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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (October 2023)


Joma looking up at one of his fine creations

Reflecting on the panels I started doing with the series “Christ Energy and Light”, I became interested in knowing more about the Holy Shroud of Turin. There is much information available and the revealing photos of Secondo Pia, the very first photographer of the Shroud back in 1898 are awesome. All the information leads to the real cloth that covered the body of Christ when he descended from the cross and was put in the grave in a cave, although there are many speculations about its origins and even how the image was formed on the cloth. I bought the book written by Guiseppe Enrie, another photographer who took pictures of the Shroud in 1931. It  contains detailed photos and descriptions of all that was discovered on the cloth. Recently many other discoveries were made, including some letters, written in various languages bearing words used during the time of the Christ crucifixion.  

I also finished this year the series which I started in 2020 called “The Manifestations of Love”, a series of 9 panels, made on black canvas, 70x90cm size, with golden and silver ink pens and crystals, with texts from my dear friend Polì Cardoso, who lives in Brazil.

I gladly share both the original and illuminated version of the first one, called “The Manifestations of Love I – The Divine Reception”, with the following text, written by Polì: 

The Father cannot be called just Father, for He is also Mother. The Father is Peace, as is the Mother. Peace descends to men to transform them into complete beings, since men lack the revelation of the Celestial Parents. Peace is made among men of good will. The transformation takes place and Peace returns humanized to the heavens. The fingers of Peace touch the fingers of human beings. Human beings are no longer made of flesh, but of vibrations. The sound of the call of Peace is inevitable, as it is the Divine structure and call. It is God's Will that humanity hear the call of Peace. It is definitely God's Will that there be Peace on Earth! Waiting for the serene encounter with Peace. The Divine Reception. In the first work I felt: structure.

I also designed the September 2023 cover of the Adyar publication of The Theosophist. Its title is “The Road of The Soul” with the following text as inspiration:

The night has come and with it

The hugeness of dreams

A long time forgotten

On the mist of the past

That comes after me.

The night has come and

No more white dawns

Obscure my eyes.

The dark shadows have fallen,

Covering with its dark cloth

My eyes and dreams.

And today I show myself to the world.

The night has come,

And with it the strength and courage

To make my Inner Light shine.

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PE JS 2 Public Eye JS Joma Sipe September 2023 The Manifestations of Love I Original

The Manifestations of Love I (Original).

PE JS 3 Public Eye JS Joma Sipe September 2023 The Manifestations of Love I Illuminated

The Manifestations of Love I (Illuminated)

 PE JS 4 Public Eye JS Joma Sipe September 2023 The Theosophist cover for September 2023

 The Theosophist cover for September 2023


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