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The Scottish Section of the Theosophical Society is currently striving towards enhancing the vitality and the visibility of our organization as a means of pursuing its primary objective of Universal Brotherhood. The concept of Universal Brotherhood is, of course, based upon the realization that creation is infused by the One Divine Life which seeks, via its constituent parts- the monads, development and expression of its hitherto latent qualities through the experience of physical form.

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The pursuit of the second and third objects of our society, the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science and the investigation of nature’s unexplained laws and the powers latent in Man lead one to an understanding of the nature and the purpose of their spiritual essence, the monad or divine spark, which is engaged upon a long evolutionary journey as part of a divine plan.

It is my opinion, and that of my fellow Theosophists in Scotland, that one begins to embrace the classical teachings of Ancient Wisdom as they experience ‘divine unrest’ whereby the transient affairs of the material world and its associated maya, no longer satisfy them nor hold them in thrall. This of course relates to what we in Theosophy often refer to as the ‘pull of the monad’ when the spiritual path beckons.


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The Scottish Section endeavours continuously towards promulgating the wisdom teachings whilst conveying to its membership the reality of the spiritual path and of the challenges and rewards associated with this as conveyed by the wisdom teachings. On this basis members can both share their understanding whilst also inspiring each other in their efforts towards realising the society’s objects as they tread the path.

We in Scotland have been greatly assisted in this respect through the introduction of the one year study course entitled the Diploma in Theosophy in 2010. This is offered by the English Section and is the brainchild of their president Eric McGough.

The Diploma addresses the key concepts which underlie the wisdom teachings thereby serving as a basis towards the understanding and application of the timeless truths contained therein. It provides students with a solid foundation towards deeper levels of study and spiritual practice in relation to the occult classics.

The year 2010 witnessed the introduction of the Diploma with 16 Scottish students successfully completing the course the following year. Students commented upon the remarkable depth and application of the teachings of Theosophy and of the need for these teachings to be promulgated so that they permeate the human condition as a means of assisting towards the realization of Universal Brotherhood.

The course addresses Theosophical concepts including those of universal laws; involution and evolution; hierarchies of life; the human constitution in accordance with the wisdom teachings; reincarnation and karma; cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis.

It has been a wonderful experience to witness students display both wonder and joy as they embrace the core teachings of Theosophy whilst experiencing the ‘pull of the monad’ calling them back to their source of origin. Course participants have remarked upon the new understanding and inspiration which they have experienced through embracing the concepts outlined on the course. They have outlined how the contents of the course have offered them a framework towards understanding the process of life in both the outer and the inner worlds and of the way in which the core teachings of Theosophy provide answers to questions which are fundamental to human existence and yet which remained unaddressed in the contemporary halls of learning within our world. Questions such as Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go to from here?

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In 2012 another group of 16 students have enrolled for the Diploma displaying similar levels of enthusiasm and application to their predecessors. As in 2011, our students follow a modular form of study assisted by four seminars where they may attend both as a means of enhancing their understanding of course contents and to meet their fellow students. These meetings have been most enjoyable and particularly inspiring to all concerned as the participants discover the timeless truths contained within the wisdom teachings which can assist them in treading the spiritual path which leads to the source of their being, and in doing so contribute towards the evolution of humanity and our planet in general.




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