Our Work - Janet Kerschner and Pablo Sender

Janet Kerschner and Pablo Sender – USA

The Theosophical Society in America is about to unveil the TS Wiki, or Theosophical Society Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for theosophists everywhere. We are using the name Theosophical Society in the broadest sense possible. All groups and individuals who respect the work of TS Founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and her associates are invited to participate in building this wiki into a base of research for serious students around the globe. Our aim is to provide a platform for people interested in Theosophy to collaborate in assembling information that is accurate, well-documented, and helpful.

People who use Wikipedia will be comfortable with TS Wiki, because it is based on the same software. That said, this is not Wikipedia with its edit wars and sometimes spurious information. Quotations and facts must be attributed to sources, and opinions must be clearly identified as such. The wiki will be open for reading by anyone, but editing will be limited to people who are willing to identify themselves and to abide by policies that emphasize openness, brotherliness, scholarship, and civility. Readers should find useful information, and editors treat each other with respect.

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Introduction New Series: OUR WORK

A new series will start on Theosophy Forward. After the previous ones—“How to Move Forward?” (2009), “Living Theosophy” (2010), and “Our World” (2011)—the fourth series will be entitled “Our Work: Theosophical Labor from All Traditions.”

This new series will highlight activities by sections, lodges, study or discussion groups, and internet forums from the various Theosophical traditions, but also activities by independent Theosophists or by individuals who are not aligned with any Theosophical organization but carry the teachings in their hearts.

The outer form is just a vehicle by which Theosophical ideas can be passed on to others. But any vehicle, no matter how respectable, is subject to the changes of time and therefore can easily and rapidly lose its significance. That is why the essential work is so indispensable.

Our Work - Ramprakash

Ramprakash – India (ULT Bangalore)

Thank you very much for your mail intimating us of your Theosophical initiative to spread broadcast the philosophy. Every effort to disseminate Theosophical ideas is good and will be fruitful, and as such we much appreciate your initiative.

ULT building in Bangalore

Bangalore U.L.T. was founded in 1942 and it has been active since then till date, though in terms of number of people attending ULT meetings has dwindled. Nevertheless, we few are maintaining vigorous study and dissemination.

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Our Work - Garrett Riegg

Garrett Riegg – USA

Science and Spirit – The Electric Universe and your Body

For the past four years I have led an internet group called the Oakland Consciousness Meet-Up group. Eight to twenty people meet monthly in my home. Our focus is on science and the paranormal. We also delve into Kabala, I-Ching, prayer healing, reincarnation, mental telepathy, Near-Death Experiences, etc. Most meetings include light refreshments and meditation.

Garrett Riegg giving a talk in The Netherlands

This is a way to encourage spiritual pursuits and to introduce people to Theosophy and the Occult. Several MeetUp members now study The Secret Doctrine with our lodge. The following are notes from our most recent MeetUp on “The Electric Universe and Your Body”:

Nine of us gathered to study the nature of the universe and how our bodies relate to “strange forces” which are largely ignored by our popular culture.
Our knowledge of the universe is comparable to Columbus discovering America before he realized that it was a new and different continent. Science has lots of data but it is searching for a comprehensive and consistent picture of the universe that would include quantum mechanics, Einstein’s relativity and new evidence of psychic and spiritual realities.

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Our Work - Richard Hiltner

Richard Hiltner – USA

Richard Hiltner

This new project in your magazine sounds like another step forward. I am happy to share the material of the study groups.

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