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Good News from Adyar – India

TOS YOUTH – International Youth Conference 2019

Theme: “Meditation and Human Regeneration.”

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Participants in front of Headquarters Building, Adyar

The 3-day International Youth Conference, from 27th Dec to 29th Dec, was successfully completed with a total of 35 participants from different parts of India and the world. The main topics covered in the session related to Human Re-generation and Meditation, which were divided into 4 sessions each day. The sessions included a mixture of both theory and practical aspects.

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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands


On January 5 2020, the new Chief Knight of the Order of the Round Table in the Netherlands, Heleen van Beusekom, organized the ceremony of planting the first tree in the Garden of Remembrance (GOR) that presently is in a state of renovation. Heleen, creatively included the Universal mantra O Hidden Life by Annie Besant into the ceremony, each of the sentences recited by the Knights of Love, Wisdom and Strength. Round Table, very committed to the ITC, will be involved in the initiation/planting of the other trees of the GOR as well, probably during the next Spring Camp taking place on 4 and 5 April 2020: the youngsters of today might be our future workers. 

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The oldest and youngest member of Round Table with the Chief Knight and the first tree in the Garden of Remembrance

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Good News from Mumbai

Message received from our regular contributor Arni Narendran, Blavatsky Lodge, Mumbai

Sacred Journeys and an amazing benediction

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Over the last sixty weeks (!!) the Blavatsky Lodge in Mumbai conducted a series of gatherings which were named “Sacred Journeys.” Held every Tuesday evening, the sessions started with mindful meditation and healing affirmations, followed with readings from the celebrated magnum opus of Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi.

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Good News from Brazil


The Theosophical Society in Brazil, the largest section in South America, commemorated its centennial in November 2019. From November 12 -17, festivities were organized on various locations in Brasilia, with hundreds of people participating.

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Ulises Riedel de Resende 

The events began on November 12, with musical performances and the release of the book Theosophy, the Truth of All Ages, with texts and photos, covering the history of one hundred years of the Theosophical Society in Brazil. A lecture was delivered by Ulisses Riedel de Resende, who, as he was born into a Theosophical family, at the age of six (!) joined the Albor Lodge in Santos in São Paulo. Ulysses, a former National President, has been contributing to the Society's work for more than eight decades. Those who know him well consider Ulises Forever Young, since now, at the ripe old age of 86, he is ever active and going strong, writing, lecturing and above all innovating.

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Good News from Jaishree Kannan in Adyar, Chennai-India

European Trip Extraordinaire 

Good News from JK 2 419

An early and wonderful “black and white” of Jaishree 

Let me introduce myself as Jaishree, a voluntary worker at the Adyar Archives, TS Adyar.

My parents, Dr. Kannan & Mrs. Sarojini Kannan moved to Adyar to work in the Theosophical Society in 1964. My grandparents were primarily responsible for us to be associated with this movement. 

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