How To Move Forward? Theosophy Forward Whilst Seeking Truth and Light

Marie Harkness – Northern Ireland

Marie is the Secretary of the Belfast Lodge in Northern Ireland, the Organising Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Ireland, she is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the EFTS, i.e. the European Federation of the Theosophical Society. She has been a member of the TS since 1983 and lives in Coleraine, at the Northmost tip of Northern Ireland.

Theosophy Forward implies movement. All life is movement, the elements, the earth, the planets, the seas. For growth there has to be forward movement, otherwise there is stagnation.

Movement brings change. Change in the Theosophical Society is a morphing out of ….a continual flowering and a release of further wisdom through literature, lectures and those who are the conduits of higher teaching. The precious teachings given to us through HPB will always hold fast but the presentation of these has to adapt to changing times to appeal to the masses, the clear wish of the Masters.
As a member of the Society, it is detrimental to stand still or move backwards…we have to keep progressing harmoniously,  in the spirit of brotherhood, whilst bonded together like a well tuned orchestra. The instrumentalists individually may be mediocre, but when attuned and making music together, guided by their conductor, something else happens….another element comes into play due to their combined focused effort and the resulting music often is of a very high standard and truly inspiring.
There is a great strength in numbers and when dedicated members work selflessly together, putting the work first….they provide a conduit for the Higher Forces who guide and inspire as there is a mutual goal, that of the upliftment of all  beings.

The sun is the physical manifestation of the spiritual sun, the Solar Logos. The blueprint for the future functioning of the Theosophical Society could be taken from the sun. It is always there above the vagaries of life below. Life comes and goes but the sun is constant. Non judgementally and with true beneficence, it freely sheds its warmth, love and light to all life, the so called deserving and undeserving alike. It is totally reliable and its rays encourage growth, healing and a sense of happiness. It cooperates and harmonises with all the elements of nature. It imparts a wisdom to those who attune to it, for behind the sun are Higher Beings. All nature changes with the seasons and all beings with the seasonal changes of life….yet through all the lives experienced on earth, the sun is always there. Its mere presence has a magical, uplifting and positive effect on all lifeforms.

Like the orchestra already mentioned…the effective running of any society depends on the individual members. A growing sense of empathy through the work, leads to increased selflessness and less focus on personalities. For effective work, there has to be unity of members, bathed in light. Language is a useful tool but not everyone speaks the same language. Speech is noise. Even our thoughts can be noisy and pollute the atmosphere. Through commitment to the work the growing light in our hearts should do the talking. Such members cemented together are effective at a higher level in THEIR service. Daily attunement to a Higher Source will greatly increase their effectiveness.  A car can be a useful vehicle but for that vehicle to function at optimum level, it must be plugged into the petrol pump for fuel. Likewise for the individual member to function as a true Theosophist, he or she has to plug in to Source daily for the necessary fuel and wisdom, otherwise the vehicle will not function effectively and intuitively.

Rest assured, a global band of commited TS workers, progressing harmoniously together, will be given the necessary wisdom and direction as it is needed. The Theosophical Society cannot fail to flourish.
A great Master advised:
“Be brave for Truth and Brotherhood and We shall be with you throughout the ages”.

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