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Seven Systems Of Indian Philosophy by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PH.D. Amazon. For more details click HERE

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In this book, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PH.D. provides a clear view of the basic ideas contained in the six schools of Indian philosophy, with an additional chapter on Buddhism.

We are provided with an introduction into pertinent ideas concerning the main questions, themes and central points, which each system addresses. For a student of Theosophy, if not familiar with these different schools, this can be an informative read. This is especially the case for those that may have a deepening understanding of HPB’s message, as she makes occasional references to the six Dharsana’s or schools of Indian Philosophy and how they relate to the occult side of theosophical teachings.

For each of the schools discussed, Buddhism, Nyâya, Vaiśesika, Sâmkhya, Yoga, Mîmâmsā  and Vedānta, the author gives their central tenets, beliefs, and goals, as they relate to the basic questions of life. These involve ideas relating to birth, death, suffering, liberation, morality and ethics, the idea of knowledge, meditation, thoughts concerning the ideas of “God”, soul or absence of an inherent entity identified as soul, reality and or Maya as illusion. We are given an interesting tour through the basic ideas  concerning substance, principles, categories of existence or Reality (the two being different) and other frameworks or worldviews, which allows one to give deepening thought to these general yet essential questions concerning life. This also allows for an initial comparison of ideas pertaining to each of the systems, while at the same time, providing a wider view concerning some of the general spiritual and philosophical thought systems pervading and supporting Indian philosophy.

This is an easily readable text, having essential explanatory information concerning the seven systems of Indian Philosophy. It will be a valuable contribution to anyone’s library, and a good reference text from which to obtain, share and examine, the basic ideas of Indian Philosophy. Although it is easily readable, this should not diminish close and careful reading. As indicated, when read closely with theosophical ideas concerning the inner realm of soul knowledge and SELF, much more can be gleamed than with a superficial reading.

Keep your eye on this truly remarkable book!

This edition of Notable Books was compiled by Eugene Jennings.

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