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Marja Artamaa – India, Finland

Theosophy MA 2

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When someone joins the Theosophical Society (TS), they are not requested to accept the existence of the perfected individuals — the Masters of the Wisdom behind the founding of the TS in 1875. The only requirement is that they accept universal brotherhood. There is however a deeper realization, not only of the value of unity, but also the principle of harmlessness and the possibility of practicing it to the maximum extent. This reflects in the way we live — being harmless to animals, Nature as a whole, and people, including their physical, astral, and mental natures.

There is much more than simply adopting a pure way of life, but that is not enough. Practicing a good life is only a direction of the path behind which is a world of intuition and higher consciousness — the spiritual nature of the Masters of the Wisdom. We may have a belief about the Masters and we may understand that evolution does not stop at humanity’s present state. These are fine beliefs, but in a deeper approach we are trying to develop an intuition about the Truth; we try to intuitively respond to the spiritual nature which is embodied in the Elder Brethren. We try to go beyond mere belief.

Although in one’s mundane mind, there may be doubts at times they do not belong to the intuitive effort. Mere belief is just an assumption without consideration or reflection. Instead we can develop our intuition and inner realization of deeper aspects of life. We are on this Earth to learn in a variety of ways. The spiritual nature must come alive. The thing is not just to believe in the spiritual nature, which is embodied in the Elder Brethren, but to realize and live its principles.

While attempting to ascend Mount Everest or other peaks, there are innumerable obstacles and difficulties, but when some have done it, the ways become known, so that it becomes so much easier, and makes it more possible for the next ones trying to do the same. It is said that J. Krishnamurti, by going through a painful process of elevating the consciousness in his body and mind, opened a higher level of consciousness, making it a bit more possible for others to be free from restrictions. A sphere of being became more open. It depends on one’s approach and intuitive development if one can grasp the nature of that level. It is possible for anyone in the absolute silence of being.

One Master wrote: “We belong to quite a different world from the one you move in; not geographically, but psychologically. . . . Come out of your world into ours”. They do not ask us to travel to find them, but to move out of our present psychological and psychic condition into a purer, less self-occupied, more universal and altruistic state of being. It is evident that we need the mind to recognize things, surroundings, features, families, friends, and so on. If we are to function in the world, we cannot do away with thought. We function in the world of forms. However, as Krishnaji said: “You must put thought in its right place.”

To me it means to use thinking and the mind in the activities of the world. Besides it is the whole sphere of intuition and wider consciousness that need to be recognized at times to uplift the work. Thought has its place, but thought is not everything. There is more: through observation, being aware, the spiritual world opens. We need to recognize the existence of that other world, and make it part of our daily living. This sounds like high theory, but through our studies, deeper thinking, and understanding, we can prepare to realize that such existence, an intuitive sphere without thought, is real.

When the Master says, “come out of your world into ours”, it is a matter of having a higher consciousness, not having the Master communicating individually to us as a perfected being. Individual communication did happen in the late 1800s and early 1900s with a few devoted individuals who conveyed higher principles to humanity in the name of Theosophy.

In evolution there are culmination points in which a necessity for change is so pressing that a new action must take place. At that time, it was to bring to the world an awareness of the wisdom of the Masters and ancient philosophies. Since then, the Masters have not disappeared, but continue to function at the level into which humanity has the opportunity to rise by its own effort. Ancient wisdom cannot be poured into people by making it a belief. Humanity must uplift itself to become receptive to higher knowledge and ultimately to Truth. The Masters are there and trust people to take their own steps and have realizations.

If something ultimately goes wrong in the current phase of evolution, a strong push for change is evident by natural law. It can be called a turning point. The scientist and philosopher Fritjof Capra wrote a book, The Turning Point. It may be that in today’s world we are approaching a new turning point which we do not yet know and cannot guess what it might bring about, something completely new — unknown to our current consciousness and awareness. Some may perhaps get a hint intuitively, but action arises from the pressure of necessity for a quantum or profound change. It is like an inevitable jump.

Many new things are developing in the world of intellect and communication, which affect human consciousness. It becomes essential that new ways arise on a larger scale. This highlights the importance of making intuition part of our observation, such that one can rely upon and continue on the path of spiritual realization. The spiritual world is open. It is just that we need to develop our intuition and understanding of life so that, with the effort from our small part, these two can blend in our beings to urgently improve the state of our world. We must bring our attention, not to beliefs, but ways to open a path to the wider consciousness. Human consciousness can meet the higher consciousness and make of them a unity. On the Spiritual Path each one is unique, but all have something in common, just as each rose is different and yet similar. Within us, somewhere invisible or still hidden, in the very essence of ourselves, something is one with those Great Ones, so that we can reflect their will.

How? By living everyday life without demanding anything for ourselves. It is not too difficult — to demand nothing. With such an attitude our mind can open up to the quality (essence) of the Great Ones whose perfection pours out as compassion, wisdom, and blessing into the world — asking for nothing in return. It can be the same with us — instead of demanding, give selflessly. Not to demand is to be satisfied with simple necessities. To live in a state of inner peace. The intuition knows the next best steps for intuitive responses to the truth and the spiritual nature of everything.

This article was also published in The Theosophist, VOL. 145 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2023

The Theosophist is the official organ of the International President, founded by H. P. Blavatsky on 1 Oct. 1879.

To read the NOVEMBER 2023 issue click HERE

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