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Lily Boyd – USA

Children's Programs at Olcott. It all began in the winter of 2011 when I moved onto the grounds of the Theosophical Society in America (TSA). While I was walking on the grounds, where a statue of Mother Mary is located and the labyrinth, I had a vision to have a children's program. It was a dream to see parents and children come and visit the TSA and see how welcoming and friendly we are. I also wanted people to be exposed to our beautiful library.

Bed time stories at the Olcott Library, Lily Boyd on the far right

Pay attention….in pyjamas

While making plans Theosofest, our annual open house that attracts over 1,000 people, was approaching. I decided to have a “Kids' Korner” booth and started to get some of the ladies to help. They, too, believed in the vision for the kids. Kids' Korner was a success.

While still thinking about a regular children's program – bedtime stories – my husband Tim (Tim Boyd, TSA president) told me that in January we were to have a children's school on campus. It gave me a chill. I felt it was mother nature, the powerful grounds, Mother Mary...everyone heard my prayers, and now we were going to hear children's screams, running, and singing. It was wonderful. The bedtime stories began in the spring.

What a beauty …

The school children are so happy with the storytelling, and we are happy to see the kids happy. The help from a wonderful group of friends has made the dream come true.

Thanks to all of them.

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