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Staircase inside the Bohemian National Hall

Theosophy Forward supports the initiatives of International Theosophy Conferences (ITC) wholeheartedly. The 14th annual meeting of ITC held at Olcott in Wheaton in August 2011, made it clear that Theosophists from all traditions can respectfully meet on a shared platform. This year, the 15th annual meeting will be held in the city where it all started in 1875, New York.

The dates are: August 8–11, 2013 and the event`s title is “How to Awaken Compassion?  H. P. Blavatsky and the Eternal Secret Doctrine.”

Organizers have booked a superb location: the Bohemian National Hall, right in the heart of the Big Apple and participants are expected from all corners of the globe. Have a look at this unique venue:

the Bohemian National Hall at night

Grand meeting hall

There will be a number of workshops while renowned and well-versed speakers with a solid Theosophical background will explore the Conference theme. Among them are: Ramu Sudarsan, Jan Jelle Keppler, Ken Small, Ed Abdill, Michael Gomes, Joop Smits, Ananya Rajan, Ruth Richards, April Hejka-Ekins, Johanna Vermeulen, Nandini Iyer, Eugene Jennings, Stephen H. Levy and ULT students.

Among the special guest speakers is Dean Radin Ph.D., who will speak on his new book: Supernormal: Science, yoga and the evidence for extraordinary psychic abilities.

Dean Radin

Radin’s latest book

For detailed information regarding the prgram, venue, hotels, apartment rentals, and the registration form click here

Seating is limited, book NOW!

The purposes of ITC (International Theosophy Conferences, Inc.) include support for the Three Objects as expressed in the writings of  H. P. Blavatsky; and the fostering of intercommunication among all Theosophical traditions.

Photos of the venue by courtesy of Pavel Semarak


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