Special Editions

Theosophy Forward Special Editions

You are invited to check out the Special Editions. They are unique issues and serve a special function next to other Theosophy Forward publications.


November 2023   pdf Theosophy and Science
July 2023   pdf Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project: Some Theosophical Perceptions
January 2023   pdf The Aquarian Foundation
October 2022   pdf Theosophy in Ukraine
July 2022   pdf Alas and after
February 2016 View in browser pdf Pearls of Joy
December 2013 View in browser pdf New Year Gift 2014
November 2013 View in browser pdf Theosophy, Fantasy, and Mary Poppins by John Algeo
September 2013 View in browser pdf ITConference 2013 Photo Gallery
June 2013 Download or View in browser pdf Our Work Series
May 2013 Download or View in browser pdf Theosophy And The Theosophical 
February 2013 Download or View in browser pdf Ancient Wisdom Modern Insight 
by Shirley Nicholson
January 2013 Download or View in browser pdf H. P. Blavatsky on Occultism
January 2013 Download or View in browser pdf H.P. Blavatsky on Yoga
December 2012 Download or View in browser pdf New Year Gift 2013
September 2012 Download or View in browser pdf Reincarnation Explored
by John Algeo
 August 2012   Download or View in browser pdf ITConference 2012 Photo album
 July 2012   Download or View in browser pdf Our World Series
 May 2012   Download or View in browser pdf Olcott in Wheaton
 April 2012   Download or View in browser pdf Helping our Neighbor and Promoting Theosophy by the Theosophical Society in Israel
 January 2012   Download or View in browser pdf Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health by Rollin McCraty
 January 2012   Download or View in browser pdf A New Aesthetic for Environmental Awareness: Chaos Theory, The Beauty of Nature, and Our Broader Humanistic Identity by Ruth Richards
 December 2011   Download or View in browser pdf  New Year Gift 2012
 December 2011   Download or View in browser pdf  Living Theosophy Series
 November 2011  Download or View in browser  pdf  ITC Naarden - From Past to Future
 September  2011  Download or View in browser pdf  ITConference Photo album
 April  2011  Download or View in browser    How to Move Forward Series
 February-March  2011  Download or View in browser    The Ancient Wisdom of Harry Potter
 New Year  2011  Download or View in browser    New Year Gift 2011
 August  2010  Download or View in browser    The TS WC Photo album






Theosophy Forward republication of rare Theosophical books


As expressed by many, more Theosophical books ought to be freely available on the Internet for the earnest student. Theosophy Forward commits itself to reproduce and publish rare but significant Theosophical works, which have long been forgotten but deserve renewed attention.


The Peopling of the Earth by Geoffrey Barborka Download or View in browser pdf
Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins Download or View in browser pdf



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