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Good News from Slovenia

We are pleased to make mention of this very special event once more:

Symposium on the life and work of Baroness Adelma von Vay

KUD Logos publishing (International journal for postsecular theoria, poesis and praxis) has recently released the Slovenian translation of the book Spirit, Power, And Matter, originally published in 1870 and written with the help of automatic writing by the then 29-year old Baroness von Adelma von Vay (1840-1925), from Slovenske Konjice (Gonobitz).

Adelma von Vay in her studio


Although at the time Baroness Adelma von Vay enjoyed world fame, till recently her life and work were practically unknown in Slovenia. That is why the Institute for the Study of Christian tradition and the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice decided to organize, along with the publication of the translation of her fundamental work, a two-day international symposium dedicated to the life and work of this extraordinary woman.

The symposium will be held on 3 and 4 December 2012, at two locations:

1. Day one at the National University Library in Ljubljana and
2. Day two at the Žiče monastery near Slovenske Konjice.

View of the National University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The organizers would like to collect the widest possible range of topics covering many aspects of the life and work of Baroness Adelma von Vay. The symposium will be divided into three main themes:

1) Biography and history
2) Philosophical system in the book Spirit, Power, And Matter
3) Occultism and healing

All interested are cordially invited to attend the symposium with their contributions.

View of the Žiče Monastery

If you would decide to participate in the symposium, please confirm your participation as soon as possible, by sending your address and the indicative title of your paper to the contact e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To visit the Adelma von Vay short biography web page, click here

To download “Call for papers” document, click here

To download leaflet “Additional information on the symposium”, click here

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