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Rafael Arévalo, Teotle Lodge, San Salvador – El Salvador

El Salvador, a small country in Central America, was at first affiliated Theosophically with Cuba. In those days, an Irish citizen named Patrick Brannon came to El Salvador; he had been hired by the company constructing the first railroad for the western part of the country. After the railroad enterprise concluded, Brannon stayed and married Carmen Vega, a Salvadorian who became the mother of Carmen Brannon, a poet and Theosophist with the pen name Claudia Lars.

In December 1878, Brannon went to New York because he wanted to consult HPB about a supernatural experience he had had. After first visiting some relatives who lived in NY, on December 16th he attempted to meet Madame Blavatsky, but was unable to do so because, unfortunately for him, she and H. S. Olcott were preparing to depart on December 17th for London, en route to India.

Upset by his inability to meet HPB in New York, Brannon met a friend who needed an expert to go to London to purchase some rails for a railroad construction in Peru. So he undertook that mission, which also permitted him to visit HPB, who was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. D. H. J. Billing at Northwood Park. 

He announced himself at the door of the Billing house and asked to meet Madame Blavastky. HPB immediately accepted his visit with the words “let the cowboy in.” Brannon was trying to explain his experience to her when suddenly HPB stated, “I know you.” Madame Blavatsky advised him and gave him a ring, which he returned after three days as agreed to do, as well as a package containing two portraits of the Masters, several Theosophical books, and a congratulation card signed by her to be delivered to the founders of Teotle Lodge, the first Theosophical Lodge in El Salvador. This information is based on the account in a history book about the Salvadoran Lodge, where the portraits of the Masters and the card are still kept.

Today, 102 years after its foundation, the Salvadoran Lodge Teotle has fifteen members, who meet each Saturday afternoon for a study session, consisting of both visitors and members committed to investigating Theosophical topics. Maximiliano Hernández Martínez (1882-1966), the President of El Salvador from 1931 to 1944, was an active member of the Theosophical Society and for a time President of the Teotle Lodge.


Teotl Lodge – one hundred years active

Meeting Teotle Lodge

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