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Park people, Park quotes… a few Park dogs and Park music

David M. Grossman – USA 


David says: 

When I think of parks I think of refuge, a kind of respite in cities from cement, cars, businesses, buildings, noise  the rush of civilization. Parks are the lungs of a city. Grass, trees and plants, paths and birds, dogs chasing squirrels and oh yes people all kinds of people.

Public parks are democratic institutions where people from various walks of life, economic situations, races, religions and everything else share the same space, most often in a relaxed and pleasant way.

Politicians should have to spend at least one year in a park before taking office.    

The following photos were taken with the consent of the subjects, either directly or by a kind of silent agreement, an awareness they were being photographed. Some of the people I already knew, others meeting for the first time.

All are better off for spending time in a park.


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Meeting Emilia, the second time around

David M. Grossman meets Emelia, chapter two


Thew other day while walking through a sunlit New York park with my daughter, I noticed a small bent over person coming our way. I knew almost immediately that it had to be Emilia. It has been well over a year since I first met her.   I called to her, she instantly responded with the same warmth and radiance I remember, although she didn’t recall me at first.

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (June-July 2022)

Joma photo 490x550

Joma, the driven artist, sincere seeker and devoted collector

I’d like to share the artwork that I created for Easter 2022, the LYS - The Flower of Light or The Water-Lilies of Gabriel, which symbolism is better explained in the attached document below. This symbol was inspired by a line written by H. P. Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled, when she compares the Flower of Lys, the Lily, to the Lotus Flower of the Egyptians and Hindus, and also points to a correlation between these and The Water-Lilies of Gabriel.

For the first time I participated in doing an NFT ( i.e. nonfungible token) sale through a web platform associated with trees. The sales-profit was used to plant trees on various locations in Portugal. To make the design for 13 different trees was a very interesting and rewarding project

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Be welcome …always

A mystical observation by Richard Dvořák   

richard dvořák

Richard, worldcitizen, photographer. author and theosophist

During our walk yesterday, Gudrun, my wife for 27 years, and I, were talking about Putin’s war but we fell silent after some time, mainly because it is hard to talk while walking “uphill” at a fast pace.

I began working out ideas for this specific contribution to Theosophy Forward. When we reached the top, this row of poplars always seems to greet me from afar, and a photo series shot during the blue hour in the winter of 2016 came to my mind.

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (March-April 2022)

PE JS a 2 Joma Sipe

Joma Sipe

After I had finished my work for the frontispiece for the first Salon of Theosophy 2020, the frontispiece for The European School of Theosophy 2021 and the frontispiece for The Lucifer Collection 2021, I prepared the SOW (School of The Wisdom) Certificate that will be issued to students of the Adyar School of The Wisdom. This SOW Certificate has a lot of symbolism related to Theosophy and Adyar. It is explained in the attached link below.

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Forty years ago … a contemplation

David M. Grossman – USA

1 mapa el salvador

In February 1982, precisely forty years ago, I accompanied a film crew to Honduras. We flew into the capital, Tegucigalpa, and then drove for hours out into the emptiness to a village called La Vertud near the Salvadorian border to a refugee camp run by the United Nations to house refugees fleeing the civil war in El Salvador. The village was so poor that folks came to the refugee camp for food.

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A photo series by David M. Grossman

Some things you can do with music:

YOU CAN … compose it – play it – direct it – perform it – sing it – rehearse it – listen to it – watch it – look at it – study it – and most importantly …

 … it’s all interwoven with elegance:

“the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style, vibration or refined energy” 

Public Eye b

“A painting is music you can see and music is a painting you can hear” – Miles Davis

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