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David Grossman – USA

David is a regular contributor to Theosophy Forward and lives with his family in New York. He has been a seeker all his life and studied Theosophy with both ULT and TS-Adyar students. Currently David is the treasurer of International Theosophy Conferences. (ITC)

Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings; unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet, shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child.

Ocean Of Theosophy, ch1, W. Q. Judge

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David Grossman – USA

David is a regular contributor to Theosophy Forward.

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New York’s concrete jungle

I am one of 4.25 billion people who lives in an urban environment. We make up 55% of the world’s population. Large cities have creative energies, diverse possibilities for work, cultural and educational institutions along with many other amenities, They incorporate new technologies that were called science fiction just a few decades ago. Yet their artificiality has cut us off from the natural world, literally affecting our biorhythms, and causing psychological abnormalities in our lives, blocking our sense of connection and responsibility towards each other & the earth itself. We seem to have lost touch with both the spiritual and physical rhythms of life.

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Photos by Richard Dvořák – Second Quarter 2019

Richard, currently living in  Germany and who is a member of the TS-Adyar there, is a well-known figure in Adyar circles, he says:

These photos were taken in November 2015 around 5:30 pm from a moving car against the setting sun, close to a place called Baccinello.

Public Eye RD 2Q 2 Geological map of Baccinello

Geological map of the Baccinello Region


We were on the way home to my friend’s ranch in Polveraia, Tuscany, Italy, after spending the day hiking in the areas around Stribugliano and Roccalbegna. We’d just visited a horse ranch (Collins e Sentieri), when all things around turned golden…

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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal – Second Quarter 2019

Public Eye JS 1 a 2

I am always happy to inform readers of Theosophy Forward about what I have been doing recently.

Started a new mandala series, following the Sri Yantra Series with a symbol representing a Merkaba, this time using silver based ink pens and white crystals, each with a different and special design around the main symbol.

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Speaking Out

David Grossman – USA 

[Editor’s note: David lives in New York and is a lifelong student of Theosophy. He is currently the treasurer of International Theosophy Conferences, lectures regularly and is a photographer by profession.] 

It is easy to feel insignificant and ineffectual in the face of the impersonal forces of the large man-made power structures of civilization which have such a sizable impact on the life of an individual. Whether these powers be governmental, economic, or religious and/or academic belief systems, it is not easy to question or challenge them even though they have a real impact on everyday life and on planet earth our home. These systems then take on a life of their own, becoming a kind of elemental force, with no accountability.

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Photos by Richard Dvořák

[Editor’s note: Richard, currently living in  Germany and who is a member of the TS-Adyar there, is a wel-known figure in Adyar circles. On many an occasion, especially during recent International Conventions in India, as well as the the last held World Congress in Singapore he took the “official” photos. The collection of imasges he makes available for the series on Theosophy Forwardare beautiful, intriguing, and dazzling at the same time. Richard, through the lens of his camera sees things of which we might at first not be aware, and he kindly shares his findings with us.]

Richard says: 

In 2018 I was invited by Italian artist Aischa Muller to join in an exploration of Etruscan Necropolis belonging to a settlement called Poggio Buco near Pitiglianoin the Maremma, Tuscany. She is researching matriarchal - egalitarian prehistoric societies.

Public Eye RD 1 b A.G. Muller

Aischa Muller 

 Public Eye RD 1 c

Beautiful Pitigliano inTuscany

The bell-shaped tombs with burial beds, vestibules and hallways were carved deep into tufa rock in the 7th century B.C. It is supposed that Poggio Buco’s area was the site of the rich Etruscan town of Statonia.
Unfortunately, due to general neglect of this site, most of the graves are flooded and can no longer be visited, except for the Tomb of the Queen.

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Inner Spiritual Dimensions 3 – Artwork by Kate Blalack

Another contribution from Kate Blalack from Oklahoma, USA. Your editor is very fortunate that she works for the magazine as a volunteer and does so in a very dedicated manner. Kate, a single mother, and her daughter Mina especially dressed up for this wonderful installment.

Public Eye KB 2

Mina and Kate

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