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A Magical Encounter: ITC Naarden, Tara, Buddhas, and the Radiance of the Strawberry Moon

Photos by Richard Dvořák

A good friend and I, hailing from Germany, had the pleasure of attending an immersive workshop called "Cooperative Work with Invisible Worlds" conducted by the esteemed Kurt Leland at the renowned International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands This enlightening experience offered us valuable insights into the existence of invisible realms and entities, particularly nonhuman beings like nature spirits, fairies, devas, and angels. I must admit, I have yet to discover a more conducive place in Europe for cultivating our inner senses than the enchanting forest that beckons us to take leisurely walks. During these peaceful strolls, I always make a point to pause by the garden beneath St. Michael's House, where the statues of Tara and Buddha stand, serenely facing one another.

PE Richard b

Capturing the essence of invisible worlds through photography has always been a challenging endeavor.

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, a phenomenon known as the "strawberry moon" was to grace the night sky, possibly casting a unique ambiance and illumination. Inspired by this, I aimed to capture the ethereal glow of moonlight upon the Tara through long exposure. Around 2 AM, I embarked on a nocturnal journey through the shadowy forest, but to my disappointment, the moon failed to rise above the treetops, leaving the landscape dimly lit. Even with significantly prolonged exposure times, the resulting images would have been grainy and lacking clarity.

Fortunately, I had a small key flashlight at my disposal. With the camera shutter open for a duration of 30 seconds, I began to experiment. The two images below are the result of allowing the beam of light to pass through my thumb, painting a red line onto the photograph, while whirling and dancing towards the statues, away from the camera. Counting to 20, I then directed the bright light to illuminate the statues for just a second, capturing a fleeting moment of brilliance.

PE Richard c

 PE Richard d

I was also deeply moved by the magnificence of St. Michael's House and its inhabitants, as well as the exquisite treasures it holds within. However, amidst all these captivating wonders, the Buddha statue below holds a special place in my heart:

PE Richard e

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