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Good News from the European School of Theosophy - reprise

From October 12 until October 17 – 2017, The European School of Theosophy organizes its annual meeting, this time at the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands with as theme:

The Spiritual Path


Good News European School 2 reprise

Among the speakers are:

Pablo Sender

Michele Sender

Erica Georgiades

Noeline Hart

Gary Kidgell

Jon Knebel

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Good News from Indralaya

Good News from Indralaya

Honoring of the Ages: Indralaya’s 90th Anniversary

Message received from Minor Lile

Good News from Indralaya 2

2017 marks the 90th anniversary of Indralaya, a Theosophical retreat center located north of Seattle, WA, USA, that was founded in 1927 by members of the Theosophical Society in America. Indralaya was founded with the intention of being “an ongoing experiment in theosophical living” and over the last 90 years, this ongoing experiment has successfully navigated numerous shifts and dynamics while remaining true to its mission. Throughout, Indralaya has served as a sanctuary where people can gather to commune with nature and consider the meaning and purpose of live from a Theosophical perspective.

Good News from Indralaya 3

This unique and historical photo was probably taken in the late 1940's, possibly 1949, in front of the old kitchen-dining hall. This building doesn't exist anymore. There was a time when a photo was taken of everyone at camp. In the album it says “And by 1949 we looked like this.” Joy Mills is there on the fifth row, far left. John Abbenhouse is sitting on the ground. George Linton is also there, plus many others.

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Good News from Adyar 1

Impressions of the 141th Convention of the Theosophical Society in Adyar

Barend Voorham – the Netherlands 

 Good News from Adyar 1 b  Barend Voorham 1

Barend Voorham

In the middle of the grounds of the TS in Adyar is an ancient banyan tree. Tendrils hang down from the branches of this wonderful tree, which reach the soil, strike into the ground and become roots. The earth in its turn accepts these branches, which root there and become another trunk.  All these new trees remain part of the mother tree.

Thinking back on the 141th Convention of the TS Adyar and the history of the Theosophical Movement, the image of this tree always comes to mind. It is a magnificent symbol of unity within diversity. The same lifeblood flows from the Lodge of Wisdom and Compassion and runs through all the branches of the Theosophical Movement. In the same way as the banyan tree, the Great Lodge (started in 1875) has also branched. There are different theosophical societies and groups and even independent, individual Theosophists, around the world. Even within the TS Adyar there are different sections and lodges, which all slightly differ one from another. There are educational systems, movements for justice, and against cruelty etc., which all have sprouted from this “Theosophical”- banyan. I considered all the participants of the Convention as living parts of this holy tree, who all tried in their own way to give shape to the theosophical ideal

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Good News from Adyar 2

Impressions of the 141th Convention of the Theosophical Society in Adyar

Carolyn Dorrance – USA    

Good News from Adyar 2 b  Carolyn Dorrance

Carolyn Dorrance

Arriving at the Theosophical Center in Adyar, India for the first time, one feels thrust back into the 19th century. The feeling is magnified by the realization that here is where H.P. Blavatsky lived and worked for several years. History is alive. As one settles in, the physical surroundings reinforce the sense of a special place of retreat. Pure air, gentle breezes, hundreds of beautiful trees filled with birds and the warmth of tropical temperatures encourage contemplation of nature’s bounty. Many took advantage of the paths to the beach as well as to the Library, the Publishing House, the Museum and to the numerous historic sites.

As more conference attendees arrived from all over the world, meeting people and friendly conversations created a shared sense of community. Formally, the conference opened and closed with prayers and chants expressing the major religions of the world. Both unity and diversity were respected. The International President of the Theosophical Society, Tim Boyd quickly demonstrated his leadership skills. His openness, accessibility and creative innovations were central to the success of the conference. A video giving the geography, statistics and activities of the many Theosophical Centers around the world was very informative especially for a visitor representing the United Lodges of Theosophists.

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Good News from Brazil

Good News from Brazil

Report received from Bas Harpe from the Netherlands on the Second International Gathering of Young Theosophists held from February 25 until March1, 2017 in Brazil.

Good News from Brazil 2

On the first day we met with a small group at Paraiso na Terra (i.e. Paradise on Earth or The Theosophical Institute) After a two-hour drive from the airport we arrived and went straight to the vegetarian buffet of the restaurant on the estate; I really had been looking forward to all that delicious food!

For me and several others the morning of the second day started early since we participated in a yoga-class given by the talented Daphne, which was followed by a meditation. After that a tasty breakfast! From now on, all through my stay, every morning in Brazil would start like this.

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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

From October 12 until October 17 – 2017, The European School of Theosophy organizes its annual meeting, this time at the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands with as theme:

The Spiritual Path

Good News European School 2

Among the speakers are:

Pablo Sender

Michele Sender

Erica Georgiades

Noeline Hart

Gary Kidgell

Jon Knebel

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Good News from India

Good News from India (Mumbai)

Demystifying Patanjali: lecture-series conducted by Arni Narendran 18th February 2017, Blavatsky Lodge outdoor interactive workshop.

Good News from India 2 3


Amidst the whistling woods of Arrey, the only surviving green space in this burgeoning metropolis of Mumbai, the members of the Blavatsky Lodge gathered in the Guest House perched up on a hillock for a wrap up session of the six-month long series of talks on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras delivered by Bro Arni Narendran. In the backdrop of the chirping birds and the whistling winds Sis Kashmira Khambatta, President of the Lodge, welcomed the gathering for an interactive session which was interspersed with Breakfast lunch and tea breaks not forgetting walks in the mountain slopes. The commissioner of the Arrey Dairy cooperative welcomed the Lodge Vice-President Bro Navin Kumar, who had served the organization decades ago. Bro Navin’s wife Sis Lata Navin’s artistic footprints still hang on the wall in the form of a large canvas giving a flowery ambience to the visitors Lounge, she was present and visitors were elated in meeting the artist behind the masterpiece. 

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Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc.

Next August all roads lead to the beautiful FRIENDS CENTER in PHILADELPHIA, USA

Good News from ITC 2 Friends Center

Entrance of the Friends Center

 For ITC 2017, from August 10 until August 13 in Philadelphia the theme is:

A Nucleus of Universal Brotherhood

– World’s Healing Force –

Bringing harmony to a divided humanity

by studying and working together

 Note! This year the start and end time will differ from previous years. On Thursday August 10, the conference starts at 10:00 AM and the closure the conference is on Saturday August 12 in the evening.

The special Annual Membership Meeting all participants really should attend, will take place on Sunday, August 13 in the morning. 

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Good News from the Golden Link College Foundation

Note from the editor: this message was distributed my Mr. Vic Hao Chin from The Philippines not so long ago. I find this initiative of his so special and significant, that I have decided to print the message in full. 

Golden Link Opens Grade 11

In line with the government's implementation of Senior High School grades, Golden Link has opened Grade 11 class, with about 40 students in the class, mostly transferees from public schools. Due to the addition of Grade 11, there were no high school graduates in almost all schools, hence the GLC College Department did not open first year college for this year. Thus, our college students this year consists of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. Next year, Grade 12 class will be opened, thus no graduation again for high school.

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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

Participants in superb surroundings

Report on the European School of Theosophy held from 6th – 11th  October 2016 in Salzburg, Austria

This year the EST was organized at an excellent family hotel in Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The hotel was situated at the outskirts of the town, so one could easily go for a little walk in nature between the sessions of the school program. The five-day program, which started with an evening devoted to classical Indian music, had ten lectures, seven study sessions and a movie of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”.

The South Indian classical music from the Karaikudi tradition founded by Brhaddhvani was performed by a pupil of Dr. Subramaniam on a traditional string instrument, called the Vina.
The artist also gave a talk about how this instrument was played in ancient times, when the Brahmin priests and mystics were singing the Veda’s.

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Good News from The Theosophical Society in Europe - Federation of National Societies

The 38th European Congress of the Theosophical Society in Europe


Congress will take place from 21 to 26 August, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. The theme of the Congress:

Theosophy: A Way towards Universal Consciousness


The 38th European Congress will take place at the Auditorium of the Academy of Medical and Health Science of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (Carrer Major de Can Caralleu, 1-7, 08017, Barcelona, Spain).

Guest of Honor: Tim Boyd, International President of the Theosophical Society, Adyar

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Changing the World through Love

Uma Bhattacharya – India

The author

We all dream of a better life in a better society. However, it has become difficult to go through a complete day without becoming disillusioned, disappointed and drained by the selfishness surrounding us. So many people seem to be interested only in their personal gain. They have become rude and arrogant, critical, and insensitive. In a nutshell, we don’t find peace and harmony in the world. Most of us feel that there is nothing we can do to change this and we attribute the cause of our disappointment to the world. We believe that the world needs correction. From time immemorial, human efforts have been directed towards improving the world but so far these efforts have met with little success.

We do not realize that the solution lies in improving not the world but ourselves. We can find peace and harmony only by purifying our inner world. When we purify ourselves, the world is purified. This is a law of nature. The world is but a reflection of our thoughts. If our thoughts are good, the world is good. If our thoughts are bad, the world is bad. Therefore when we change the pattern of thoughts within us, the complexion of the entire world changes.

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Good News from the TOS in Tanzania

TOS Tanzania’s Youth Group Shines!

There is an old African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.” And when that village itself comprises a large number of youngsters, then voila! We see a vibrant TOS Youth Group led by youth president Chandni Mehta and bolstered by the participation and encouragement of long-time elder members of the Theosophical Society (TS) and Theosophical Order of Service (TOS), especially chairperson Sis. Lila Chohan and Assistant General Secretary Bro. Dubal. Please enjoy this report received from the Tanzanian TOS and centered around their exceedingly vibrant youth group.

5th Anniversary Celebration for TOS Youth Group



2016 marked five years of the Youth Group banding together, embarking on a journey of humanitarian work and setting milestones. Come mid-July and it was party time for these youngsters and the current president Chandni Mehta, who also welcomed the inaugural Youth Group president Malaika Kapur from Canada and vice-president Khyati Dubal from India. A beautiful cake by Veena Dubal, lights, music, dance, food and the distribution to the community of TOS T-shirts with the slogan “Say No to Plastic” completed the celebration!

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Good News from ITC – part one

Participants ITC 2016 in Santa Barbara, California - USA

Socratic Dialogue meets World Peace

Kate Blalack – USA

The author

I participated in the International Theosophical Conference held from August 11-14th, 2016 in Santa Barbara, California. The venue was the home of the Virgin Saint Mary (La Casa da Maria), some ancient and very wise-trees, and a very handsome slick-black cat. Our lodging was the very essence of picturesque architecture tucked away in the foliage, flowers and rolling mounds of the California vibe: a place for reflection, germination and cross-pollination of ideas, and an incubator for the soul. While I regrettably do not have space to comment on all the speakers here, I will point out some highlights of my experience.

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Good News from ITC – part two

A Krotonian’s look at ITC 2016

Olga Omlin – USA

The author

This year ITC was in a beautiful place surrounded by the giant oak trees and majestic mountains creating a contemplative atmosphere for all the participants. It was also my second conference. I had no expectations keeping my mind open, yet anticipating reconnecting with old friends fellow Theosophists. Casa de Maria is one of the most beautiful places in the suburbs of Santa Barbara that is known for its silent retreats, and which I believe was a good choice for the international theosophical gathering.  

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Good News from ITC – part three

ITC 2016: Visions of a Far-Flung Future – A Moderator’s Impression

Jonathan Colbert – USA

The ITC 2016 moderator Jonathan Colbert and a tree

Like a dream of higher reminiscence, pages from a golden age tale, or visions foretelling a far-flung future, impressions and reflections of the conference well up in my mind’s eye. Twenty years ago, I would never have guessed that in my lifetime there would be a Theosophical conference with 108 people from various Theosophical traditions genuinely seeking together the heart of Theosophy and trying to learn about brotherhood by doing it. Yet the 2016 ITC Conference in Santa Barbara, California turned out to be a living example of its very theme, Theosophy and Social Responsibility.

Finding my way to the front of the room that Thursday afternoon in August, I passed by a woman intensely studying a document that offered instructions on how a wise combination of good deeds and deep knowledge were needed in the true service of humanity. It was H.P.B.’s article, “Let Every Man Prove His Own Work.” Even though the hall was clamorous with conversations and abuzz with anticipation, the woman poured over the article’s pages as if she were the only person in the room. Yes, I reflect now, this is how it will be in the future if we all keep working together! Thousands if not millions, just like her, will be intensely focused on the wisdom of H.P.B.

The labyrinth on the wonderful grounds of La Casa da Maria

A gong sounded, starting the proceedings. It reverberated through the happy hall, as people from three great Theosophical streams and many other non-affiliated Theosophists, found their chairs. As if in a dream, I took up my role as master of ceremonies, welcoming all to the conference. A remarkable harmony settled in, as if the Conference attendees were only re-convening and re-discovering a previous bond from previous lifetimes. After a moment of silence dedicated to the memory of the life, work and passing of Dara Eklund, the three presidents of ITC (from three continents), Jan Nicolaas Kind, Herman C. Vermeulen and Gene Jennings, inaugurated the conference, offering their thoughts and blessings. Carolyn Dorrance from Santa Barbara ULT then offered her cheery comments on the proceedings that would unfold.

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