Emanation and Fohat as the basis for the Electric Universe – Part two

Joop Smits – The Netherlands

[Joop Smits (1955) graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 1978. From an early age he had the inner conviction that science, philosophy and religion can be brought in harmony with each other. He became a student of Theosophy in 1985. During the last 15 years he has given lectures on Theosophy. At present he is Chairman of the Science Committee of International Theosophy Conferences. On August 13th Joop gave a presentation on the concurrence of science and spirituality at the 2011 International Theosophy Conference at Julian, California. You can find the contents of this presentation in the following article].

The first part of this article was published in the previous issue of Theosophy Forward. In this first part the Theosophical concept of Emanation and Fohat and the scientific concept of the “Electric Universe” were explained.

In this second part we will try to recognise examples of concurrence of the Theosophical concept of Emanation and Fohat - at cosmic, terrestrial and human level - with the new scientific insights on the “Electric Universe.”

7. Recognizing examples of concurrence of the Theosophical concept of Emanation and Fohat (at cosmic, terrestrial and human level) with the new scientific insights on the “Electric Universe”

7. 1 Recognizing life: self-motion
First of all let us give a useful Theosophical definition of a living being, of life. The Second Fundamental Proposition of The Secret Doctrine states that cyclic motion is the expression of the consciousness of a living being. It states in other words: Panta Rhei; everything changes and moves continuously. In line with the Second Fundamental Proposition a very interesting and useful definition of life was given by Plato by stating that: life is characterized by self-motion i.e.:
- the ability to act, to set itself into motion, combined with
- the ability to react on the acts of other beings.
Therefore the motion of objects in space - whether rotation and/or translation -   like the motion of nebulae, planets, or galaxies is already a first indication of life - from the Theosophical point of view!

7.2 Cosmic level: Galaxy
Let us have a look at the universe at the Cosmic level.

In the Cosmos we can see the motion of complete spiral shaped galaxies showing a whirling motion. This motion is an expression of the rhythmic, pulsating life of the Cosmic Consciousness, expressing itself throughout all its planes of being and manifesting itself astronomically on the physical plane. There we can recognize it as the cyclical whirling of the galactic body [10]. And applying the same rule to the worlds of the atomic particles, we can see at once that the whirling of the electronic bodies in the atoms, or the atoms themselves, are of precisely the same character.

Let us look at some scientific facts. In astronomical observations various kinds of motions in the universe have been identified. And especially when we keep the Electric Universe approach at the back of our mind we can see interesting things.

1) Birkeland currents
First of all I would like to mention the so-called Birkeland currents. A Birkeland current usually refers to the electric currents in the ionosphere of a planet that follow magnetic field lines, such as the Auroras at the Poles of the Earth.
The Aurora results from the interaction of the electric charges within the plasma of the Solar Wind with the Earth’s magnetic field.


The currents were predicted in 1903 by Norwegian explorer and physicist Kristian Birkeland, who undertook expeditions into the Arctic Circle to study the aurora and subsequently studied those currents extensively. He also built an electromagnetic model of the earth, the “Terrella,” to simulate the phenomena. Birkeland currents are also known as field-aligned currents, magnetic ropes and magnetic cables. It describes any magnetic field-aligned electric current in a plasma in space. These currents often show a filamentary, or twisted "rope-like", helix-type magnetic structure. This is caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field [11].

We see similar type of shapes occur in nature such as in the human umbilical and in the DNA helix.

2)  Simulation of the evolution of a spiral galaxy
The father of the Electric or Plasma Universe approach is Hannes Alfvén.
He obtained the Nobel Prize in 1970 for his work on this subject, although unfortunately his research has mostly been ignored by the majority of the scientific community. As early as 1937 he proposed that our galaxy contains a large-scale magnetic field and that charged particles move in spiral orbits within it, owing to forces exerted by the magnetic field. Anthony Peratt, a close colleague of Alfvén, showed with laboratory experiments and computer simulations that the simulated evolution of a spiral type galaxy structure accurately matches observed spiral galaxies in space [12].
The image of the spiral galaxy was taken by the Spitzer telescope.

7.3 Cosmic level:  our Solar System
Let us have a look at our Solar System.

(1) Magnetic Field Strength
According to Theosophy, the evolution of the life of a planet takes place in 7 phases, usually called “Rounds” [13]. Before the first Round is an “embryonic phase.”Theosophy teaches that the presence and strength of a planetary magnetic field is dependent on the phase or stage of the life of a planet. Take for instance the planet Mars. It has completed 3 Rounds and is now in its so-called obscuration period between the 3rd and 4th round. This means that all life is “asleep.” At present Mars has no Global Magnetic Field, or a measurable large-scale magnetic field. However, measurements of the Mars Global Surveyor showed that parts of the surface of Mars are magnetic. This can only be the case when there was once a planetary magnetic field. This is exactly what Theosophy teaches. In the period of the 3rd round there was a planetary magnetic field, which will be reinforced again at the beginning of the 4th round. A similar analysis applies to the Moon. Some rock formations on the moon are magnetic and can be considered remnants of a former magnetic field. This is a scientific confirmation of the theosophical teaching that the Moon has completed its 7th round long time ago, as the previous embodiment of what we now call our Earth. To make the picture complete the known magnetic field strengths – relative to the Earth”s magnetic field - of the planets in the Solar System are listed in the Table below, together with the available theosophical information on the stage (phase) of the life period.

Table: Magnetic Field Strength of the Planets and the Moon in the Solar system and the
stage of life according to Theosophy



Global Magnetic Field? (1)

Magnetic Field Strength
(relative to Earth)

Stage of life [13]                               








old (in 7th  round)




old ( in 7th round)




middle age ( in 4 th round)




“sleeps” (between 3rd and 4th round)








very young




very young




very young


(1) This tells whether the planet has a measurable large-scale magnetic field. Mars and the
Moon have localized regional magnetic fields but no global field.
(2) Source: [14]

One remark should be made:
- the stage of life is something else than the evolutionary level of a planet:
- e.g. a child of 10 years old is still less capable than a man of 30, nevertheless he may be much further spiritually evolved than the older man; we could call the child “an old soul.”

When we look at the diagram we can make a division in 3 groups of planets:
- the younger planets: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter;
- the middle age planets: Earth (in its 4th round) and Mars (now “asleep”);
- the old planets: Venus and Mercury (both in their 7th round).

We can derive the following from this table:
•    The younger planets group has the most powerful magnetic field;
•    The  old planets do not have a magnetic field, or one that is only a weakly perceptible magnetic field;
•    The Earth is in between;
•    Mars is not a good comparison, for it is asleep.

A strong magnetic field is typically a youth characteristic; it fits with the stage of building up a body. Young people are much more energetic and mobile than adults.  Magnetism is also a form of vitality. Wouldn’t it be logical to suppose that children have a stronger magnetic field than adults, at least at the physical-vital level? Therefore the analogy between man and planet seems correct.

(2) Motion of Planets
There is another point I briefly want to mention about the motion of the planets. In the explanation on Emanation the conclusion was that we can speak about the Hierarchical structure of the universe as “life within life,” but also as “electromagnetic fields within electromagnetic fields.” Our Solar system is surrounded amongst others by the twelve Constellations, Houses or Mansions of the celestial Zodiac. Now each fohatic magnetic emanation from the Zodiac produces its corresponding fohatic magnetic effect in our Earth. From Theosophy we also know that the Earth is an electrified conductor. One of the consequences of this is that the Earth – as a big “charged particle” – will move in orbits around the centre of those twelve fohatic magnetic fields, i.e. will move around the Sun [15]. Those of you with a physics background may recognize the concept of a Direct Current Electromotor with twelve poles.

7.4 Terrestrial level: Earth
There is another point with respect to the sphere of our Earth that I briefly want to mention.

During the 7 “active” phases of evolution, each planet is protected by a “blanket” of cosmic dust which acts like a protective shield against influences from e.g. the solar wind. This shield is called the “meteoric continent” by the teachers of Madame Blavatsky. It also plays an important role in the formation of meteorological phenomena like snow, hail and storms. In view of emanation this also illustrates that the emanated terrestrial sphere in which we live is a “confined” sphere. In between two rounds the life of a planet sleeps, goes into “obscuration” in Theosophical terms. In this period of rest, the planet loses its visible (its clouds) and invisible “blankets” of cosmic dust in which every active planet has enwrapped itself, by attracting this cosmic dust towards itself. This is what we can recognize as the situation on Mars. Our planet Earth is very much alive and therefore has a “meteoric continent.” The electromagnetic forces between the cosmic dust of the “meteoric continent” and the Earth furnish – according to Master K.H. – at least two thirds of the terrestrial heat [16].

The meteoric continent also functions like a membrane. The dynamics in the entire process result in expansion or reduction of the atmosphere of the Earth and the heat production on Earth. As a result the temperatures in the atmosphere vary with it. The exact position and features of the meteoric continent are a subject in itself. Possibly the so-called Van Allen belts are part of the meteoric continent which the Master mentioned [17]. It is an important topic for future study in view of climate change.

7.5 Human level:
We can recognize Emanation and Fohat also at the human level if we look at the composite nature of man:
•    Our Spirit is our enduring part. We can recognize it in our experience as: experiences of unity, higher ideals and insights and higher unselfish thoughts.
•    Our Soul is our learning part. We can recognize it in our experience as a focus on our daily thoughts, desires and vitality. We can learn to shift our focus towards higher unselfish thoughts and ideals.
•    Our Body is our transitory part. We can recognize it in our experience as a focus on our body and our emotions.

Now in terms of Emanation, our Spirit is the Source Being for the Soul. The Soul has its existence in the inspiring fohatic sphere which emanates from the Spirit. And the Body has – in its turn  – its existence in the fohatic sphere which emanates from the Soul. We can learn from this that we, human souls, determine to what extent we identify ourselves with the inspiring fohatic forces which come from our enduring part, our Spirit, or with the fohatic forces which have the character of our transitory part, our Body. According to Theosophy we are all Gods-in-embryo. We can become of the same quality as the Source Being in whose emanated sphere we live. We only have to learn to express the divine quality in our lives. Patanjali said: “You will become what you think.” So the character of our thoughts determines with which part of our composite nature our Soul identifies itself: with the Spirit or the Body.

We can also see here a relation with HeartMath. HeartMath demonstrates at a physical level that there are interconnections between the inner aspects of our consciousness, such as (the level of) our emotions and the phenomena in nature surrounding us (the Earth, Solar system, etc) and of which we are a part. [See Rollin McCraty’s e-book, published by Theosophy Forward ].

I also refer to the article of Erwin Bomas on “How to Escape from Plato’s Cave.” [See Erwin Bomas’ article in this magazine,]. The key question in this remains what our motive is: spiritual development of ourselves or all human beings!

8. Summary and conclusions
The substance of this article can be summarized as follows:

1. The archaic doctrine of Emanation provides us a universal key for understanding how every being exists within the sphere of a higher being. “Worlds exist within worlds.” The doctrine applies to every level of the Universe; cosmic, terrestrial, human and atomic. We human beings have the potential to become one with our Source Being: our Spirit. The key question is: what is our motive?

2. In the process of emanation Fohat plays an important role. Fohat is the "bridge" by which the "Ideas" existing in the "Divine Thought" are impressed on cosmic substance as the "laws of Nature." Fohat manifests in various forms, and electricity as we know it is one of its lowest manifestations. What vitality is in the human frame, electromagnetism is in the framework of the physical universe.

3. The present scientific concept of the universe is based on the common view on gravity. The Concurrence of Science and Spirituality - from the Theosophical Perspective – can teach us that:
- we are part of a Living Universe where cosmic electromagnetism is the corporeal vitality of the cosmic entity in which we have our existence.
- the electromagnetic nature seems to be confirmed by new scientific facts on the Electric Universe;

We should promote and encourage more detailed studies based on the living electric universe!


[10] G. de Purucker, Esoteric Teachings IV, p. 69 , Point Loma Publications, San Diego, Ca, 1987;
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