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Great developments on the Internet. In this issue of Theosophy Forward, Dan Noga, currently living in Norway and responsible for The Theosophical Community, wants to share to following with you:

. . . .The Theosophical Community was set up in 2008 as one of many projects that have come out of the Theosophical Society in America's Internet Creative Community. At that time, I was the Member Services Coordinator for the TSA and I thought that a social network would be a good way for members of the TS to connect with each other. However, it didn't seem sensible to restrict the site's activity to members of any particular Theosophical organization, since Brotherhood is a core value of the TS. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to do so.

The community has grown nicely since 2008 and we have begun to sharpen our focus. The site attracts many people who are relatively new to Theosophy and wish to learn more, as well as to join others of like mind in online discussion. The most active parts of the site have tended to be those with some sort of study material as a focus for discussion. The Reading Group, a successful section of the site, features an article from the TSA's Quest magazine each month and has often hosted very lively discussion. More recently, the Secret Doctrine Study Group has been formed and has grown into one of the most active parts of the site. Important sections of The Secret Doctrine are posted for discussion, and a collective group study has also begun for those who wish to advance in the study of the SD together.

A recent survey has shown that site members are most interested learning resources related to Theosophy, as well as content related to meditation. Pablo Sender has been working on a project called Dzyan Theosophy, which aims to glean from Theosophical literature a collection of meditative practices that mesh with Theosophical teachings. A section of the TC has recently been set up for it as well. In the near future, we also hope to establish a study group that uses John Algeo's Theosophy: An Introductory Study Course as its focus.

Check out for yourself:


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