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A message from KENNETH SMALL, he’s also knocking on your door

Dear Friends,

We are seeking support and collaborative partners for our endeavor to establish a Perennial Wisdom Resources Library and Archive. The foundations of 'Perennialism' are rooted in the values of benefit for the common good within the context of the essential unity of the wisdom religions / philosophies as its basis. The manifestation of these perennialism qualities in culture and history are ever present and can be seen in a broad spectrum of transformative cultural events, from the European renaissance, to home rule and independence in modern India, to the influences and ideas that gave birth to the United Nations.  Greater presence  and access to this open spirit of inner inquiry and awakening is essential for our world today.

Our current needs

We are seeking a long term venue to host our Perennial Wisdom  book collection and archival resources. We are looking ahead to later this year, when we anticipate receiving several thousand more volumes on perennial traditions themes. The Enso Project (our California nonprofit 501c3 public benefit corporation) is seeking collaborative venues, academic institutions, and religious groups who are interested in developing an educational facility for the community's access, benefit and use. 

It is our view that the Perennial Wisdom traditions provide an essential element within global cultures that enhances universal values for a more peaceful, harmonious and creative world. Through our group collaboration, new potentials can be actualized to this end. We invite you to feel free to share with us any ideas, insights or questions you may have about our Perennial Wisdom Resources project and look forward to hearing your ideas and comments.

Kenneth Small

The Enso Project

Perennial Wisdom Resources Library and Archive

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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