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It is imperative for us at all times to make a clear distinction between the Theosophical Society as an organized body, and the Theosophical Movement as a world-wide trend towards universality of outlook and a more spiritual, therefore unified, view of life.

Our own three declared objects are applicable to the Movement as a whole, in addition to being the basis of our organized effort. These objects serve as a foundation for any individual or group of people striving to achieve one or the other goal described by them.

It is obvious that the Ideal of Brotherhood, whether universal or tending towards universality, lies at the heart of all those whose effort in life is towards unification of the human race into one family, and the establishment of close ties between all the people of the earth. Even if such efforts may be for the present devoid of a truly spiritual basis, they are nevertheless pointing to an ideal well worth emulating, and strengthen our own Theosophical work in one or another way.

If we stop to consider the work of the most progressive trends within the structural set up of some of the Christian Churches and similar groups in other religions of the globe, we will find that their interrelations are within the framework of our second object, as it involves the study of other religions, and philosophical systems.

It seems superfluous to mention the developments of modern science which, with practically every major discovery, confirms basic propositions of the Esoteric Philosophy, and often discloses some of the more hidden factors of true magic - a term which, so far, has not been granted any rights of citizenship among scientists!

In regard to the all-important, but woefully neglected third object of the T.S. - the investigation of the latent powers of man - we find today scores of individuals and groups of them the world over developing serious and sustained research along such lines. Some of their results and conclusions support rather dramatically the basic propositions of the psycho-spiritual science outlined by H.P.B. in her various writings, and confirm her many hints on deeper facts which she refrained from explaining more fully. There is far more being done today along the lines of a scientific approach to psychic forces than has ever been attempted, we are sorry to say, by the organized theosophical groups.

When all these factors are carefully considered and kept in focus, as it were, it becomes evident that the Theosophical Movement is today a world· wide force, whatever may be its name or outward form, and the purposes and goals of our three declared objects are being striven for in one or another manner by untold thousands of men and women in every land and among all the people of this rapidly “shrinking” globe, the common home of a large family of evolving egos in a still vaster family of the Solar System to which we belong.


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