Our Work - Arend Heijbroek

Arend Heijbroek – The Netherlands

Work at the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden

When compared to the past, the work at the ITC has changed a lot. What remained is a combination of practical and spiritual work in an increasingly complex environment.

One of the official statements of the ITC says “Any stay at the Centre is meant to promote quietness of mind, peace and a harmonious life”. This statement seems quite contradictory to the day to day experience of the workers. Life and work on the ITC often seems like a dynamic boiling pot. At the same time we aim to be true to our principles. A TS centre is Theosophy in action, learning from apparent paradoxes. An overview of our work.

The three residents of St. Michael’s house – the main mansion at the ITC – need to be constantly available. Painters and contractors collect keys and need to be informed about specifics of the work to be done. A range of meetings take place at the house, while workers / visitors may stay overnight.

Radha Burnier visiting the ITC- Naarden in 2012, surrounded by residents and workers

Tenants, both groups and individuals, come to collect the keys of the buildings they rented for their activities. Clear appointments with these tenants need to be made in advance, while they get an invoice afterwards according to the use of rooms etc. The buildings need to be checked frequently to see whether they are cleaned and otherwise ready to receive the groups. In our climate that includes timely activating the central heating. New groups go through a careful scrutiny to see whether their work is along the spiritual lines of the ITC. This alone is the work of several volunteers.

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Our Work - Jan Nicolaas Kind

Introduction Series: OUR WORK, Theosophical Labor from All Traditions.”

This series highlights activities by sections, lodges, study or discussion groups, and internet forums from the various Theosophical traditions, but also activities by independent Theosophists or by individuals who are not aligned with any Theosophical organization.

The outer form is just a vehicle by which Theosophical ideas can be passed on to others. But any vehicle, no matter how respectable, is subject to the changes of time and therefore can easily and rapidly lose its significance. That is why the essential work is so indispensable.

Our Work - Halldór Haraldsson

Halldór Haraldsson – Iceland

Our Theosophical work in Iceland has in recent years probably been on a par with that of other countries in Europe: lectures, discussions, courses in meditation etc. during the winter months and Summer School in the summer.

As it may be of help to all of us to share information on the work we do in each country I venture to give a few points from our work.

For one thing in recent years we have been widening the topics of the lectures and their sources. The fact is that there are so many fine authors nowadays who may not be members of the TS but are writing remarkable books on similar subjects and in the same spirit which we welcome. By doing this we are not undermining the value of our fine TS writers, we are only updating and making an important addition.

Laugarvatn, where the TS in Iceland has held various summer retreats

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Our Work - Lily Boyd

Lily Boyd – USA

Children's Programs at Olcott. It all began in the winter of 2011 when I moved onto the grounds of the Theosophical Society in America (TSA). While I was walking on the grounds, where a statue of Mother Mary is located and the labyrinth, I had a vision to have a children's program. It was a dream to see parents and children come and visit the TSA and see how welcoming and friendly we are. I also wanted people to be exposed to our beautiful library.

Bed time stories at the Olcott Library, Lily Boyd on the far right

Pay attention….in pyjamas

While making plans Theosofest, our annual open house that attracts over 1,000 people, was approaching. I decided to have a “Kids' Korner” booth and started to get some of the ladies to help. They, too, believed in the vision for the kids. Kids' Korner was a success.

While still thinking about a regular children's program – bedtime stories – my husband Tim (Tim Boyd, TSA president) told me that in January we were to have a children's school on campus. It gave me a chill. I felt it was mother nature, the powerful grounds, Mother Mary...everyone heard my prayers, and now we were going to hear children's screams, running, and singing. It was wonderful. The bedtime stories began in the spring.

What a beauty …

The school children are so happy with the storytelling, and we are happy to see the kids happy. The help from a wonderful group of friends has made the dream come true.

Thanks to all of them.

Our Work - Danelys Valcarcel Cuellar

Danelys Valcarcel Cuellar – USA

Ignorance is Our True and Only Prison

Serving humanity through the Theosophical Society is one of the noblest and most uplifting paths one can ever tread. There are many ways of service, myriad forms of Life in this Cosmos. There are many great causes worthwhile to fight for. I would like to share with you a life lesson, and a most inspiring life changing experience I have had while serving at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America.

For the last year and a half it has been my duty to work in collaboration with our Department of Education, as a Theosophical mentor in the Prison Program. Words fail to describe the great impact the Divine Wisdom can work in the heart of a “fallen man.” It only takes one second of disconnection for a man to fall into darkness; a second that changes his life forever.

I remember one of my dearest teachers once said to me that there were three things that happened to a man in prison: Either he loses his mind, loses his life, or he finds God. These powerful words resonated in my mind for a long time until I myself witnessed them to be true. More powerful yet has been to patiently witness the extraordinary regenerative effect of Theosophical education on many of these brothers and sisters to the point of healing their minds, restoring their lives, and helping them reconnect with their Divine Source.

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