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Good News from International Theosophy Conferences and the Theosophical Society in America

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Good News from the Theosophical Society in America

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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden, the Netherlands

Martin Leiderman comes to the Lowlands once more!

Martin Leiderman

Title of the seminar Martin will conduct is:

The Voice of the Silence - An Insight into the Mystery and Purpose of our Life

Dates: June 21st - 25th 2019

International Theosophical Centre Meentweg 9
1411 GR Naarden - the Netherlands

This seminar will give the participants a unique opportunity to reach for a deeper understanding of the basis of The Voice of the Silence (VOS), for the purpose of living and sharing its key ideas. The VOS will be explored in a modern, illustrative and interactive way, expanding and challenging our understanding of it.

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Good News from the Theosophical Society in America – one

Theosophical Search

[Message received from Joe Hasiewicz. Joe is the creator of Theosophical Search and an active member of the Wheaton-Olcott study center, based at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America]

Good News TSA 2
Joe Hasiewicz

Theosophical Search is a handy web-based, program that leverages the Google or Bing search engines to search classic Theosophical books and Theosophical websites. Theosophical Search can be accessed by most electronic devices such as computers, tablets, phones, etc., and can be found at the following link:

The Theosophical Search application was designed to assist Theosophical researchers, speakers and authors in quickly locating materials in web-based resources using keywords or literal strings (i.e., exact text.)

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Good news from the Theosophical Society in America - two


[Message received from Mary Magnani]

Good News TSA 4 Headphones Microphone

“Testing, 1 – 2 – 3, testing. Check, check.” That’s me on a Wednesday morning, running through a sound check in our webinar studio in Wheaton, Illinois, 30 minutes before the start of Pablo Sender’s popular webinar series, “Walking the Theosophical Path.” I am the webinar coordinator for the Theosophical Society in America, and participants will be logging in soon. In a few moments I will be checking in with Pablo, an internationally-known Theosophical teacher, as he prepares for class from his office at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy in Ojai, California.

Good News TSA 5 Webinar Studio

What is a webinar? At its simplest, a webinar is a seminar conducted on the web – on the Internet. Although you can view a YouTube video on the Internet, or even watch a live broadcast, a webinar goes a step further. You are no longer just a viewer; you are an active participant. You can connect with your teacher and fellow students, ask questions, and make comments. In many cases you can see and hear one another, even though you may physically be located hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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Good New from International Theosophy Conferences

Good News TSA 13 b
Henri S Olcott Memorial Library at Olcott in Wheaton

VERY GOOD NEWS! Theme for ITC 2019: "Theosophia, the Integral Wisdom – Returning to the Source of Science, Religion and Philosophy."

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On the Watchtower

Radha Burnier, former International President TS/TOS – India

Good News TOS 6 Radha Paris dans les annes 80 1 1
Radha Burnier
Photo © Michel Chapotin, location: Paris in the 1980’s

The Bodhisattvas take a vow of compassion to save others from pain and suffering. In The Voice of the Silence, which advocates the Bodhisattva tradition, the disciple is told:

“Shalt thou abstain from action? Not so shall gain thy soul her freedom. To reach Nirvana one must reach Self-Knowledge, and Self-Knowledge is of loving deeds the child.”

It should go without saying that the basic work of the Theosophical Society is to help humanity to discover the cause of suffering, which is within the mind, and then learn to become free of that suffering by cleansing the mind. For the mind to cease being the source of problems, it must dissolve the centre that is self which it has created. That self, as Krishnamurti pointed out, can be observed best in relationships and in action. He who abstains from action, as The Voice of the Silence clearly indicates, cannot gain freedom, because he has no means of learning about the intricate and subtle ways in which the self operates and is sustained.

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Good News from the TOS

Featured Project: Women’s Empowerment, TOS Odisha Region

One of the main focuses of the International TOS over the past several years has been Women’s Empowerment. The TOS Odisha Region leads the way in these endeavours. Recognition of the work being done has resulted in financial assistance from other TOS countries, namely TS/TOS Italy and the TOS in New Zealand. We applaud the initiative of the TOS Odisha Region and the support given by TOS Italy and TOS New Zealand. The women’s empowerment program in the Odisha Region offers several avenues for training for women to better their livelihood and another to help protect young girls and women from violence.

Financial assistance for higher education:

The Mahabharat Group of TOS, Odisha Region has started a project which is a five-year financial assistance programme to poor but meritorious young women for pursuing higher education in college. The annual assistance is Rs.10,000 per student. Currently 25 students are benefiting from this program. A sum of Rs.125,000 per annum (Rs.5,000 per student) has been donated by the members as scholarships in memory of the donors’ near and dear ones. The TS and TOS Italy have kindly extended a matching grant which will ensure the recipients of Rs.10,000 per year for the five year period. The Mahabharat Group expresses its gratitude to the members of TS & TOS Italy for their generous assistance in this worthwhile project. The scholarships were awarded as part of the 5th Regional Conference of TOS Odisha by its Chief Guest, Mr. Abasar Beuria, IFS (Rtd.) former ambassador of India in the presence of TOS India National Secretary, Br. K. Sivaprasad.

Good News TOS 2
TOS Odisha Region having an event

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Good News from the Netherlands

The International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands is going to build a new guest house

[Message received from Michiel Haas]

In addition to a maximum of 2 to 4 special guests who can be accommodated at St. Michael’s House, there are two existing guesthouses. The first one, Arundale guesthouse, is an old structure built way back in the sixties, with a capacity of 10 rooms and ‘shared’ facilities. The second one is the 20-years-old Crystal House with 20 rooms, all having their own bathroom, adjacent to the beautifully designed Crystal Hall dining room.

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Good News from the Blavatsky Lodge, Mumbai-India.

[Message received from Arni Narendran]

From left to right: Bertie Redwood, Arni Narendran, Dr. Ajay Hora, Dr. Deepa Padhi, Vinayak Pandya, Godrej Dotiwala, Dr. Rajam Pillai, Navin Kumar, Kashmira Khambatta

The 87th Annual Session of the Bombay Theosophical Federation was held between 26th to 28th of October. The first two days at the Blavatsky Lodge, French Bridge venue and the last day at the Juhu Theosophical Colony by the Sea.

Dr. Deepa Padhi , International Vice President was the Chief Guest. She is also the President of TOS, Bhubaneshwar. Her keynote speech was on ‘Self Transformation through Wisdom, Compassion and Contemplation”, Sr. Parinaz Gandhi introduced the speaker. Dr. Padhi also released the latest issue of Synergy journal , edited by Hindi Scholar and Gandhian Dr. Rajam Pillai. The journal featured an article on “Theosophy and Art.”

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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

A summary of the European School of Theosophy, 2018

[Message received from Erica Georgiades and Ingrid Eberhard-Evans]

The enclosed summary captures a five-day programme of study-sessions, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, interactive dialogues and meditation practices of the European School of Theosophy (EuST), which took place from 12-17 October 2018 in Pescia, Italy. The EuST brought together some 50 attendees from 20 countries to study and explore Memento Mori: Worldviews on Death and Dying.

Group picture with all participants

The EuST began by playing The Danse Macabre (voix & orchestre) de Camille Saint-Saëns with the baritone Jean-Philippe Biojout, followed by greetings and opening remarks by attendees and visitors, notably Ingrid Eberhard-Evans, director of the EuST, as well as Antonio Girardi, president of the Italian Section of the TS. Conjointly, the greetings of fellow Theosophists from all over the world were played in a video-compilation format and were received with great enthusiasm by the attendees

To watch the video click here

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Good News from Leonie van Gelder and Minor Lile

From July 10-13, we were honored to have the opportunity to lead the program for the 24th annual International Theosophical School at Paraiso na Terra in Brazil. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Paraiso na Terra is a vast Theosophical center (also called The Theosophical Institute) located in the center of the country, near the capital city, Brasilia. The place truly is a paradise, with an arid landscape that is punctuated with pools and cascading waterfalls that flow from several natural springs that arise from deep within the earth.

The three mystical elephants heads can be seen from the Institute

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Good News from the Blavatsky Lodge, Mumbai – India

Sowing the seeds of Theosophy to students of the Lady Engineer School.

The Naarden gathering in the Netherlands, last July has come out with a strategic planning initiative that will make the Theosophical Society socially more relevant, taking our organization to the next level. Emphasis has been given to education in synchronicity with our founders’ vision.

Sr Kashmira Khambatta and Bro Arni Narendran

The Central Hindu University and The Besant college in Varnasi, The Besant school and the Olcott School and also the Kalakshetra – school of Dance all in Chennai, were founded by Theosophists. More recently, in the Philippines the Golden Link college has been setting high standards in teachers training .

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Good News from the Brasilia Lodge (Loja Brasilia) in Brazil

Message received from Bruno Carlucci

José Manuel Anacleto in Brasilia

The Brasilia Lodge of the Theosophical Society in Brasilia, Brazil had the honor to host José Manuel Anacleto, head of the Centro Lusitano de Unificação Cultural located in Lisbon. 

A Theosophist for 40 years, Mr. Anacleto gave a lecture on the topic of time according to the Theosophical perspective. 

An in-depth presentation of some of the philosophical tenets provided by The Secret Doctrine's cosmogenesis, showing that time, as we humans perceive it, is but an illusion in face of the eternal now. 

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Good News from The Theosophical Order of Service in Italy

A TOS group meeting in Italy, talking strategy .. setting an example

The Theosophical Order of Service in Italy works in close cooperation with the Italian Theosophical Society, which appreciates and supports its endeavors. Both organizations believe that no Theosophical path is complete without Service to Humankind, in the spirit of Universal Brotherhood.

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