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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 1

From October 14 to 18, 2015, around twenty persons gathered in the Besant Hall of the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands, for Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu’s eighth Silent Retreat there, with talks, meditative enquiries, seated and walking meditations, and above all: silence. The subject was based on I.K. Taimni’s book The Ultimate Reality and Realization or Siva-Sutra. Thanks to the building up of attention and open-mindedness during earlier retreats, many participants were able to open their minds fully to the profound and inspired experiences Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu shared, and to the meaning beyond words.

Participants meditating in the Besant Hall

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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 2

This CENTRE is, without a doubt one of the best retreats in the Netherlands, or in that respect in Western Europe. How can you become a FRIEND of this Centre?

Let’s be friends, for real …

Friends of the Centre

Since the beginning many Friends from the Netherlands and abroad have supported the ITC. The ITC has always had a special relationship with its Friends. Being Friend of a spiritual Centre implies a much deeper relationship than being a financial sponsor.

Friends are required to subscribe the aims and activities of the ITC. This results in a bond, which is experienced by many Friends who live even hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

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Good News from Brazil



From February 5 until 10, 2016, a Theosophical gathering of young Theosophists will be held on the grounds of the famous Theosophical Institute, just outside of Brasilia, the capital of BRAZIL. The International President of the Theosophical Society, Tim Boyd, is going to be one of the guest speakers! The organizers opened a special Facebook page with all relevant information, click here:

The Theosophical Institute is a superb retreat center, have a look at these collage photos which don’t need any commentary or subtitle:

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Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc.


A HEALING PROCESS is taking place inside the Theosophical Movement through the initiatives of International Theosophy Conferences Inc. Much needs to be done still, but the Movement is definitely in motion.


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Good News from England



The Diploma is a one year open-learning course by the Theosophical Society in England, designed to assist students' understanding of the basic Principles of Theosophy. Students will undertake the course by home study and have contact with Course Leaders.
Information will be provided about the Three Objects of the Society, its history and purpose, Universal Truth; and the Path of Service as part of Self-development and to humanity as a whole. This is to help students to understand the role of the Society and the opportunity for Self-development which Theosophy offers.

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Good News from New Zealand

[We received the following report from Linda Watts. Although the piece refers to activities which took place last October, this is an ongoing project and worth mentioning.]

New Zealand, beauty further than down-under

The Universe expresses shifts in form within the cusp of the surrender of old thought forms and structures and the uptake and embodiment of a new turn of the spiral. From the bottom of the South Pacific, we recognise that the relevance of Theosophy must be expressed in the energy of more open-minded forums of engagement and materialised in different structures.

In September 2014 the impetus for engaging more with community was expressed in a gingerly placed first step towards community by inviting others steeped in the ageless wisdom -outside formal TS structures, in the first of the TSNZ (the Theosophical Society in New Zealand) Theosophy Dialogues.

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Good News from Reincarnation Research

New site with significant information and overviews; a great initiative set into motion by some well-known Theosophists: Pablo Sender, Jacques Mahnich, Vicente Hao Chin Jr. and others. This one you really need to check out. Here is the link:

Reincarnation is one of the most important issues faced by philosophy, religion and science that have very significant implications to the understanding of human life.

Reincarnation used to be a subject confined to religion. Since the 20th century, however, the inquiry has moved into the field of science as a result of ground-breaking researches about people, particularly children, whose memories of previous lives have been validated by independent investigations. Many of these cases involved birthmarks or physical characteristics at birth that matched the manner of death of the claimed previous life. Some of them also could speak an unlearned language but which corresponded to the language learned in the claimed previous life.

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Good News from the TOS-Golden Link College

Since 2002 the Golden Link College, our Featured Project, has stood as a prime example of a truly Theosophical school. Suggests Vic Hao Chin Jr, “A Theosophical school is basically about the development of a certain type of human being who is psychologically balanced, intellectually free, unencumbered by prejudice, who has intrinsic motivation to attain excellence, is ethical, socially well-adapted, self-confident and unselfish. As such, the work of a theosophical school is about character building, personality development and the awakening of self-awareness and higher intelligence. It is only secondarily about learning what are called Theosophical concepts.”

Golden Link College

The Golden Link College now offers classes from the primary to tertiary level. Children are treated as evolving souls with theosophical values and principles imparted in ways that are appropriate to the children’s ages. For example, meditation is taught, its frequency and duration varying according to the age brackets of the children. No specific religion is taught or practiced but all are honored. Rather, a reverence for the divine and a sensitivity for all life are emphasized. At the high school and college levels, the theosophical world view is introduced formally as a subject in its own right. Does this mean that core subjects such as proficiency in language and basic math are forgotten? No, core academic knowledge and skills are given high priority and attention. After all, reading especially is considered fundamental to Theosophists! In addition, the teaching medium at the GLC is English as knowledge of the English language is considered essential for many in today’s world. The GLC has one of the higher academic standards for schools in the area of North Caloocan City. This year all of the GLC graduates who took the exam for teacher licensure passed.

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Good News from Krotona

Autumn is a special time of change as everything in nature is getting ready for winter rest. It is also an opportunity for contemplation and reflection as we are approaching the New Year.

Krotona view

With the new season how wonderful it is to see an amazing variety of different birds who find their home in the peaceful surroundings of Krotona. Cooler temperatures and a few rain showers are also very welcome especially by our furry friends. Crisp air and the starry sky with magnificent Orion constellation in the East inspire insightful conversations among the residents and students during the night walks.

Walking down the Path

There were several good news and events taking place at Krotona:

We continue to develop and improve our website adding more helpful information for the seekers of Truth.

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Good News from Olcott in Wheaton

Interior H. S. Olcott Memorial Library

The Theosophical Society in America launched an exciting new technology which will allow them to bring live programs to you, right in the comfort of your own home! Those of you who are home-bound or living too far away to attend a lecture or class at the National Center can still share in the wisdom and insights of their wonderful instructors and presenters.

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Good News about an extraordinary Webinar

From Sy Ginsburg we received the following note:

This is Sy Ginsburg. I am a long time member of the Theosophical Society in America and also a member of the Miami-Deerfield Beach, Florida, Lodge. As a volunteer, I have been assisting the staff at Wheaton in developing the Online Initiative of courses and study groups. We call them webinars.

Sri Madhava Ashish

I was a pupil of Sri Madhava Ashish, visiting him every year in the Indian Himalayas from 1978 until his passing in 1997. My interest in the Stanzas of Dzyan attracted me to him, and I learned a great deal. As part of the Online Initiative, I am recently finishing up presenting a short online course on Ashish's teachings, preliminary to trying to develop a weekly study and discussion group based on Ashish and Prem's commentary on the Stanzas, and especially on the Anthropogenesis Stanzas taken up in their book, Man, Son of Man.

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Good News from Adyar cows and bulls

Adyar had a sizeable number of cattle, with the numbers increasing every year due to the presence of a few cows in the herd. Because of labour and financial constraints, a decision was taken by the TS management to send the herd to a well-run goshala, where they would receive good care and be able to spend the rest of their lives in comfort, in a peaceful environment. It was also decided to retain four bullocks for light garden work on the estate.

Sri Jayam Govardhana Goshala                                                                 Cattle at the goshala

After a close scrutiny of a number of goshala-s in the state, Sri Jayam Govardhana Goshala at Mayiladuthurai, which is about 300 kms from Chennai city, was selected by Mr Anoop Jaiswal, Chairman of the TS Animal Welfare Committee, who was then the Director General of Police, on the basis of information obtained from his sources in the Police Department. The reports indicated that this Goshala was one of the best run in the state, known for the compassionate and excellent care given to the cattle housed there. Another advantage was the abundance of grazing area where the cattle could freely roam, before being taken into the shelter of the goshala in the evening.

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Good News from Colombia

Working with Children in Columbia

How does visiting a farm, trekking up a mountain side, making origami flowers and fantasy animals instill good moral values and a sense of brotherhood within children? As our Featured Project The TOS in Colombia may have the answer, as their continuing work with children shows.

Many of our TOS Sections support the scholastic and moral education of children in one way or another. Some build or run schools or orphanages. Some volunteer at these types of institutions, and others lend financial support or give material gifts. Children are our future, our hope for a better world. As theosophists we want to encourage positive values and the theosophical world view of spiritual transformation and oneness to children, as we ourselves model them.

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Good News from the Theosophical Library in Amsterdam

Part of this impressive library

Those of you who know your editor, know that he loves books, real books, books you need to hold in both your hands and open, books in which you can make notes, books of which you can actually “smell” the pages. Yes, your editor is old fashioned, but he’s quite happy to be like that, a book is a book and any electronic, handheld device cannot in any way compete with it.

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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden 1

The Śiva-Sūtra
A Silent Retreat
by Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu

October 2015, 14th till 18th

Language: English

Organized by:

The International Theosophical Centre
The Theosophical Society in the Netherlands
The European Federation of the Theosophical Society

Shiva Rishikesh

The Śiva-Sūtra is the culmination of the teachings for Occultists. These are composed mainly of Yoga-Sūtras, Pratyabhijñā Hṛdayam (Secret of Self-Realization ), and Śiva-Sūtra (The Ultimate reality and Realization ). This culmination pertains to the nature of the subjects developed in the treatise and also to the depth of I.K. Taimni’s work of analysis, leading the mind of the student towards the highest conceptual level of abstraction.

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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden 2

During the so called “Dutch Day” held at the ITC in Naarden, the Netherlands on August 23, it was also commemorated that the Centre was founded precisely 90 years ago. It was time for a fruity toast.  

Among others you’ll see from left to right: Arend Heijbroek, chairman of the Centre, Tim Boyd and Helma Kuit

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