Our Work - Gary Kidgell

Gary Kidgell – Scotland

The Scottish Section of the Theosophical Society is currently striving towards enhancing the vitality and the visibility of our organization as a means of pursuing its primary objective of Universal Brotherhood. The concept of Universal Brotherhood is, of course, based upon the realization that creation is infused by the One Divine Life which seeks, via its constituent parts- the monads, development and expression of its hitherto latent qualities through the experience of physical form.

Scottish members

The pursuit of the second and third objects of our society, the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science and the investigation of nature’s unexplained laws and the powers latent in Man lead one to an understanding of the nature and the purpose of their spiritual essence, the monad or divine spark, which is engaged upon a long evolutionary journey as part of a divine plan.

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Our Work - John H. Drais

The Paracelsian Order and Its Theosophical Work
John H. Drais – USA

John H. Drais

Just 20 years ago I published an article in Theosophical History: A Quarterly Journal of Research on The Paracelsian Order and why we consider ourselves a theosophical organization. [1] This same article, "The Paracelsian Order is a Theosophical Organization" is available on the front page of the website of The Paracelsian Order (http://www.madregrande.org).  You are cordially invited to download, translate, and disseminate it as you will. For further information on our founding, please see “The Roots of Madre Grande”, in the Hall of Learning on the same web site. Reading all three of these articles will give a much clearer picture of our Theosophical work.

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Our Work - Diana Chapotin

Diana Chapotin – France

From the Theosophical Order of Service

As private citizens, Theosophists are very active in humanitarian service work.The role of the Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) is to provide a framework in which they can undertake projects in each other’s company, where individual initiatives can be strengthened by collaborative action and advocacy. The TOS provides a forum where Theosophists can seek the light that Theosophical principles shed on issues of contemporary concern. It is a place where social action as spiritual practice is valued and nurtured. All students of Theosophy are welcome to participate in its projects, whether they are members of a Theosophical organisation or not.

Founded in 1908, the TOS is active today, to varying degrees, in 30 countries. Anyone who reads the TOS’s electronic newsletter will have noticed the wide variety of service projects engaged in. For example, through more than 100 groups spread across India, the TOS runs schools, coaching classes, pre-primary learning centres, adult literacy classes, boarding establishments for the blind, for orphans and the aged, vocational training centres for women, free medical dispensaries and eye treatment as well as naturopathy, acupressure, ayurvedic treatment and yoga therapy centres.

In the past few years, the TOS in Chennai has facilitated free eye checks for over 10,000 underprivileged children and adults.

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Our Work - Herman C. Vermeulen

Herman C. Vermeulen – The Netherlands

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The power of working together

Theosophy teaches us the essential unity of all that lives. Everything is connected with everything else and all beings work together for the common goal of Spiritual Growth. This principle is so simple and logical, that in fact it is hard to understand why there are people who believe they can do better on their own. We need each other to grow and everyone knows synergy through working together produces better results than can obtained individually.  

Consequently Universal Brotherhood is a fact of Nature and it is the duty of all Theosophists not only to promote this fact by sharing knowledge with the public but perhaps more important than that by example. That is the reason why members of the Theosophical Society Point Loma – Blavatskyhouse put so much emphasis on working together when preparing public lectures, conducting courses, writing articles for the Lucifer Magazine, publishing books, etc.

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Our Work - Kathy Gann

Kathy Gann – USA

Popularizing Theosophy in 2012 and Beyond

Carrying on the work of several Theosophical Societies that have called Denver, Colorado, home, the Denver Theosophical Society is a study center of the Theosophical Society in America-Adyar, chartered by Dorothy Abbenhouse in 1992. 

When leadership of the group passed to me from Olivia Hansen, a seasoned group leader whose humor and gracious eloquence served the group beautifully, I had some big shoes to fill.

First among my plans was to publish a website. When I joined the TS in 1996, I found the group in the phone book. These days, we turn to the internet, so I felt a web presence was necessary.  With no budget at my disposal, I purchased inexpensive software and sat down to design our website . . . hours later, I had the beginnings of an arguably pitiful-looking website. Surrendering, I went to bed. Just before falling asleep, the colors and design for our website popped into my mind, whole and complete. It felt solidly “right,” so I implemented the design the next morning. Admittedly not the most sophisticated site on the web, it nevertheless serves its purpose, and you’re invited to visit at www.DenverTS.org.

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