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When things are not so good

David Grossman – USA

Note from the editor. David regularly contributes to Theosophy Forward with wonderful photo series. His current contribution entitled “When things are not so good” will certainly make you think. David is skillful in catching very personal moments and loves to photograph people’s emotions of any sort. The five photos you are about to see represent instants when things are not so good, typically dealing with themes such as hopelessness, grief, care in times of need, human loss and remembrance. The photos are accompanied by quotations underscoring the moments caught on camera.

Public Eye DG 419 b

There are far too many silent sufferers. Not because they don't yearn to reach out, but because they've tried and found no one who cares. - Richelle E. Goodrich

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Photos by Richard Dvořák – MOON SHOTS

Richard, currently living in Germany and who is a member of the TS-Adyar there, is a well-known figure in Adyar circles, he says:

“I love taking photos of the moon and the sun. This series will be about the moon, the next series, later this year, will about the sun.”

Public Eye RD 2 319     

This was taken on the roof of Leadbeater Chambers in Adyar, mid-January 2016. It is a long exposure (30 seconds), the multiple exposure effect stems from shortening the focal length of the telephoto lens (from 640 down to about 200mm). The feeling evoked is somewhat from an oriental fairy tale - like The Thousand and One Nights or Layla and Majnun 

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal


Public Eye JS 1 b

Joma Sipe, a fine artist

Like always I am more than happy to inform readers of Theosophy Forward about what I have been doing recently.

Mentioned in my previous contribution to Theosophy Forward that I was working on a new mandala series, following the Sri Yantra Series with a symbol representing a Merkaba. This time I am using silver based ink pens and white crystals, each with a different and special design around the main symbol.

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David Grossman – USA

David is a regular contributor to Theosophy Forward and lives with his family in New York. He has been a seeker all his life and studied Theosophy with both ULT and TS-Adyar students. Currently David is the treasurer of International Theosophy Conferences. (ITC)

Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings; unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet, shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child.

Ocean Of Theosophy, ch1, W. Q. Judge

Public Eye DG 2 319

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David Grossman – USA

David is a regular contributor to Theosophy Forward.

Public Eye DG2Q 1 b

New York’s concrete jungle

I am one of 4.25 billion people who lives in an urban environment. We make up 55% of the world’s population. Large cities have creative energies, diverse possibilities for work, cultural and educational institutions along with many other amenities, They incorporate new technologies that were called science fiction just a few decades ago. Yet their artificiality has cut us off from the natural world, literally affecting our biorhythms, and causing psychological abnormalities in our lives, blocking our sense of connection and responsibility towards each other & the earth itself. We seem to have lost touch with both the spiritual and physical rhythms of life.

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