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Cycles of Eternity:  An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom, Tim Wyatt, Firewheel Books, West Yorkshire, 2016, Pages 111,  ISBN:  978-0-9561451-4-7


If a young person came to me and asked for ONE book that would help him or her grasp the overall thesis of the Society, I now think this would be the book I would suggest. It is different from most of our older books, but familiar to any Theosophist. The illustrations are first class and give the book a comprehensive overview.   

This beautiful book was sent to us for review by the author. I assumed it would be expensive since it was a high quality book. However, it apparently was underwritten because the cost is not nearly enough to cover its production.

It is obviously a book created with extensive and loving care. Mr. Wyatt is a very eclectic person who has spent most of his life searching and this book reflects his quest. The book is very Theosophical in nature and reflects the 2nd and 3rd objectives very well.  

The essence of the text is given in six Chapters. They are titled: Ideas beyond time, Life on earth, The human project, Infinite cycles, A boundless universe, and Other avenues of awareness. His selection of text and illustrations are so well matched that is must have taken years before this combination was selected. His reading list at the end is also very well balanced.  

Well done Tim Wyatt.       

Cycles of Eternity is available at the Firewheel Books,  website:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or direct from the author at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with payments via PayPal. We believe the cost will be around $15.00 plus postage costs.

Something Old
Daily Meditations, K. A. Beechey, The Theosophical Publishing house, 2nd Revised edition (January 25, 1949), 166 pages.


This book is one of my early favorites, and I would have liked to have reviewed long before now. The problem is it is not readily available unless you already have your own personal copy. Used copies are more expensive than most and it may be difficult to locate. If you’re close to a larger Theosophical library, you may find a copy to check out.  

In 1985 I gave a weekend seminar at The Krotona Institute in Ojai, CA. At its bookstore, they had a nice selection of used books upstairs. I picked up so many extra used books that I needed to have them shipped home separately as I did not have room in my luggage. One of those books was the Katherine A. Beechey Meditations book. Its subtitle is:  Extracts from Letters of the Masters of the Wisdom. I got it for $3.50 – what a bargin!

The Society has published other texts that lift passages from HBP, the ML, and other sources. For whatever reason, this book spoke to my inner self more than the others. If you have studied the published letters of the Masters of the Wisdom, you know the general applications can be widely applied. I always have felt that Katherine Beechey had a very discerning eye and selected quotes that had a very wide appeal.  

Like most books of this nature, it has a theme for each month and a selection for each day. I close with a recent item that spoke to me:  

“You are not yet able to appreciate the difference between inner purity and “outer culture”.                                 K.H.
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