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Good News from International Theosophy Conferences

Impressions of ITC 2019 at Olcott in Wheaton

Jonathan Colbert – USA

Good News ImpressionsITC 2019 group photo

Participants ITC 2019

In the final summing up session of the ITC Event this summer at Wheaton—Ann, a woman with a wonderful Texas accent, said she, “was impressed that people can express ideas intelligently without hubris, in a heartfelt way, with a thread of justice for all humanity—all willing to sacrifice in order to bring the vision of HPB into being—and that no one here will rest until that vision is accomplished.” I think she summarized the totality of the conference and what the living, Integral Wisdom of Theosophy is.

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Good News from the Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA)

Centre for Transformative Education 

The Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA) is being established by The Theosophical Society, Chennai, in its tranquil campus of Besant Gardens. Surrounded by lush green foliage and innumerable trees, including a large banyan tree, the large indoor and outdoor classrooms provide space for creativity and exploration for children.

Good News from ATA 2

Front of the building (formerly TPH)renovation work is being done

ATA aims to prepare students for life in all its dimensions, imparting wholesome education in its true sense. Whilst striving for academic excellence, ATA intends to promote an enlightened educational system that will incorporate the art and science of living wisely. ATA strongly believes that it is of central importance for students to learn to embrace their common humanity and their place in the web of life in our increasingly divisive world.

Good News from ATA 3

Artist’s impression of the  Academy’s entrance after the work is done 

ATA’s vision is to educate and raise children to become competent, well-balanced, emotionally mature, socially responsible, morally upright, and spiritually sensitive individuals.

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Good News from the Theosophical Society in America

International Theosophy Conferences and the Theosophical Society in America

BACK TO BACK - It’s all Theosophy


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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

The next session of the School will be held in beautiful Greece from 13 – 18 October, 2019.

Theme of this year’s edition is:

REINCARNATION – Science and the Ancient Wisdom Tradition


Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese

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Good News from the TOS - Beyond Suffering

Svitlana Gavrylenko – Ukraine

The author

[Talk given during the 143rd International Convention of the TS – TOS Session]

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is a great privilege and honor for me to have this opportunity to address you at the TOS Session of the 143rd annual convention.

First, I would like to point out that TOS efforts reflect the Theosophical Society's world-wide spiritual maturity and altruistic devotion, just like selfless devotion and service for the sake of common good is a measure of the spiritual maturity and disciple qualification or efficacy of each individual aspirant, including each of the TS members.

Certainly, we perform our service not only as a part of ТОS activities, and this, by the way, should not be ignored. For example, currently, in our country, Ukraine, the voluntary movement associated with the long military and humanitarian crisis has widely spread. However, there is a tendency not to present such TS voluntary service activities as TOS.

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