How To Move Forward?

Clarisa Elósegui – Spain

Clarisa  is the General Secretary of the Spanish Section, and has been a member of the Theosophical Society since 1997. She lives in Terrassa (Barcelona)

The question we ask ourselves is “How could we or how should we, as members, work in a way to help the T.S. move forward?”

When we look at the present condition of the world, we see a challenge which is as big as or even bigger than the one HPB and the first Theosophists encountered, and maybe this is so because we do not have the strength and the training that they had. We must, first of all, be sincere to ourselves if we want to be sincere to everybody. I think we should ask ouselves: “What does the world need?” And, from that question, we should find out whether we are capable to give that to the world, because nobody can give what they do not have.

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How To Move Forward?

Susan Kaschula— South Africa

Susan is the General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Southern Africa.  Joined the TS in 1993,  and lives in Johannesburg.
The Secret Doctrine states that “stagnation and death is the future of all that vegetates without change.” Standing still instead of moving forward is contrary to the inner evolutionary urge.
The nineteenth-century Catholic philosopher Cardinal Newman commented, “In higher worlds it may be otherwise, but here below, to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often.”

On the political stage, President Barrack Obama sensed the collective desire of his audiences by using “Change we need” as his campaign slogan. Change resonated with the deep-seated concerns of thousands regarding the challenges facing the planet and the need to explore new ways forward for their individual and collective future. These solutions will be dependent upon group effort and universal co operation. Albert Einstein noted: “We cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that gave rise to it.” “Change we need” challenges us globally, in communities and organisations, and on a personal level.

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How To Move Forward?

Tim Boyd – USA

Tim Boyd is Vice President of The Theosophical Society in America, and also President of the TOS in the USA. He has been a member of the TS  since 1974, and lives in Chicago- Illinois.

It is a source of profound comfort when we know that Theosophy, the Ageless Wisdom, is unchanging. It is a source of some dismay when we see that human nature, though not unchanging, seems to change so very slowly. In the Theosophical Society’s brief history we have a record of misjudgments, misunderstandings, conflict, and separations that seems to closely parallel the trends of the rest of the world. Carl Jung said, “that which has no shadow, has no light”. As much as we might wish that our TS should be a haven free from the troubles of the “outer world”, Jung’s words should be a source of encouragement to us. There is light within the Theosophical movement and within the Theosophical Society.

Colonel Olcott was a man who, in addition to being a student of the Masters and a recognized occultist, was highly regarded for his practical wisdom. On one occasion someone asked him what was the source of his deeply practical insights. His response was, “First of all, I use common sense; and I know my Theosophy”. I have often felt that we could learn a lot from this simple two part statement by the Colonel. So much of what passes for turmoil within the Society seems to arise from our imbalance in following his example. We seem to have a habit of reversing the order, brandishing our Theosophy first, and only later resorting to common sense.

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How To Move Forward? Through Chaos To Action

Betty Bland – USA

To begin with a point about chaos, I unknowingly misstated some dates in my most recent report about the 2008 Adyar Convention (“Report from Adyar,” Quest, spring 2009). There were two deadlines for the 2008 election results to be turned in to the International Secretary. The first date, June 6, was the time by which all sections should have their votes in or they would be further solicited; the second date was the absolute deadline of June 28. A two-week extension, to July 12, was granted to the Indian Section, but they did not use it. This does not in any way alter my other observations or concerns about the need for reform.

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How to Move Forward?

Ali Ritsema - The Netherlands

Theosophy Forward is a well chosen title.

Yes, Theosophy will move forward, it always will. The question for the Theosophical Society as a channel for Theosophy is how to move forward? How can the Theosophical Society serve best as a vehicle? What is the real mission of the Theosophical Society?

Very clear statements have been made by the Mahatmas and H.P.B. which can help us or strengthen us in our search for how to move forward.
In Mahatma Letter 112 (chronological, or 81 in the 1st to 3rd editions) KH refers to a stifling grey fog, symbolizing the vicious state of India in 1883, which—no doubt—in the rest of the world will not be much better nowadays, and he states: “Here and there twinkles a point of light which marks a nature still somewhat spiritual, a person who aspires and struggles after the higher knowledge. If the beacon of Aryan occultism shall ever be kindled again, these scattered sparks must be combined to make its flame. And this is the task of the T.S.”

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