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Theosophy Forward first appeared in 2009. During its eight years of service it actively participated in working for the Cause.

The e-magazine is looking toward the development of the Theosophical Movement and the presentation of Theosophy in the twenty-first century. It is dedicated to the ideas (1) that free, respectful and open-minded consideration of possibilities is the path to sensible and effective action, and (2) that the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy can be expressed and explored in contemporary language. Additionally, Theosophy Forward, Adyar based, has a platform function and is open for Theosophists belonging to all the existing Theosophical main streams.

Theosophy Forward appears quarterly. Divided into various categories, in each issue a great number of articles are published, while major write-ups with the help of dedicated volunteers are translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and now also in French. All and all the magazine has readers in over 100 countries.

Theosophy Forward also publishes e-books which are freely available on-line.

Jan Nicolaas Kind, editor-in-chief

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