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An idyllic stream: swimming in natural surroundings at the Theosophical Institute

The Brazilian Section of the Theosophical Society, in conjunction with the Inter-American Theosophical Federation, is organizing an International School and the Second Theosophical Luso-Hispanic Meeting on the grounds of the beautiful Theosophical Institute of Brasilia in Brazil. The theme will be “Theosophy in a Transforming World, Awakening for the Spiritual Perception.” The meeting will be held 8–14 July, 2013.


Main meeting hall

Accommodation building with all modern facilities

Among the speakers are Mahendra Singhal, international vice president of the Theosophical Society (from India); Tim Boyd, national president of the Theosophical Society in America; Jan Jelle Keppler, general secretary of the Belgian Section; Ligia Montiel from Costa Rica; and Lissette Arroyo from Mexico, respectively president and vice president of the Inter-American Theosophical Federation.

Spectacular view at the roof of the ecumenical temple

Several countries have their participation already confirmed: India, Belgium, the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, and Puerto Rico. The first Luso-Hispanic Meeting was held in 2009 in Brazil with 220 participants from 17 countries. The organizers hope that the second one will also be a marvelous experience of brotherhood, illuminating the shadows of the world we live in.

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