Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Meeting Emilia

David meets Emilia

Public Eye 212 DG b

As I emerged from my thoughts and looked ahead walking down the street, there appeared before me a small bent form shrouded in a long coat and hat. I thought this is the endgame, this is where we end up, our eventual demise, decrepit old age.

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Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?

A look at life by Richard Dvořák   

Medley 121 RD b

A seemingly dormant forest 

Each spring, there is a transformation one can tune into. From the dormant and energy conserving winter hibernation into an outburst of life force in spring. All we have to do is to spent some time in nature and observe. Stand still for a few moments. There is a joy that comes with those fresh colors and the first warm rays of the sun.

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Poetry of Dreams and Growing up

A special contribution by David Grossman

ODE: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

Public Eye DG 121 2

William Wordsworth. 1770–1850

"Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood" (also known as "Ode", "Immortality Ode" or "Great Ode") is a poem by William Wordsworth, completed in 1804 and published in Poems, in Two Volumes (1807). The poem was completed in two parts, with the first four stanzas written among a series of poems composed in 1802 about childhood. The first part of the poem was completed on 27 March 1802 and a copy was provided to Wordsworth's friend and fellow poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who responded with his own poem, "Dejection: An Ode", in April. The fourth stanza of the ode ends with a question, and Wordsworth was finally able to answer it with seven additional stanzas completed in early 1804. It was first printed as "Ode" in 1807, and it was not until 1815 that it was edited and reworked to the version that is currently known, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality".

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Dreamful Reality – a photo series by Richard Dvořák

Public Eye 420 RD b 2

Richard, author, photographer and regular contributor to Theosophy Forward

Richard says:  

Like in spring, in the weeks before the first Corona wave surged in Germany, my dreams became very vivid, and in the weeks prior to the second Corona wave this winter, they became lucid even. 

In these dreams I was guided through series of scenes with large groups of people - always divided into smaller units and often in public places like airports, coliseums or traveling in groups of buses.

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal - December 2020


Public Eye 2 JS

Watch the interview Erica Georgiades of the Eueopean School of Theosophy did with Joma Sipe, by clicking ion the image above

After my work on the Frontispiece for The First Salon of Theosophy, set up  by Erica Georgiades, with invited co-hosts Lyndon Smith and Taposhri Ganguly and that  took place on the September 7 , I prepared the Frontispiece for The European School of Theosophy 2021.

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Beyond the Mundane Reality

Public Eye David Grossman 2

David M. Grossman (photo) is a regular contributor to the category PUBLIC EYE on Theosophy Forward the e-Magazine. He is a lifelong student of Theosophy, has a wonderful wife and lovely daughter, while his dog PLUTO is an inseparable part of the family. Pluto is a pretty smart fellow because recently he flew “economy” with the family to Poland and back to the USA (!!); quite a world traveler. 

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (September-October 2020)


Joma, the artist ...

For quite some time I worked intensively on the Frontispiece for the first Salon of Theosophy, initiated and set up by Erica Georgiades, and co-hosted by both Lyndon Smith and Taposhri Ganguly. The first session took place on September 7 and  it was a great pleasure and honor to be the guest of this first edition of the Salon and to work on the Frontispiece.

Watch the first edition of Salon of Theosophy, click here

Read more: A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (September-October 2020)

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