Mountain

Good NewsSilent Retreat in Italy

Theosophical EncyclopediaP. C. Mukherji and Theosophical Archaeology, part two, Andrew HuxleyA New Occasional Paper, Professor James SantucciHistorical photos featuring a former International President: John Coats

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