Our Unity - Overcoming Division

Marijn Gijsbers – the Netherlands

Theosophy Our Unity 12


An addition by the author:

In retrospect, what has happened since the article, how has UNITY among Theosophists developed until now, and what should be the desired outcome of ITC 2015?

Organizing the ITC 2014 conference in Naarden was not easy, because it was going to be very different from the previous conferences. For the first time there would not be a long list of speakers and a relatively passive audience, but this time the center stage was reserved for dialogue among fellow Theosophists.

And it turned out to be a wonderful event, as leading figures from different organizations not only stated their intentions towards an open dialogue, but actually showed up to make it happen. Representatives of all geographic regions came to Naarden and build together an atmosphere of wonderment and brotherhood that is hard to grasp for anyone not present. We were actually able to formulate a shared ‘Naarden declaration’, no small feat for organizations that have not exactly been great at working together in the past.

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Our Unity - Some Reflections On Unity

David Grossman – USA

An addition by the author:

The ITC conferences I have attended have been healthy and respectful gatherings transcending those borderlines of tradition that have divided us rather than been catalysts for the Universal Brotherhood that we all in our hearts work towards. It became apparent to me at the Naarden Conference (2014) reflected in what became the “Naarden Declaration” that the glue that binds the various Theosophical societies together is the recognition that HPB was the primary public messenger for the Theosophical impulse, formally begun in 1875, through her books, articles, and oral teachings taken down stenographical.

ITC offers an opportunity not only to discuss and hear Theosophical topics from students one might not usually hear or speak with, but also affords participants an occasion to learn about the various traditions, their exponents and work. And maybe most exciting, ITC provides a forum where Theosophists of all stripes can work and explore the metaphysical as well as practical aspects of our work together. It is in an active working together that unity is manifest. Nowhere was this more apparent than at Naarden.

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Our Unity - Finding Unity is The Most Difficult of All

James Colbert – USA

An addition by the author:

In the short piece, written two years ago, the intention was to bring awareness of a shift which can occur within our being – between unity and separateness. Unity can make us feel more vulnerable and separateness can make us feel safe. When we open ourselves to unity to other Theosophists from traditions not of our own kind, sometimes we are not sure what tribe we belong to. The article suggested that at a higher level of our being – Buddhi/Manas we can possibly open ourselves to unity.

We might think of this as “bands of consciousness.” We note that the 7 principles given in Theosophy (Atma, Buddhi, Manas, Prana, Kama, Astral, and Physical) are a kind of gradient from unity to separateness. Each of these divisions are aspects of ourselves. Most of our lives consist of a band of consciousness at the physical, Kama, and lower Manas levels. We are concerned with everyday life and making our way in the world of survival. There are times when we go beyond this and experience a greater band. We become aware of others and their needs plus levels of cooperation. At certain times we may become aware of an even greater band of consciousness - perhaps the feeling of oneness.

The greater band might be thought of as the theosophical movement. Perhaps a step or two beyond the theosophical tradition we represent. It is suggested that if we can find this within ourselves. It can be a source of strength bringing us together at a level past our vulnerability in opening ourselves to unity. ITC (International Theosophy Conferences, Inc.) provides a vehicle opening the door beyond separateness. There is much to do in bringing Theosophy to the world. The unity first needs to be found within ourselves. Then to other Theosophical traditions and perhaps then reaching out to all others. Just the very existence of ITC can remind us of the band of consciousness available within ourselves.

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Our Unity - The Silent Watcher or How to Realize Unity

Erwin Bomas – the Netherlands

Unity is a fact. Transcending manifestation, the Boundless is all, and all is the Boundless. But how can we realize unity in this manifested world and in our life?

Within the manifested world there are many unities within unities. However, we do not always recognize them. In The Key to Theosophy , H. P. Blavatsky gives some very clear examples of what humanity as a unity means. Damage to a leaf of a plant influences the well-being of the entire plant. A person might faint because of a cut in the finger. Similarly, H. P. Blavatsky writes, if one human being is hurt, humanity is hurt.

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Our Unity - Theosophical Unity

John Vorstermans – New Zealand

Unity awareness sleeps deeply within us all. We are largely unaware of real Unity, as understood in the theosophical tradition, because we focus on separation, which is a dominant feature of our personality consciousness or awareness. Our personality being predominately focused in the desire mind (kama-manas) is focused outwardly through the senses through which it perceives its reality.

The Sacred Wisdom, however, teaches us that the real reality lies not in the outer world, rather within ourselves. To find this reality, we must let go of the outer world and take the inner journey. To awaken a deeper awareness and eventually we come to experience this Unity. Blavatsky talks of this in The Voice of the Silence as she describes the three halls of learning we pass through as we awaken – the hall of ignorance, the hall of knowledge and the hall of wisdom. Each hall we pass through must be left behind on our journey.

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