Notable Books

Notable Books 61


Seven Systems Of Indian Philosophy by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PH.D. Amazon. For more details click HERE

Notable Books 61 b

In this book, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PH.D. provides a clear view of the basic ideas contained in the six schools of Indian philosophy, with an additional chapter on Buddhism.

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Notable Books 60

The New Science of Transformation - How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, Amazon. For more details, click HERE

Notable Books 60

In our continued review of this authors work[i], How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain, we continue to learn more about the brain’s neurological activities during the subjective experiences of varying degrees of “enlightenment”.

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Notable Books 59

 Why God Won’t Go Away – Brain Science and the Biology of Belief, by Andrew Newberg M.D., Eugene D’Aquill M.D.,PH.D., and Vince Rause - Ballantine Books, New York. For more details click HERE 



Why God Won’t Go Away is a book that explores the neurobiological processes that accompany the subjective experience of that which many define as God, Godlike, divine or Transcendent.

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Notable Books 58   


Consciousness - A Brief Guide To The Fundamental Mystery Of The Mind. Author, Annaka Harris - Harper Collins Publishers. For more info click HERE

NBooks b

Intuitively we believe we know who we are. We believe we are how we view and experience ourselves. Yet, a valid question arises, is this intuitive, experiential conclusion based on experience correct?

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Notable Books 57


The Seven Stages of Purification and The Insight Knowledges – A Guide to the Progressive Stages of Buddhist Meditation. Author: The Venerable Mahāthera, Matara Sri Ñānārāma. Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society; Kandy, Sri Lanka. For more info click HERE.Notable Books 57 2

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Notable Books 56

Notable Books 56

Revisiting Visionary Utopia, Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland 1897-1942: Theosophy in Contemplative Community, Education and the Arts in San Diego [Published by James Santucci, The Theosophical History Journal as Occasional Paper Volume XV]

Notable Books 56 b

Revisiting Visionary Utopia, Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland 1897-1942, is an overview of the Lomaland exhibit at San Diego State University on the cultural aspects of the Theosophy based Lomaland community in San Diego from 1897-1942.

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