How Unconditioned Consciousness, Infinite Information, Potential Energy, and Time Created Our Universe Proposing A New Scientific Paradigm

An Abstract by Leon H. Maurer (August 23, 1924 - June 19, 2011)

Longstanding Theosophist.

Leon H. Maurer held a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he specialized in atomic energy and electronic control and communication network systems, with additional graduate studies in ceramics, material science, physics, and architectural engineering.

He completed his graduate studies in communication arts at the New York Institute of Technology. He had instructed graduate level advanced courses in motion picture optical and computer special effects, and had done pioneering work in the early development of 3-D computer graphic animation and CGI special effects systems at the NYIT Visual Arts Center and Computer Graphics Lab (1976-79). 

Maurer held patents -- as one of the earliest inventors of motion control and automatic animation systems, and of 3-D and original lithographic printing systems. He was also an expert in 3-D stereo-optic visual communication systems.

For a period of forty years, Maurer delved deeply into eastern theories of metaphysics, physiology, psychology and consciousness, and practiced Patanjali’s Rajah Yoga of Mind Awakening.

He was director of consciousness study and research for the Uniworld Institute of PsiTechology

How Unconditioned Consciousness, Infinite Information, Potential Energy, and Time Created Our Universe

Since the cause and nature of consciousness and its derivation from the universe have never been satisfactorily explained by conventional reductive science, I offer here a rationally imaginative basis for a new scientific paradigm. This new view not only explains the origin of the physical universe, but also that  consciousness, time, mass/energy and infinite holographic information are rooted in original spin momentum of unconditioned pre cosmic (empty) space (see appendix) – the absolute source of all relative phenomenal existence.

One of the major problems in physics is that the origin and nature of time and consciousness, along with the experience of consciousness, cannot be satisfactorily explained in physical/material terms without running into explanatory gaps and “hard problems” (Chalmers, 1995)… How does the brain produce the experience of qualia? What is the nature of a color seen in the mind? What does the mind consist of? How does the mind bind to the brain? Why and how is the experience of consciousness localized, e.g., feeling pain in a finger, taste on the tongue, smell in the nose, etc.? By what means of calculation does the brain and mind (or our thinking mechanisms) enable us to know (relative to our individual point of view) the exact coordinate position of any point or part of our body relative to any other point on the body, as well as relative to any point in the outer world view (so as to catch a ball, scratch an itch, draw a circle, aim and shoot a gun, drive a car, etc.)?  What is the nature of the process that enables us to subjectively perceive (through the mind, brain and visual sense organs) the outer world in perfect 3D depth, and in the same perspective as if it were photographed or 3D modeled in a computer?

Since consciousness is the necessary basis for the understanding of mathematics and is the essential observer of scientific experiments, science simply takes its existence for granted without explanation, or assumes it to be an epiphenomenon of neural processes. It is only recently (within the last 20 years) that consciousness has become a serious scientific study. Unfortunately, apparently few of the above questions appear to have been answered satisfactorily by conventional physics or its mathematics.

Time, being the necessary measure of change in physical processes, is an essential part of all scientific calculations. As part of the relativity equations, it has different values in different frames of reference, and is treated as a metric vector dimension in the theoretical relativity equations pertaining to mass/energy and space-time. Apparently, physics has never been able to explain time in connection with consciousness. However, in my view, they are fundamental interconnected aspects of total reality, along with potential mass/energy and information or intelligence. 

Since the universe could not have come into existence without a pre-cosmic source of potential energy (in accordance with the fundamental law of conservation) and since energy and mass are equivalent with reference to the speed of light – which is based on distance travelled during a measured period of time (such as miles per second or light years on the physical/ material plane) – It is essential to realize that both potential mass/energy and potential metric time are fundamental aspects of unconditioned absolute space. This “empty” pre-cosmic space is the origin of total multidimensional spacetime, including all the fractal harmonics of radiant electromagnetic fields and their particle/standing waves (Wolff, 1998).  Such waveforms would also have to include the compressive gravitational force field that pushes all forms of mass together and causes the apparent curvature of space around them – just as the spherical standing wave front of all radiant fields and their particle-waveforms curve around their centers. (See cross section view of spiraling oncoming photon standing wave, which analogously corresponds to the initial fields of cosmogonists in Fig.1 below)

In addition, since such unconditioned pre-cosmic space, at absolute zero° Kelvin, must act like a BEC or a superfluid/superconductor, it would have no friction. Therefore, the only possible source of such expansive and contractive energy fields within the total manifested cosmic space-time, would have to be the infinite angular spin momentum of the ubiquitous absolute zero-point or infinite ZPE (Casimir Force) located everywhere in the Planck volume of total metric physical space-time (see Lang, 2003)

Since all radiant fields have fractal harmonics based on the initial cyclic spin of their ZPE source and the triple cycle loop of its emanation/radiation, all such fields would originate from the same zero-point. Each such field would be woven out of individual rays of ZP force following a triple loop, double helix Mobius Klein path (see Fig. 1). As all zero-points of absolute space are essentially one thing, all spherical fields (originating from any zero–point spin momentum or singularity in spacetime) would also be interconnected. Therefore, all particle-standing waves originating from the same zero-point would be entangled with each other (Aspect, 2004)  

The initial field of cosmogonists at near infinite frequency (depending on the total mass/energy of the entire cosmos) would transform down through a series of fractal harmonic involutions, at successively lower frequency phase orders, like bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, until our physical universe appears on the fourth lowest frequency phase order. This is the supposed “big bang” of the standard model of physics.  It’s initial field, at its highest frequency phase order would (after initial inflation) similarly involve fractally down to the 4th lowest material phase level. It would then continue involving until the most dense sub-quantum particle/standing waves are reached in the quantum vacuum (See Fig. 1).

Click here to enlarge image

Note: This diagram is only symbolic and should not be taken literally. The initial highest frequency phase order radiant fields, along with their harmonics, which are generated from any relative ZPE source on any level or plane of existence in the total cosmos, extend infinitely throughout total relative spacetime. Since all such fields of consciousness are coadunate but not consubstantial, they holonomically interpenetrate each other everywhere within their own spherical reference frame. E.g. photons in physical space.

These super dense micro particles and their combined overall field would extend as far outward in physical space-time as the highest order spiritual field on the physical plane of the cosmos – if not the total cosmos itself – like the overall physical/material photon field extends to the furthest limits of the visible universe. The micro particle-waves below the quark level, along with the sub-quantum gluons, quarks, etc., and all the quantum particles they support, begin their lives at the third fractal involution of the cosmos, after the fourth lowest frequency phase order of the physical universe appears, inflates, and subsequently breaks its symmetry.  

According to my model of cosmogonists (see the theory of Astro Biohological Coenergetics) – the physical universe always was, is and ever will be.  It periodically manifests, involves, evolves and dissolves back into its ubiquitous ZPE singularities, in accord with the fundamental cyclic law inherent in its original spin momentum. These relative ZPE sources are located everywhere in total 3D spacetime. Therefore, initial energy fields that radiate from any such ZP “singularity” fractally involves harmonically as a consecutive series of standing waves, which are analogous and corresponding to the initial highest order field of cosmogenesis and its fractal involutions. 

As for modern physics – it can only see as far in as the ZPE fields on the cosmic physical/material plane, and as far out as the farthest visible star field.  Within this limited framework, however, quantum and classical physics are completely valid theories of material reality. After initial symmetry breaking, all-subsequent composite physical forms are surrounded by their total gravitational and electromagnetic fields. These fields are also analogous and corresponding to the initial fields of cosmogenesis and its fractal harmonics. Most of the higher f/E phase order harmonics above the physical/material level, however, are beyond the reach of conventional scientific observation. 

All such radiant fields, starting with the simplest particle on any frequency phase level, are, in effect, spherical standing waves that follow a double helix spiral vortex Mobius Klein path. It seems obvious to me that the incoming wave is the compressive gravity aspect, and the outgoing wave is the expanding electromagnetic aspect… Such field structural geometry, consisting of opposite traveling rays of force that vibrate both inward and outward, apparently is the root of the unified gravitational, strong, weak, and electric forces.  Einstein, possibly limited by the renormalized mathematics of conventional reductive physics, could never resolve this unification. Incidentally, the opposite flow of energy rays (or strings) on the surface of all spherical wave fronts also seems to correspond analogously to the spiral vortex ladder of the DNA molecule… Apparently, this conforms with the ancient adages that “the microcosm is the mirror of the macrocosm“ and “as above so below. These analogies are also in accord with the absolute laws of conservation and symmetry (see Appendix). In addition, the fields surrounding the human body, and centered on its initial zero-point of individual consciousness (apparently located in the naval plexus or chakra center) are also analogous to the fractal harmonic involution of both the physical and the prior cosmic space-time fields. (See Fig 2)

Figure 2 – Overall human electromagnetic energy field harmonics
Click here to enlarge image

Note that every cell in the body is similarly permeated with and surronded by an analogous and corresponding series of fractally harmonic resonant electromagnetic fields.  These fields also would necessarily interpenetrate each other, and be entangled with our individual global or self-consciousness at their zero-points of origin. Obviously, cells communicate, both internally and externally, by means of these resonant fields, which are also linked to and apparently control their chemistries.

All these radiant energy fields and their harmonics, originating from each zero-point-instant ZPE in physical space-time, interpenetrate each other and can carry holographic information as wave interference patterned holograms on their surfaces.  Since all such fields are linked together by phase conjugate adaptive resonance, down to their smallest ZPE field next to their zero-points of consciousness, no information can ever be lost. Although, its memory may fade in time from our lower frequency phase order harmonic mind-memory fields (in hyperspace) which are closest to the brain-body’s detectable electrical fields. 

Therefore, since all such information is time dependent, relative to the frequency of the field carrying it, the laws of conservation apply, not only to mass/energy, but also to time, and information as well.  Apparently all such information is linked resonantly to the infinite spin momentum force inherent in absolute zero-point space.  Thus, all information carried by harmonic fields radiating from the same ZPE source are entangled (at their zero-point of consciousness) with the information carried by every other field in the microcosm or macrocosm of which they are all a part.  On the human level, this allows our mind and memory fields to be inked together, through the brain field, for instant access (both perceptively and responsively) by our global consciousness to every conscious cell and organ in the body. That’s how we can feel a hot stove touched by a finger, signal the muscles to pull it back, and remember the circumstances, unconsciously and consciously.

Based on the above structure of spatial reality, the ZP center of awareness must be absolutely stationary relative to the Audio/Visual information in the mind-memory field surrounding our zero-point of view. This enables us to detect, discern and discriminate between the f false Semi Priofalse SemiHidden=rity=65 Priority=72Hidden=66 Priority=inest false UnhideWhenUsed=modulat Priority= UnhideWhenUsed=trueions of the holographic information.  This information is reconstructed and detected by autonomic projection and reflection of coherent radiation from the ZPE surrounding the point of Audio/Visual consciousness.  This point in the center of the brain is entangled with our individual self-awareness located at the center of our spiritual monad or soul (see Fig. 2 above).

Consequently, unconditioned consciousness (potential awareness and will) is both the perceiver of qualia and the thinker/responder.  It is also a fundamental aspect of unconditioned (motionless, formless, timeless) absolute zero-point-instant space.  This space, while empty of form, also contains the infinite spin momentum (potential mass-energy) that stores the total structural and experiential information acquired from all previous cycles of cosmic manifestation and evolution. Thus, our individual awareness, as a single ray of cosmic consciousness, when properly concentrated and focused through the stilled mind in deep meditation, can access all that information. This is the state of Nirvana and infinite knowledge attained by the Buddha. 

Accordingly, in our ordinary states of wakeful consciousness, the brain – as the processor of audio/visual sensory information, and serving also as the transponder/channel switcher between conscious will and the neuromuscular system – acts as the transformer to recreate such images as hologram in its overall LH and RH EM field.  (Apparently, the crossover networks of the optic nerves facilitates this process).  Such information, after neural processing and assemblage as a hologram in the brain’s overall EM field, is resonantly transformed into the higher order (hyperspace) fields of mind and memory.  These hyperspace fields are directly accessible (as thought images) to both our global consciousness and its entangled zero-point center of visual and audio perception located in the center of our brain (in the pineal area). 

Similar points of conscious perception are also located at the zero-point centers of the cellular fields that surround each remote sense perceiving organ (such as taste on the tongue, touch on the skin, smell in the nose). All such points of localized consciousness are also entangled with our individual global consciousness or higher self-awareness, which is located at the naval chakra’s zero-point center of the highest order invisible triune spiritual fields (our soul, the so called “aura” of the mystics, or the Monad of Leibniz) surrounding the entire body (See Fig. 2 above).

Incidentally, since our spiritual monadic field is of a much higher frequency/energy phase order than the electromagnetic fields of the brain-body, there is no reason why our monad (along with its center of consciousness) should not remain intact after the body dies. The human monad, then, could last as long as the analogous and corresponding initial triune spiritual field of the cosmos.  This could account for most religious beliefs in an eternal soul, as well as some philosophical beliefs in reincarnation. According to my fractal field model of cosmogenesis, which links absolute zero-point consciousness with cosmic information and potential energy as eternally conserved absolutes, those possibility of life after death and rebirth – which would also depend on primal spin momentum (as the root of the immutable law of karma or action=reaction) may be a fundamental reality (see Appendix). 

In addition to its stationary role in perception, necessary to subjectively differentiate and discriminate between the finest frequency modulations on the highest order mind-memory fields, our center of visual and audio consciousness (located in the middle of our head) also serves as a fixed reference point relative to the entire body image (along with the individual nerve endings at all external appendages]. This enables us to coordinate our exact bodily positions and movements in 3D space, in conjunction with the 3D body image field (generated by the kinesthetic cortex of the brain)…  Since this brain field image is also resonant with the holographic image of the outer world (carried as a hologram in the visual fields of both mind and memory) – this spherical spatial location system must be based on analog computation.  This computation works by phase conjugate resonance coupling, which facilitates instantaneous triangulation between corresponding points on each of the spherical field circumferences relative to our conscious viewpoint.  This, coupled with our binocular rangefinder system, is similar (but not identical) to the way satellite based GPS works, although much simpler, in accord with Occam’s razor.  

Thus, we are able to instantaneously calculate the ballistics and trajectories of moving objects relative to our moving body, drive our cars safely at high speeds, catch a fly ball on the run and jump, hit a moving target with a firearm or a bow and arrow, play a piano concerto without thought, etc.  Such a system also enables a fine artist, such as Da Vinci, to place the point of his brush on the exact spot on the canvas corresponding to the same spot on the model seen in his mind or memory.  Such analog computational processes also allows many other time, motional energy and consciousness related feats of instantaneously responsive thoughts and body movements that would be impossible to accomplish using linear time based, sequential parallel, or digital computational processes. (Although modern technologies, using wireless communication along with 3D computer processing and virtual reality simulation systems, can come very close.)

One mind experimental method to test the actuality that consciousness and time are fundamental qualities of the zero-point of absolute space located everywhere in 3D space-time, and that the universe is a hologram, would be to mentally observe that the light from every star seen from any point of view on Earth converges in every zero-point between our point of view and the entire star field. This allows us to realize that each point of view, no matter where located in 3-space-time, is at the exact center of the universe observed from that point… And that the total image at the point of observation is a hologram. David Bohm said if we take away an eye lens, all we could see is a hologram.  Karl Pribram demonstrated that placing a tiny lens in the beam of a projected slide image would produce a smaller image on a sheet of paper identical to the larger image on the screen.  From this we can conclude that the fundamental structure of total spacetime includes all non-local zero-point fields radiated from the ZPE at the Planck level. And that such ZPE must generate and empower all the black hole centers of every galaxy, star, planet, sentient being, organism, organ, cell, virus, etc., down to each fundamental quantum and sub quantum particle-standing-wave, as well as all the higher order hyperspace fields in our physical spacetime realm. 

Thus, it becomes apparent that each individual global consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, detection, perception, discernment, discrimination, intention, decision, etc.) is located at the ubiquitous source of each ZPE field within and surrounding every sentient being… All information of consciousness (both efferent and afferent, or willful and perceptible) is carried, transformed and transmitted as holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of higher order hyperspace fields, which are resonant with the intermediate EM field of the brain… And that the entire universe, including, all the visible and invisible structures within it, is essentially a hologram. According to the fundamental laws of electrodynamics, such information can be transmitted from one fractal-involved field to the other by phase conjugate adaptive resonance. (Note the analogy and correspondence of such octaval harmonic fields, located everywhere in total metaphysical and physical space-time, to the harmonic musical sound spectrum on the physical/material level.)

How consciousness works holistically in each human.
All such holistic information is also reflected in the EM fields of the brain whose malleable neural network serves as the material-physical-chemical links between the senses, the neuromuscular system, and the willful intent of individual consciousness. The brain also is the CPU and controller of all the autonomic life support systems within the corporeal body.  As such, it acts autonomically in conjunction with the cellular memory fields distributed throughout the body.  In itself, the brain, as an organism, is entirely unconscious – except, perhaps, for the subliminal cellular awareness each neuron has of their individual conditions.

All such information of consciousness (either as neurologically transformed sensory images, or as stored memory field images) can be holographically reconstructed, detected and perceived as qualia by the zero-point of awareness (at the mind and memory field’s center of origin) This perception occurs by reflection of appropriate higher order coherent radiation projected willfully from the ZPE spin-momentum (“spinergy”) surrounding each point of sensory perception. This willful projection also is linked to the subliminal control of attention, which (in the case of vision) automatically willfully directs the saccades, binocular convergence and focus of the eyes.  These processes are holonomically linked everywhere throughout the body, in conjunction with the neural processing of willed energy, coupled with the learned control of all intricate and subtle muscle movements at the level of “cell memory”. In addition, the malleable neurology, through repetitive training, reinforces the will directed neuromuscular energy channels.  Thus, such cellular memory, neural channelling and control easily explain how a musician can play a practiced musical piece, without any conscious thought or perceptive attention to the body or the instrument. Note that our appreciation of music and our emotional and physical responses to it are also based on cellular memory that may even go as deep as our DNA molecular memory. This is evidenced by our body’s pleasurable responses to music (harmonic resonances, tones, tempos, and rhythms – which (as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, tapping, massage, etc.) can also be used as a medium of healing.

Thus, we see and hear from a point in the center of our head, feel pain at the point of trauma on the skin or in an internal organ, experience taste on the tongue, smell in the nose, touch on the skin, etc. – with all such zero-points of awareness entangled with the central zero-point of our individual self or “I AM” consciousness… Which is located in the primal neural plexus at the naval chakra center of the overall, highest frequency phase order (spiritual) field. This triune field permeates and surrounds all inner organ and cellular physical fields, along with their harmonic hyperspace fields.  (See Figure 2 above)

Therefore, we can conclude that potential consciousness; time and information are fundamental aspects of unconditioned absolute space… And, it’s obvious, since all zero-point originated radiant fields interpenetrate each other everywhere, that the universe, along with everything within it, is essentially a hologram. (Talbot 1991)  It’s also interesting to note that, in such a hologram, the only reason objects appear solid to us, is that we are made of the same kind of stuff, i.e., we both vibrate in the same frequency phase order (photonic EM) spectrum, and have repellent field boundaries. Naturally, the higher frequency phase order fields of mind and memory would be untdetectable and invisible to us… Except, subjectively, since we can perceive the holographic sensory information they carry, and when in deep meditation or dreaming and all wakeful sensory information (noise) is blocked, our ZP consciousness is sensitive to all frequencies up to those of the highest order spiritual fields. 

Thus, our conscious time perception is different on each higher or lower phase order field… This explains why, during an NDE and OBE, which I experienced some 40 years ago during a coronary occlusion that lasted about 5 minutes, I watched (from near the ceiling) the people around my supposedly dead body moving and talking in ultra slow motion… And, also experienced a finely detailed life review, which seemed to rush by, minute by minute, day by day, and year by year, in the few minutes I was in the OBE state. 

Many thousands of similar experiences have been reported from all over the world going back many ages, as well as thoroughly researched in modern times (Ref. Tart 1989). Also, some dream researchers report that dreams which seem to (the dreamer) to cover long periods of time, occur in minutes if not seconds during REM sleep. It has also been tested that people who experience OBE during NDE or when sleeping, are not in the normal dream state of REM sleep (Bernstein, 2010)  

In conclusion, the holographic fractal field model of cosmogonists indicates that there are at least four fundamental absolutes (or potential characteristics/aspects) of the void or emptiness underlying all manifest multidimensional cosmic reality. These are, unconditioned consciousness, infinite potential time, infinite spin momentum or potential energy, and infinite holographically stored information, covering all possible conditions of the structural evolution of infinite universes, along with infinite possible sentient beings – wherever conditions are favorable to the evolution and survival of self-generative life forms… With only a small part of such evolution being fulfilled in each cyclic manifest period of any possible universe, macrocosm, or microcosm.  

If there were to be a mathematics that can describe this total manifest reality, it would have to start with the fundamental equation, zero equals infinity (0 = ∞), have a hyperspherical fractal geometry, and obey all the laws of physics inherent in absolute spin momentum. These laws would be  based on the fundamental principles of eternal absolute space, immutable cyclic law, and eternal involution and evolution – leading to the three possible states or conditions (San. “gunas”) in any manifest reality or dimension of space-time, i.e., inertia, action, harmony (San. tamas, Rajas, sattva).  

Thus, everything in the universe is interconnected with everything else. All individual consciousness (including the cosmos and all microcosms within it) is a ray or spark of universal unconditioned and eternal absolute consciousness. And all information is holographically accessible to all zero-points of individual phenomenal consciousness of all sentient beings, by means of phase conjugate adaptive resonance between coenergetic, fractal involved, interpenetrating (coadunate but not consubstantial) harmonic electromagnetic fields. 

Also, infinite parallel universes, on the macrocosmic scale (and microcosmic scales) are possible – due to the infinite sets of triple spherical axes (each at different angles) of fundamental spin momentum of the primal absolute ZP space. Each such universe would be totally invisible and undetectable to each other, and would have to obey the same laws of physics, rooted in fundamental spin, as every other universe… Although, their individual evolutionary development would necessarily be entirely different because of the unpredictability of individual zero-points of conscious intention, along with the indeterminate motion and momentum of individual particle-standing waves, on any fractal harmonic field level, caused by random collisions. As Milo Wolff pointed out, such attractions and repulsions would be caused by opposite or parallel rotations of approaching spherical particles. Incidentally, this could account for the loss of energy and associated frequency lengthening of starlight photons traveling through vast distances of spacetime, which may be mistaken by cosmologists for Doppler effects due to a supposed expansion of space. 

Each fractal field phase level of our cosmos would not only have its own specific types of different sentient beings, but also experience awareness of time differently than we do on our normal physical/material level of existence. It also seems evident, that if actual total reality is in conformance with this new scientific paradigm (which can finally explain everything in terms of everything else) – all of it was known by the great masters of occult wisdom since the beginning of intelligent life on Earth. And, there truly may have been “giants in those days” on the previous evolutionary cycles of mankind on Earth, as it goes through its own cycles of birth, evolution, death, and rebirth. Would it then be too far out to assume that the island continent of Atlantis did, in fact, exist (as Plato reported) and that the surviving Atlantians built the pyramids of the Egyptians and the Mayans? Such beings could have existed through a much longer period of civilization than us, and achieved a level of high technology that we might not see for another hundred years or more. Could, then, such highly evolved, long-lived beings still exist, after having been mistaken for gods, and their flying submarines mistaken for extraterrestrial UFOs, up until this present day? In any event, since Mankind, God, and the Cosmos appear to be synonymous, perhaps we might call this “New Scientific Paradigm” (as a GUFTOE once accepted as scientific reality) – if not Astro Biological Coenergetics, maybe Astro Biohological Cosmophysics (or Cosmology).  

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Explaining the rational basis of the universal laws of conservation, symmetry, cycles, harmony, gravity, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, holography, etc., which underlies the new scientific paradigm.
1. The fundamental root of all phenomenal coenergetic existence of everything in 3D space-time could only be the infinite angular spin momentum or potential energy of the absolute zero-point of eternal unconditioned space... An eternal beginningless and endless plenum, empty of all fields and forms... That is beyond all possible finite comprehension or thought. (This is the first principle underlying the Astro Biohological Coenergetic theory of cosmogenesis, consciousness and mind)
2.  This abstract motion of the angular spin momentum force of absolute ZP space must necessarily cyclically rotate, both clockwise and counter clockwise, at infinite velocities on infinite axes of every potentially spherical absolute zero-point. (This basis of the immutable laws of cycles is the second principle of the ABC theory)
3. To maintain its cycles of continuous motion, any parallel spin of such opposite rotation must follow an endless and beginningless spiral vortex double helix Mobius Klein path in both angular directions (see Fig. 3).  (This fractal geometry and topology, based on cyclic spin momentum, is the fundamental basis of the initial condition and ultimate involution of manifest multidimensional spacetime.)

Click here to enlarge image

Note that the twin rays would actually spiral around each other – due to their ZP spin perpendicular to their direction of motion – much like the analogous and corresponding spiraling of the DNA ladder, or the spiraling of an oncoming photon standing wave front (see Fig. 4).

Figure 4 – Cross section diagram of an oncoming photon standing wave
Click here to enlarge image

4. All such opposite spin rotations simultaneously emanate outward (as 1D rays of force) on their ZP axis of spin. These lines of parallel force instantly maximally inflate to form a 2D circle – which, due to lateral rotation on its vertical polar axes, eventually spins into a 3D sphere.  The initial ZP rays must follow the same continuously repeating spiral vortex double helix path... Like a figure eight within a surrounding circle, which ultimately form twin bubbles within a surrounding bubble (See Fig. 5).

Figure 5 – Note that only one direction of spin is shown
Click here to enlarge image

5.  The total hyperspherical field (and each harmonic) would also expand and contract periodically, inward and outward from its zero-point of origin, at a fundamental frequency relative to the initial cyclic velocity of the emanated ray of spin momentum force.
6. This initial triune field surrounding any zero-point of origin, and all subsequent fractal harmonic involutions of its inner fields, ad infinitum, would always be balanced in total energy during each frequency cycle of expansion and contraction – as all ingoing and outgoing rays of force passing though the zero-point center of field origin would additively and subtractively complement each other on each triple cycle pass-through the spin momentum source.
7.  Since the cosmos exists eternally centered on its singularity and manifests periodically in accord with cyclic law, all zero-points of radiant fields, particles and forms remain forever dormant within its spin momentum… To reappear at each subsequent manifestation – since no information is ever lost… As it is encoded in the modulated interference patterned frequency modulations of spin, whether actively radiated as standing wave energy fields, or latent in absolute space or the Aether (Einstein 1920) on the physical plane.  (“Aether” in this New Paradigm, refers to both the radiant EM energy fields of physical spacetime that carry the light matter particle-standing waves on their surfaces, as well as their spin momentum origins in absolute ZPE space.)  Obviously, the mass of each such ZPE source, up to the cosmos itself, is finite relative to each other, and to the infinite potential mass of unconditioned Absolute Space and its eternal consciousness.
8.  As each perpendicular axis of any singularity or ZPE source radiates an identical series of fractal involved harmonic energy fields of equivalent mass energy – our visible physical universe exists only on one of the three spherical axes of total cosmic spacetime. Therefore, the fields that form on the other two axes, which together with the light matter contribute to the total gravitational force of the cosmos, would account (on our physical plane) for at about 63% of its total mass (as invisible dark matter/energy fields and forms) – in addition to the invisible ZPE fields in the Planck false vacuum, which could account for about ±33% (See Fig. 6)

Figure 6 – See larger text view online (click here)  
Click here to enlarge image

9.  All instants or ultimate divisions of time on each fractal harmonic field phase of the total cosmos, is relative to the frequency of the harmonic field and its holographic forms whose changes it measures. Thus, while time itself is absolute at such harmonic field’s common ZP origin, its metric on each level of normal or hyperspace at any harmonic frequency/energy phase order, is relative.  Thus, the total cosmos is both absolute and relative, simultaneously – whether manifested or unmanifested. 
10.  The duration of the manifest cycle of existence of the universe or any subordinate objectively metric or positive state of physical existence, is equal to the duration of its negative state or non physical existence… Just as the positive phase of any field frequency is equal (in both time and charge) to its negative phase. In Eastern scientific philosophies, the period of cosmic or universal manifestation is called a Manvantara, and its unmanifest state is called a Pralaya.

This article was published in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research
July, 2010, VOL 1 – No. 5, pp 610–624
© Copyright Leon H. Maurer, 2010
All world rights reserved.

Reprints verbatum with illustrations and full attribution allowed without permission for non commercial use only.



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