What Is the Future of Theosophy? A questioning consideration

John Algeo – USA

On next November 17, the anniversary of its founding, the Theosophical Society will enter its 135th year of existence. Anniversaries are times for remembering the past; but they are also opportunities for anticipating the future. What is the future of the Society and, even more important, of Theosophy—the message our Society brings to the world? Here, the focus is on the message; the Society that conveys it can be considered later.

The question of the title above cannot be answered by any one person. Only the collective wisdom of many Theosophists can address it adequately. Particular aspects of the question, however, include the following:

• What specific Theosophical ideas will be most important in the twenty-first century?
• Do any changes need to be made in the way we talk about those ideas? If so, which ideas and what changes?
• Are there better ways of communicating those ideas to the public than those we have traditionally used?
• What basic Theosophical principles must not be significantly changed if we are to be faithful to our origins?

If those who think such questions are important will send their thoughts on these issues to me (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), I will compile them and share them on Theosophy Forward, with the hope of a collective response that can help to guide our future.

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