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Good News from Kreivila, Finland

August 16 till 21 was quite a busy week for the members of the Executive Committee and the Council of the Theosophical Society in Europe – Federation of National Societies, since they gathered at the Theosophical Center in Kreivila, Finland. During their meetings on August 16 and 17 they had to address important issues concerning the work of the Federation over the last working year.

Members of the EFTS Council

August 18, was dedicated to the “Workers’ Day” - a special meeting where several aspects of the Theosophical work were discussed. Next to this a special brainstorming session was organized investigating the Theosophical concept of a leader and leadership.

Brainstorming on the Theosophical concept of a leader

The last three days were less formal but not less intensive, as they were dedicated to a Silent Retreat, during which several aspects of education were addressed under the main theme “Entering the Stream of Learning”:

- The Matter of education: to teach and to learn
- Exploring the object of learning - The role and effect of meditation
- A Journey without a goal

Walking meditation

This was the first Silent Retreat held at the Kreivila Theosophical Center, with the objective to share time, aiming at fostering a quiet mind; the beginning of right action. During the retreat, means for exploration such as talks, enquiries, dialogues, meditation (seated and walking) and practice of silence, stimulated a journey into the deeper aspects of life and consciousness.


The Silent Retreat offered also an excellent opportunity for fraternal interaction between participants.

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