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Introduction by Jan Nicolaas Kind:

Our dear friend and co-worker Sally passed away last February. I was actually editing her article for the OUR WORK series when I received the news. Sally was a stalwart worker for Theosophy all her life, and as its President supported the initiatives taken by International Theosophy Conferences to bring Unity about among all Theosophical traditions. She and her husband Jim had many plans still. Sally was a remarkable, loveable, no-nonsense woman who devoted her very last moments to the Cause. She was and is shining example for all of us; an inspiration to continue with the work that needs to be done. After consulting with Jim we have decided to honor Sally by publishing her contribution in full.

Sally Colbert – USA

Sally and Jim Colbert

We, my husband Jim and I, are feeling the energy of union with all Theosophical traditions and are putting this into practice. Although I have a United Lodge of Theosophists background I now feel a kinship with all Theosophists. I was involved in bringing greater life into International Theosophy Conferences, Inc. and was its President for a number of years. My intention was to give this organization a primary focus for Theosophical unity. There is a statement in the teachings the Masters cannot help unless there is unity among Theosophists. I discovered there have been hundreds of Theosophists over the years working towards unity who have not been recognized and given the prominence they so deserve. We have felt so honored to be a part of this.

One concrete result of unity among theosophical traditions is that it opens the door to a vast storehouse of Theosophical writings and wonderful people wanting to help making this available.  Particularly, those doing research.  With this realization, Jim and I decided it was possible to bring Theosophical ideas into the modern mainstream.  Particularly, where there is hardship in the path of so many. We began a website: www.beyond-the-gates.com and have written articles on schizophrenia, suicide, Theosophical psychotherapy, and we are about to publish an article called: Abortion, and the Reincarnation of the Soul. With the internet making it possible to find quickly the latest research, current thinking, in books and articles, plus the help we have received from around the world from so many Theosophists we feel this is an incredible time for this work. The site name, Beyond The Gates, is taken from the life of the Buddha where the young prince was warned about going beyond the gates of the protected kingdom where he would find the four sufferings of birth, disability, old age and death.

We intend to do a special article on the many libraries containing the Theosophical writings and giving attention to where there is on line access. We have also found that some of these libraries will scan and email you articles that you would like. Think of that. How grateful we are.

I have been challenged to learn computer software skills which I never thought possible. But, we will soon be able to have the latest Adobe Dreamweaver website developer connected to the CMS Wordpress software. My grandson, truly a gamer with outstanding computer skills, considers me in his league. Never thought it would happen.

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