Our Unity - Thoughts on bringing about Greater Theosophical Unity

Gene Jennings – USA

Thoughts on bringing about Greater Theosophical Unity.

Our Teaching, as our Lineage is ONE, The Eternal Wisdom Religion. The Root Base of our “Hierarchy and Holonarchy” The Wondrous Being, is the “Tree” from which all great and truly divine, spiritually known Sages have branched off, inclusive of H. P. B. and her Masters. These sages regardless of time, or cycle, are all directly or indirectly guided by this “Being”, and the Great Souls in its lineage. “It is he again who holds spiritual sway over the initiated adepts throughout the whole world. … It is under the direct, silent guidance of this Maha Guru that all the less divine teachers and instructors of mankind became from the awakening of human consciousness, the guides of early humanity. …” And so to this day do they still act!

Theosophy, as presented by H. P. B. and her Masters, represents the only true expression of this divine system presented in a coherent and integrated form in modern times. This we must realize and accept as the imperishable ground of our currently broken UNITY.

Realizing this, we recognize One Essential Unity and truth of Theosophy, pervading and expressed diversely in the world according to time, culture, geography, spiritual development, and cycle.

To achieve Theosophical Unity and foster mutual understanding and tolerance, as well as cooperative work for humanity, while respecting each traditions “Vows and views”, perhaps we might try to encourage all theosophical representative “leader students” and students, from different, to take time(s) each year, to share, problem solve, and communicate using the Principles and teachings of H. P. B’s Theosophy the different ways to best Serve The World Using The Teachings.

Retreat and dialogue

“Students” should be able to enter into retreat and dialogue, bringing together the diverse elements and emphases of the different traditions showing the direct links of their tradition to the original theosophical principles, teachings and references. If it is genuine spiritual truth, enlightenment and awakening we wish to further in the world such teachings regarding spiritual Wisdom and moral practice, should not deviate from the original teachings morally, ethically, philosophically, spiritually or in any contradictory form if they are to be considered representative of “True Theosophy” being represented to and in the World.

The Timeless Esoteric path and its methods of development do not differ in True Esoteric Schools. Spiritual teachings pertaining to the inner being must be one in essence, and not based on personal being, ceremonies, rites, rituals, trances or related lower psychical processes for alleged development! Such is pure Theosophy and one of the reasons for its presence.

With genuine dialogue and exchange, leaving “personality outside the meeting”, working as impersonal centers of theosophic force, we should be able to appreciate how the principles of our being play out in the different emphasis, application and focus of the teachings, which each tradition expresses. Perhaps bringing these diverse traditions together under the Light of Pure Theosophy, we can build mutual understanding, respect, open mindedness, appreciation, healthy honest dialogue and meaningful exchange with all traditional views. Perhaps this will augment and strengthen each, as in Unity – Unity in Diversity, there is Strength and with spiritual strength we can assist and move the World in many ways, for the greater good, and awakening of Buddhi-Manas.



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