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Inspirational Stories – The Right Teaching

MTr 2 220

Once, there was a renowned monk who lived in a beautiful monastery with many of his pupils. His teachings were known to be very effective and many of his students grew up to become great masters themselves.

One day, one of them was caught stealing from his fellow-students and they reported him to the monk. But he took no action against the boy.

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Inspirational Stories - The Bamboo Tree

MTr 3 220

A man got frustrated with life. Despite all the hard work and effort, failure was all that he learnt.  Feeling defeated with life, he left everything and exiled himself in the woods. There he met a Hermit. The disappointed man shared is failure with the hermit. “Give me one good reason not to quit?”- He pleaded the Hermit

“Look”, the hermit said, pointing towards two plants. “Do you see that fern and bamboo there?

“Yes”, the man nodded.

“When I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds, I took very good care of them. I gave them water, light and fertilizer. Within a short period of time the fern quickly grew from the earth”, the hermit continued.

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Inspirational Stories – Wranglers and Stranglers

MTr 4 220

Many years ago there were a group of brilliant young men at the University of Wisconsin.  The group of men seemed to have an amazing creative literary talent and were extraordinary in their ability to put their literary skills to its best use. These promising young men met regularly to read and critique each other’s literary works.

These men were merciless while they criticized one another. They dissected the most minute of the expressions and offered tough and even mean criticism to each others work. Their  meeting sessions became arenas of literary criticism and the members of this exclusive club called themselves the “Stranglers.”

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Inspirational Stories – The Purpose of Life

MTr 5 220

Once upon a time, there lived a wise man. He was the head of the local administration of a small village. Everyone respected him and his views and opinions were well regarded. Many people came to him seeking for advice.

His son, however, was very lazy and wasted his time sleeping and spending time with his friends. No amount of advice or threat made any difference to him. He wouldn’t change at all.

The years passed, and with time faded the youth of the wise man. As he grew older, he began to worry  about his son’s future. He recognized the need to give something to his son so that he can take care of himself and his family to be.

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Inspirational Stories – Salty Coffee A Love Story

MTr 6 220

He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he was average looking, shy and awkward.

At the end of the party, he finally summoned some courage to invite the girl to have coffee with him. She was surprised, but out of politeness, she accepted his invitation to go on a date. They both sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, waiting for coffee. With him being so shy and awkward around her, It seemed like the conversation between them would never start.

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Inspirational Anecdotes – The Butterfly (Struggles)

MTr 4 419 Butterfly

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly.

One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.

Until it suddenly stopped making any progress and looked like it was stuck.

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Inspirational Anecdotes – A Pound of Butter (Honesty)

MTr 6 419 Butter

There was a farmer who sold a pound of butter to a baker. One day the baker decided to weigh the butter to see if he was getting the right amount, which he wasn’t. Angry about this, he took the farmer to court.

The judge asked the farmer if he was using any measure to weight the butter. The farmer replied, “Honor, I am primitive. I don’t have a proper measure, but I do have a scale.”

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Inspirational Anecdotes – The Elephant Rope (Belief)

MTr 5 419 Elephant

A gentleman was walking through an elephant camp, and he spotted that the elephants weren’t being kept in cages or held by the use of chains.

All that was holding them back from escaping the camp, was a small piece of rope tied to one of their legs.

As the man gazed upon the elephants, he was completely confused as to why the elephants didn’t just use their strength to break the rope and escape the camp. They could easily have done so, but instead, they didn’t try to at all.

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