G.J. Lindemans

G.J. LindemansThe Theosophical Society denies its essence if it allows concomitant purposes to take precedence over what is stated to be its main objective and what is, in fact, the rationale for its existence - Universal Brotherhood.

Theosophy, its Essence and Value, by G.J. Lindemans. (Belgium theosophist and author)

Joy Mills

Joy MillsThe Secret Doctrine is as relevant today as it was a century ago and more ago. It will continue to be relevant so long as there are those individuals willing to engage themselves in the hastening of the human journey toward the Light. That perceiving the Light, they may transmit its warmth and splendor for the healing of all who live. To undertake that enterprise is to become, in truth, conscious cocreators in the making and the remaking of the world.


Theosophy in Australia – Volume 58- December 1994, by Joy Mills.

Robert Crosbie

Robert CrosbieGod is not an outside God, but is to be sought in the very innermost recesses of our nature — in the select chamber, the temple, within us – and nowhere else.


Universal Theosophy- page 7, by Robert Crosbie



P. Krishna

P. KrishnaThe motto of the Theosophical Society says that Truth is beyond all religions. I would also say that Truth is also beyond all knowledge, because knowledge is a limited thing.


Right Living in Modern Society, page 58 by P. Krishna

G. de Purucker

G. de Purucker“Love ye one another” — a beautiful saying this, for it is an appeal to the very core of your nature, to the divine within you, to the inner god, whose essence is a celestial splendour. The essential light of you is almighty love. [as Christ told his disciples]


Golden Precepts of Esotericism, by G. de Purucker


ConfuciusThe Master said: Do not worry about people not appreciating you. Worry about your not being worthy of appreciation.


Confucian Analects 14.30, by Confucius

William Q. Judge

William Q. JudgeThe first steps in true occultism are Self discipline, self knowledge and devotion to the interests of others – i.e. : unselfishness.


Practical Occultism, page 148 by William Q. Judge

H.P. Blavatsky

H.P. BlavatskyBe not discouraged, but try, ever keep trying; twenty failures are not irremediable if followed by as many undaunted struggles upward. Is it not so that mountains are climbed?


CW 12:503-4 (no. 3 of ES Instructions) by H.P. Blavatsky

Mabel Collins

Mabel CollinsVirtue and wisdom are sublime things, but if they create pride and a consciousness of separateness from the rest of humanity, they are only the snakes of self reappearing in a finer form.


Light on the Path, by Mabel Collins

Grace F. Knoche

Grace F. KnocheSo profound is the compassion of the brotherhood, so untiring its labour, that not until the heartbeat of every human being shall pulsate in harmony with the heartbeat of the Great Brotherhood will it lay down its task.


The Mystery Schools-TUP, by Grace F. Knoche

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