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Notable Books 46

Something New

Shadows of the sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions, Frances Vaughan, Foreword by Ken Wilber, Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL, 1995, pp. 313, $14.95.

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I realize this is not really a new book; however, I wanted it to be listed first. This is a Theosophical book that brings together how the transpersonal movement back in the 70s and 80s joined psychology and spirituality and became a force within itself. Also, it is a Theosophical book whose timing for publication was not the greatest because Transpersonal Psychology was being overwhelmed by the Jungian movement. So, it never got the circulation it deserved. In spite of some very big names attached to the promotional of this book, such as Ken Wilber, Larry Dossey, James Fadiman, Stan Grof, and even Ram Dass, it was viewed ‘Transpersonal' and not 'Jungian'. Hence, as good as the book was, I never felt it had not even come close to its 'being read' potential. With many used copies available, it is very worthy of being on your bookshelf. 

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Notable Books 45

Something New

Pauli and Jung: The Meeting of Two Great Minds, David Lindorff, PhD, Quest Books, TPH, Wheaton, IL 2004,  pages 299, $29.95

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I was an undergraduate student when I first learned of Wolfgang Pauli (1900-58). It was in my first quantum mechanics course. By the time I finished my PhD, I knew a lot about the Pauli Exclusion Principle, This is not to be confused with the strange phenomena of the Pauli Effect which provide many amusing stories at various professional meetings (more later on this). He also was the recipient of a Nobel Prize in physics for his prediction of a particle we today call a "neutrino". 

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Notable Books 44

Something New

The Masters Speak: An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff, Seymour B. Ginsburg, Quest Books, TPH, Wheaton, IL 2010, page 308, $18.95.

Notable Books 44 b

We hear of a book that is sometimes referred to as the "sleeper of the year". If so, this book has to be the "Sleeper of the Decade"!  I knew of Seymour ("Sy") from his published articles in the American Theosophist, and his talks he gave at Olcott (Headquarters of the TSA) in Wheaton, IL. I was so impressed that I drove about 8 years ago over to Olcott late afternoons to attend his series of classes  on Gurdjieff and his relation to the TS which lasted until he retreated to Florida. In my classes with Sy, I was impressed at how he could move between Theosophy and Gurdjieff; illustrating similarities and differences. 

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Notable Books 43

Something New

Swedenborg:  Introduction to His Life and Ideas, Gary Lachman, Tarcher/Penguin, New York, paper back,  page 181, $16.95.

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Notable Books 42

Something New

Meditation as A Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, Alan L Pritz. Quest Books, TPH, Wheaton, IL, 2014, page 262, $17.95.

Notable Books 42 b

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Notable Books 41


Notable Books 41 2 319 Living in the Season

Something New

Living the Season: Zen Practice for Transformative Times, Ji Hyang Padma, Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL, 2013, pp. 228, $14.95

As I read this book, I kept thinking this is one of the most practical book that I've recently read. So many of my books get weighted down with theory that I lose sight of the goal. Practice becomes just an item that can be useful IF you apply it to the theory. Somewhere I quickly thought of the quote that I have jotted down in my Journal and periodically review: 

"Disciples and devotees…what are most of them doing? Worshiping the teapot instead of drinking the tea!”

 Wei Wu Wei

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